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Consul, Orb's Year 929-932

Orb's Year 929
"Mama!" Farrah Farmer called when she saw her mother coming near. 
"Oh Farrah! It's so wonderful to see you again, dear!"  Beth Ann Farmer hugged her daughter tight.  Wistfully, she tucked a stray hair behind Farrah's ear.  "You're growing up too fast dear."

Farrah laughed.  "You say that every time you see me!"

"It doesn't make it any less true!"
"What brings you to the Consuls castle today, mama?" Farrah asked. 

Beth Ann sighed.  "You always were so astute!"  She paused.  "It's time to come home."

"What? Why?!" Farrah yelped, surprise evident.  "Have the Consuls asked that I leave?"

"No, no. Nothing like it."  Beth Ann hedged, "I just think it's best you come home."

Farrah put her hands on her hips.  "Why?" she demanded to know. 

Beth Ann crossed her arms.  "Because young Blaze is a teenage boy and I don't want him getting any ideas about you!"

Farrah would have laughed at the absurd thought of Blaze making a move on her if it hadn't been for the serious look on her mother's face.  "Mama... it's not like that.  Blaze is just a friend.  Besides! He's so much younger than me!"
Beth Ann considered her daughter.  "I can see your mind is set on staying."

"I only have a few years left until I can go to the Abbey.  I'd like to stay here until then," she paused and added, "With your blessing..."

Beth Ann sighed once more.  "I'll have a promise from you that if young Blaze Noble looks at you funny, that you'll let me know.  I'll not have scandal surrounding all my daughters!"

"Yes mama! I promise!" 

As her mother walked away, Farrah giggled.  As if Blaze would ever make a move on her!  Wait until she told him!

The best time to set a good foundation for the children was when they were young.
And so Gaius and Haydin were taught all their toddler skills under the patient and loving care of their mother and grandmother.
And Finn learned how to read and write under Cirdon's careful eye.
They were a close, tight-knit family that enjoyed spending time together when they could. 
Farrah hummed as she cleaned the dishes from the table.  She enjoyed being in service to the Consuls.  They were such a kind family.
And they had adorable children!

Orb's Year 930
King Barron got straight to the point over a friendly game of chess.  "I have a need for more men I can trust on my council.   I've known you since we were boys and now you are my brother-in-law.  My father was always impressed by you and your father's abilities!"

Cirdon frowned, "But, I am not in the intelligence factor.  Perhaps you should speak with my brother..."

Barron was already shaking his head.  "Forgive me for speaking so frankly, but he's not the right man for this job.  I need someone with a clear mind that can strategize."
Cirdon sighed.  He knew the King spoke the truth, but he winced for his brother's sake.  It was a running joke among the nobles that Cirdon could analyze numbers and proposals quickly and efficiently, but was often blind to the big picture.  Especially blind regarding his unfaithful wife.

"I'll consider your offer," Cirdon said.  "I would want to speak with Catherine about it first."

Barron smiled and moved his rook to a check-mate position.  "Good, my sister has always loved to know what I'm up to! She'll probably force you to join just so that she can be privy to my affairs!"
Princess Cassidy hurried by as the men spoke business, attempting to not interrupt their discussion.  She'd hurried through all the rooms upstairs looking for Blaze.  And it had struck her that she was also unable to find Farrah...

Concern that the teenagers were up to no good beat heavy in her heart.
"BLAZE!" Cassidy said more sharply than she had intended when she found him chatting with Farrah in a room alone. 
Glancing at Farrah, she brusquely informed the servant, "Perhaps if you find yourself without duties, you could let me know and I will be sure to let you know what you've missed."

Farrah nervously curtsied and then scampered from the room.
"And you!" Cassidy turned to her son, "You are not to be in any room alone with Farrah! You have heard of the disgrace her sister has created!"

"But, Mom!" Blaze started to protest, but was stopped short.

"Not another word!" Cassidy said sternly.  "Perhaps since you have so much free time, you have time to spare for your work that I notice has been piling up!"
Blaze went upstairs with his mother on his heels and grumpily began scribbling answers on the scroll that Lady Knightley had sent home for completion.

Orb's Year 931
Blaze thought it was funny that both his mother and Farrah's mother were so crazy about them being friends.  Nothing would ever happen there! She was like a big sister to him!
Now... Esther Chen... he got tongue-tied around her!
Farrah walked in and caught the tail-end of Blaze's outrageous claim to Esther.  It made her smile to see how Esther was soaking his tall-tale up, too! 
She hurried over and smacked his arm and laughed, "Stop making up such tall tales!  You aren't going to impress her that way!"
While she and Blaze laughed, she could see that Esther was not impressed.

When Esther harrumphed and walked across the room, Farrah shooed Blaze over to smooth it over with his lady interest and quickly left the two alone.
"I'm sorry, what'd I do?" Blaze asked.

Esther put her hands on her hips.  "You were giggling with the serving girl and acting all too familiar! If you're interested her, then by all means, go talk to her and I'll go home!"
Blaze shook his head and pleaded, "No, it's not like that! Don't go home! I want to be with you!"


"So what do you think Catherine? Do you think I should join the King's Council?"

Catherine reached across to pat her husband's hand.  "You know you've already made your decision.  I think it's a splendid idea!  You'll carry on your father's legacy!"


"I don't understand it," Dresden said unhappily.  "Why did King Barron go to you and not me!"

"Perhaps he feels you are too important to be moved from your current task," Cirdon replied diplomatically.  "You have such a way with the proposals."

Dresden sighed, "Yes I suppose that must be it.  Otherwise I'm sure he would asked me..."


After his brother left, Cirdon went up to the nursery and tucked his children in.  They were growing so fast! 

Soon they would be little boys, scampering around and causing a ruckus!
Oh what was he thinking, Cirdon smiled.  The boys were always into some mischief already!
But, it was soon their birthday!
Gaius inherited his father's darker skin-tone and his mother's soft locks.
And Haydin inherited his mother's lighter skin-tone and his father's pointed ears and courser hair that was best braided.


"Look at me, Mother!" Haydin cried as he began a handstand.

"No, look at me," Finn said from behind her.  "I have a joke I want to tell you!"
Cirdon stepped between his two children and laughed, "No, look at me, Wife! I want to kiss you!"
"Ew!" the brothers cried.  "Head for the hills!"  Finn led the charge outside as Cirdon pulled Catherine closer.
"Who says romance is lost after almost ten years of marriage?" Cirdon scoffed.

"Certainly not me!" Catherine agreed.


In hobbled sweet Zoe, who collapsed in front of them. 
As Sasha began to howl, Cirdon and Catherine looked at each other sadly.  "What are we going to tell the boys?" Catherine worried.

"The truth," Cirdon said sadly.  "Zoe has passed away."

Orb's Year 932
Blaze loved spending time with Esther. She was so easy to talk to!   He shared fears with her that he'd never uttered aloud to anyone else:

"I never felt like I belonged here.  This is the Consul castle and it has this legacy that has nothing to do with me!  Sometimes I worry I'll never find my place in this kingdom..."
Esther had hurried over to him and clasped his hands.  "Of course you will.  Your father was a great man and so are you!"
Blaze couldn't help it. He leaned forward and laid a kiss on her sweet lips.


Blaze had been telling Farah about how he was utterly in love with Esther when his mother walked in.
"Blaze," she said sharply.  "Your brother is looking for you."

Blaze hurried from the room.
Farrah attempted to rush past Cassidy, but was not quick enough.  "Perhaps you would be happier at the Abbey?" Cassidy suggested.  "I know that is where you long to be and I am most uncomfortable with the amount of time you spend alone with my son."

Farrah fought the lump in her throat.  "Yes, mi'lady."

Cassidy stopped Farrah when she attempted to scurry from the room.  "Please do not think me unkind.  We have loved having you here, but life is ever-changing."
Farrah finished reading her missive from Head Abbess Abigail.  There was room for her at the Abbey and she said she'd be delighted to have her. 

Farrah felt excitement.  Finally!  She'd longed for this day to come for as long as she could remember!


"You're leaving?" Blaze asked angrily.  "I'll talk to her! I'll tell her it's not like that..."

Farrah shook her head.  "No, it's time for me to go.  I've always longed to study the path of enlightenment.  Be happy for me!"
Blaze hugged his dear friend goodbye, "But who am I going to talk to when you're away?" he grumbled.

Farrah laughed.  "I'm going to the Abbey... not a far away kingdom! We'll still see each other!"

Blaze still was unhappy, "Why does it feel like I'm never going to see you again?"

Farrah smiled, "Because life is ever-changing!"

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