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Taylor, Orb's Year 925-928

Orb's Year 925
Thomas watched Addison walk off to school and shook his head.  It was still so amazing to see how fast she and her sister were growing!
Shaking out of his reverie, he greeted a young girl that wanted a special dress made.  They talked about fabric and thread until they'd decided on the perfect dress for her.
Barika hummed softly as she moved the pattern on the fabric. Thomas thought that the curtains were a real hit with the nobles and royals, so she'd been working on them for days now.  She personally thought it was better to make more potholders.  Only a select few could purchase the expensive curtains, but everyone had use for potholders!


Addison came running over as Thomas closed the shop.  "Can you play with me now Daddy?" she asked. 

"Of course. I'll always have time for my little girl!"  Thomas said as he danced her around quickly.

"But first we need to see to your instructional schooling, young lady!" Thomas said.  "One day when you are helping run the shop, you'll need to be able to read well to follow the patterns!"

"Oh promise that I can help one day, Daddy!"

Thomas laughed at how eager she sounded.  "I promise!"
As Thomas finished overseeing the last of the chores before heading to bed, he went to crawl in next to his wife, only to discover a certain little one had taken his spot yet again.  Sighing, he headed out to sleep on the hard bench, resolving that despite their lack of finances, another bed was top priority!


The tailor shop was very busy lately!  Barika convinced Reeves that his Great Hall would greatly benefit from the beautiful curtains that she'd been creating.  Impressed, he commissioned six more drapes.


The year was slipping away and Addison noticed that her parents had less and less time for her.  Daddy worked the loom and sewed late into the night each night to finish the drapes that Reeves had commissioned.

He didn't have time to dance or play with her anymore...
And Mama was always busy with Brooklyn, making sure she knew how to talk & walk properly before becoming a child.
Daddy had even forbid her to sleep with her mother in the room.  She was supposed to sleep on hew new cot in the baby's room. 

It was all so much to get used to!

 Orb's Year 926
Barika was quite surprised when she realized she was pregnant once more!  There was little enough food to feed the family right now, how would they survive the winter months with another baby to feed?
Rocking Brooklyn close, she realized that they would just have to make due.  Perhaps she they needed to think of other things to sell...

Thomas had been overjoyed at learning Barika was pregnant again, but he remembered how hard it was to run the tailor shop without Barika's help.  She tired so easily during her pregnancies.
 Thomas kept a mindful eye on his customers, trying to see if anyone was ready to purchase something or had any questions as he worked on the dress that had been commissioned.
 At the end of the day, he was exhausted.

 Orb's Year 927
They were in the last few months of Barika's pregnancy and she had begun to feel well enough to help out part time in the shop.

Thomas instructed Addison on her chores for the day, "Remember, it's your job to keep an eye on Brooklyn and make sure she doesn't need anything.  Come and get us if you need help."

Addison nodded eagerly.  "Yes, Daddy!"
 Brooklyn whined, "But why do I need someone to watch me! I'm old enough to watch myself!"

Addison shook her head at her little sister.  "No you're not."

"Am too!" Brooklyn stomped her foot.

"Are not!" Addison said with her hands on her hips.

"Girls!" Thomas interrupted, pointing to their living quarters.  "Go before you are both in trouble!"  Under their father's stern glare, the girls slunk away without an argument.

Addison followed Brooklyn into the living quarters and then snapped, "I can't believe you made Daddy cross with us!"

Brooklyn protested, "It wasn't me! It was you!"

Addison sighed a long-suffering sigh.  "Come now, let me help you with your work.  Daddy will be pleased we finished our duties!"


Barika stopped sewing in the middle of a stitch and set her work down quickly.  "Thomas!" she called across the room.  "It's time!"

Thomas abandoned the customer and rushed to his wife's side.  "What do you need? Just tell me! I'll get it for you!"

He was always so anxious at this time!
Barika was overjoyed to present her husband with a fine, young son.  Thomas held his son in his arms and named him Cedrick Taylor, first heir of the tailor family.

Orb's Year 928
Before they knew it, it was Cedrick's birthday once again.  Barika was so happy with her close family.
She invited all her family over, except for her Mother.  There was no telling what that woman would say!  It was nice to see all her family!  Her niece Farha had grown so much since the last time she had seen her!
 Now it was Cedrick's turn...
"Happy birthday Cedrick!"

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