Thursday, July 25, 2013

Potter, Orb's Year 925-928

Orb's Year 925
Adam couldn't wait until Caitlyn delivered their first baby!
Caitlyn was so far along, though, that she wasn't able to help with the housework or the pottery. 
That meant all the orders fell to Adam to complete.
He often stayed up until the wee hours of the morning working... and sometimes he was so tired that he couldn't get it right.
Thankfully, it wasn't that long before Caitlyn delivered their son, little Ben!

Orb's Year 926
Caitlyn was so happy caring for her newborn son.  He was really no trouble at all.  Perhaps it was all the practice she'd gotten at the tavern raising her half-brother and sister...
She knew Adam was thankful that she was able to begin helping with the pottery again.  He had worked so many hours to make sure they could afford food for their table.

Adam just couldn't wait to tell Caitlyn of the news Baji had given him.  The merchant had said that if he could keep the orders coming in, perhaps he would devote a section of the store to his pottery.

"Caitlyn... are you sleeping?" he asked quietly.
Sitting down next to her, he nudged her a bit.  "Are you sleeping?" he asked again.
Taking her snort as his cue, he began telling her all about his conversation with Baji.

Orb's Year 927
"Dirk! I'm so glad you could make it to Benji's birthday celebration! How have you been?!" she asked her brother, Dirk Baker.

Dirk gave his sister a half-smile.  "As good as can be expected!"

Caitlyn sighed.  "You're still not mooning over Caira Flowers, are you?" she asked.

Dirk rubbed the back of his neck.  "Actually.. I think there might be someone else..."

Caitlyn hugged her brother tightly. "I'm so happy for you!"
A tugging on her skirt diverted her attention.  "Apparently someone else wants a hug, too!" she exclaimed, leaning down to pick up Benji.  "Happy birthday!" she said happily, swinging him around.
At long last, after all the party-goers left, the family went to sleep in the family bedroom.


"What do you mean we have extra orders to complete?" Caitlyn asked anxiously.  "You never told me about that!"

"Don't you remember? We were right here at this very table! I told you that Baji had requested more pottery!"

Caitlyn wrung her hands, worried.  "We don't have time to finish them all though! This is awful!"

Adam patted his wife's hand.  "Don't worry. We'll make out alright. With the both of us working, we'll be able to finish quickly!"
The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray...

Orb's Year 928
Adam furiously worked to complete the orders that Baji had put in for pottery.  Most of the time, he worked on his own.
Occasionally, Caitlyn was able to complete an order or two, but she didn't have the stamina to spend long hours at the potters table.
Besides, she needed to care for little Benji, as well.  Between Benji and their unborn child, Caitlyn was often too exhausted to do much more!
She was quite ready by the time her labor began...
Twin boys, Casey and Carey!

As time wore on, Caitlyn wondered how in the world they would be able to manage three young babes!

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