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Diebin, Orb's Year 925-928

Orb's Year 925
Debbie didn't seem to notice the filth and clutter that littered the house, never bothering to lift a finger to clean.

But Henna noticed...
And as soon as she was old enough to do something about it...
 ...she began cleaning!
Alibaba was delighted by his daughter's perfectionism.  She took on any task, no matter how hard without complaint.  If she didn't understand a problem, then she worked on it until it became clear.

She was his little princess...

"Then alighting from his beast he tied it up to a tree, and going to the entrance pronounced the words which he had not forgotten, "Open, O Simsim!" Hereat, as was its wont, the door flew open, and entering thereby he saw the goods and hoard of gold and silver untouched..." (actual translation of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves by Burton.  I loved that it said Simsim, for obvious reasons!)
Alibaba stopped reading suddenly when he heard Debbie shrieking his name.
"What is it this time?" he asked, exasperated.

"You swore that things would change! That you would dress me like a queen! I won't take it! I'm locked away here like a prisoner! I hate it!" Debbie ranted.

Alibaba crossed his arms and glared.  "I told you that it would take a little bit more time.  We have a plan in place, we must stick to it.  Then the King will never notice the missing gold. You must be patient!"

Debbie stamped her foot in frustration and huffed from the room.

Orb's Year 926

Alibaba's plan was near to fruition.  Knowing he would need help to raid the King's gold, Alibaba brought in thieves he had worked with before.
"Thank you for coming, Rebecca," he said as he clasped her arm.  "Your skill will be most handy."  Rebecca was an excellent with the sword.
"And Crystal, you will be our lookout with your keen eyes."
Debbie watched Alibaba with suspicion.  She saw the way his eyes kept drifting towards Rebecca.  The lout!
Alibaba and his two thieves spent much time training for their heist.  They needed to make sure they were prepared for any eventualities. 
"Would you care to cross swords with me?" Alibaba asked.  "To make sure you're prepared."

"HA!" Rebecca scoffed, "I'm always prepared!"
"Never say never!" Alibaba taunted as he pulled out his sword.

Rebecca laughed aloud and pulled her own sword out, "I shall try to take it easy on you, old man!"

For the next few minutes, there was the sound of metal clanging as they tried to best the other.
A sound from the edge of the forest caught Alibaba's ear and he grabbed Rebecca and hid behind a tree.

Behind the tree trunk, Alibaba and Rebecca stood very still, watching the young girl stroll by.  Once the girl disappeared from sight, Alibaba noticed how close he was pressed against Rebecca.

Abruptly, they jumped away from each other and guiltily made their way inside.

Orb's Year 927
Alibaba and his two thieves came back that night, laughing and in good cheer.  It had been a spectacular heist.  They had managed to catch the carriage transporting the taxes to the King and make off with 5776 gold pieces! 

Crystal stood up and stretched.  "Well I'm off to my home with my share of the loot! Let me know when you have another good plan, my friend."

Alibaba hugged Crystal goodbye and turned to Rebecca.
"And you? Are you heading back to Simlandia?"

Rebecca hesitated.  "I find that I love Celestia.  I would hate to leave so soon after arriving."

"Then stay! With you by my side, we will set this land on fire!"
Debbie crossed her arms and frowned.  "You want her to stay here?"

"Where else would she go? There will be wanted posters plastered across the land.  Once the heat dies down we can decide what course of action to follow."

Debbie looked unconvinced and started to argue.

Alibaba glared back and crossed his arms.  "And that's final. We will not turn our back on her."
Henna watched her father and Rebecca practice their swordplay and was entranced.  They moved with such grace and speed. 
And Rebecca was so wonderful! Henna wanted to grow up to be just like her!


Debbie watched, knowing that she was fighting a losing battle...


"Daddy! Can you practice swords with me?" Henna asked, ignoring her mother scoff in the background.

"When you're older, Henna.  First you must learn to be be as fast as the wind.  1-2-3... Draw!"

Henna hurriedly held her hand out as paper and looked up to see her father holding his fingers open like scissors.
"Drat!" Henna fumed.  "I was so close to beating you this time!"
Alibaba hugged his daughter and laughed.  "You'll learn. Keep practicing..."
Rebecca strolled by and leaned down to Henna.  "You need to be fast as the wind, but twice as sneaky.  Let me tell you how to beat your father," she said with a grin.

Orb's Year 928
Alibaba and Rebecca came home early in the morning after a night of thievery.  Debbie and Henna were still asleep in their beds. 

Alibaba had no desire to go lay down for his adrenaline was still surging after being chased by the hired guards.

"Oh, that was thrilling!" Rebecca said, throwing her hands in the air.  "You should've seen your face when the guard yelled out.  You must work on your reflexes!"

Alibaba playfully elbowed Rebecca. "Your eyes must be playing tricks on you.There's nothing wrong with my reflexes!"

Rebecca grinned, "Oh yeah?" she demanded, then playfully started tickle-attacking him.  "See how you leave yourself wide open?" She continued attempting to tickle any available piece of skin while Alibaba swatted her hands away.

"Who's the slow one?" Alibaba baited as he grabbed both of her hands and held her prisoner.
Then suddenly they weren't playing anymore.
Their arms wrapped around each other as they gave into the desire that had been building all these long years.

The harsh morning light wreaked havoc on Alibaba's conscience.  Ashamed, he begged forgiveness from Rebecca for his actions.  "I have a wife and a daughter.  I am not free to give you such affection," he said mournfully.

Rebecca attempted levity when she punched his arm.  "Quit your crying! It's already forgotten!"
"Then you're not mad? That we cannot... continue..." Alibaba asked, worried that he had ruined their friendship.

"Please! One man would never satisfy me! I have a thirst for life, not a ball and chain!"
He watched Rebecca walk away with a mix of relief and what he thought might be anguish...
Alibaba attempted to put his feelings for Rebecca aside and focus on Debbie and Henna.  Debbie had been so excited to receive the sapphire trinket that he'd bought with some of the loot.  It helped assuage his guilt.
Debbie didn't seem to notice the attraction that lingered in the house, never bothering to question her costly gifts...
But Henna noticed... 

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