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Baker, Orb's Year 929-932

Orb's Year 929

Now that Keith and her sister, Fanny, worked at the Taveryn's Kitchen, Fancy found herself alone most of the time.

She continued on as always... collecting eggs from the chickens...
...ordering the staples for her cooking...
...and creating delicious baked goods to sell.


"Wait? What do you mean you can't buy any more of my baked goods?!" Fancy said, stunned by the announcement.  She'd invited Baji Marchant over to sell him all her goods.

Baji looked at his hands and away from the panicked young woman in front of him.  "I'm sorry, Fancy.  I wish it were some other way, but they do not sell well at my shop.  I can't afford to stock and sell them," he said apologetically.

"Oh my Orb," Fancy whispered worriedly.  "What am I going to do?"


Fancy had written a note to her good friend, Sebastian Waite, in a panic and he'd come straight over.  He was such a wonderful friend to her, she thought absently.  In truth, sometimes she imagined that they could be together one day... if only he hadn't sworn to devote ten long years to the King's service in the Nightwatch.

"You should open a bakery," Sebastian announced while she daydreamed.

"What?" Fancy asked, blinking him back into focus. "I'm sorry?"

Sebastian grinned, used to Fancy's inattention.  "Open a bakery! Your treats are delectable!"

Fancy smiled, "Oh, thank you!" Sighing, she added, "But I couldn't possibly open a bakery. I just don't have the gold pieces for it!"
Sebastian frowned and reached across the table, "We'll make it work it out," he said as he placed his hand over hers.
Fancy glanced down to where their fingers interlocked.  Startled, she jumped up and paced away, putting distance between them.  It wasn't right to be so excited over the smallest of touches, she admonished herself.
But, Sebastian jumped up and followed her, wrapping his arms around her and resting his head against her shoulder.   "I can't help the way I feel about you," he said warily. "I dream of you every night."

Fancy closed her eyes.  It all felt so right... but it was all wrong!  "But you're a nightwatchman! You are not free to marry!" she whispered painfully.
Sebastian slowly turned her around, "But that has not kept me from falling in love," he said quietly, pulling her closer to him to gently kiss her lips.
Fancy threw caution to the wind and embraced Sebastian as she had dreamed about so many times before.
But her dreams paled in comparison to real life...


"How are feeling tonight, sweetheart?" Keith Cook asked as he returned from work.  "Did you rest well today?"  Since Fanny was close to her due date, Connor Taveryn had given her a few days off so that she could rest and relax before the birth of their baby.

"Ugh," Fanny cried, turning around to pound her pillow.  "It's useless! I can't get comfortable!"
Keith walked up and pulled her up to her feet to rub her back."Does that feel better?" he asked, anxiously.

Fanny glanced back at her husband and smiled.  "It does, thank you," she said.  He was going to make such a wonderful papa, Fanny thought happily.  He had run out to purchase a crib and changing table for the baby.
As he leaned forward and rubbed her pregnant belly, he looked up at her and grinned.  That boyish grin of eager anticipation made her love him all the more!

Orb's Year 930
"Fanny! Fancy! Order's up!" Keith joked as he set the breakfast platter on the table.
"Where's Fancy?" he asked when his sister-in-law didn't budge from her room.

Fanny shrugged, "I'm not sure, she's been sleeping in lately.  I think she's depressed that she can't bake anymore!  I can't believe Baji said he wouldn't buy her baked goods anymore! It makes me so...!"

Keith looked at her in confusion.  "It makes you baby? What?"

"No!" Fanny said, jumping up from the table, pointing to her belly, "Baby! The baby's coming!"
Keith leaped up from the table and nervously paced a moment.  "Baby! The baby's coming!" he called out to Fancy.  Hopefully she would know what to do to help her sister!
It was all worth it, Fanny thought as she held her sweet baby girl in her arms.  "Meet your daughter, Gretel Cook," Fanny said drowsily. 

"Here, give her to me and go rest your head," Keith said, shooing his wife from the room.  "I'll be up to check on you in a bit!"
For the moment, he relished the feeling of holding his newborn daughter in his arms.


Since Fancy was not baking anymore, she'd agreed to watch little Gretel while Keith and her sister worked at the Kitchen.

It was hard work, although it had it's rewards!  When little Gretel stared up at her and smiled, Fancy couldn't help but feeling a small yearning for a wee little baby just like her niece!
Perhaps I should have dreamt of a husband before a baby, that usually worked out better, she thought wryly.

"You said you needed to see me?" Sebastian asked, grinning at Fancy.  He lived for the small notes she sent to him.  "I love it when you request my presence!"
Fancy wrung her hands with nervousness, "Well you might not love it when I tell you my news," she said sadly.  "I... I... I'm pregnant!" she blurted.
"Pregnant?" he asked in shock, "You mean... from when we... pregnant?"

"Oh, Cursed Orb!" Fancy muttered in embarrassment before running inside.
Sebastian trailed behind her, "Wait..." he started to say.

"I don't know how I let this happen!" Fancy wailed.  "I'm so sorry!"
Sebastian reached for Fancy's hand, "Don't be! I'm ecstatic!" he said.  "A baby!" he repeated with wonderment.

Fancy pulled her hand away, "But what are we going to do, Sebastian? You can't be with me! I'll have to deliver the baby alone!  And..."

Sebastian stopped her with a kiss.  "Do you love me, Fancy Baker?" he asked as he pulled away.

"But..." Fancy began only to be stopped by Sebastian's stern gaze.

"Do you love me?" he asked again.

Fancy sighed, "Yes! Of course," she admitted begrudgingly.  "But, I don't see.."
Sebastian stopped her again with another searing kiss.  When he pulled back, he grinned widely, "I love you, too, Fancy Baker.  I might not be able to marry you and live with you as a true husband, but I vow to love, honor and protect you. When my duty to the King is done, I will marry you!"

Fancy looked up into his eyes and asked, "Do you really think it will work?"

Sebastian pulled her close and squeezed his eyes shut. "It has to!"

Orb's Year 931
In her early pregnancy, it had been enough for Sebastian to come by every few weeks to shower her with love and attention.

But, now, as Fancy delivered their baby in the middle of the night, all alone, she cursed the day she'd ever met him!
But after delivering two baby girls...
...Fancy hoped that he turned fat and bald!


Fanny Cook sung a lullaby  to put Gretel to sleep, silently creeping from the room.  Tonight was a big night!  Their employer would be coming over to dinner tonight to discuss business with Keith!
"This is fabulous!" Connor said, genuinely impressed as he devoured the salmon.  "Christa spends so much time tending the pub that she's spent very little time in the kitchen!"  Connor grinned at his half-sisters, "Truth be told, since Carrie passed on, we haven't had a decent meal that Keith hasn't served!"

Keith laughed lightly, "I'll have to be sure to send you home with some leftovers for your family!"

"HA! You think I'll share it with my family, then you are sorely mistaken! They're all mine!" Connor joked. 

As the plates were cleared, Fancy and Fanny excused themselves to take care of the children and let the men talk.
Glad to have a moment alone with Connor, Keith launched into his ideas for the Taveryn's Kitchen. 


Fanny awoke at night to a fluttering feeling in her belly.  With awe, she placed her hand on her belly.  Was she truly pregnant again? she thought with a smile.  She couldn't wait to tell Keith!

Orb's Year 932
"A watched pot never boils!" Fanny called out as Fancy paced the front yard.

Fancy made a face and stuck her tongue out at her sister as she walked away.  What did Fanny know of it?  Her husband was here with her always!  Fancy had to wait until Sebastian could get leave to talk to him, to touch him... to... Oh there he is, she thought happily when she saw him.
Lifting her dress, she ran to him and threw herself into his arms.  "I've missed you so much!" he said happily, drinking in the sight of his true love.

"Come, let's go inside," Fancy said eagerly, tugging Sebastian after her.
She'd set up the table for the birthday for the girls, but still couldn't resist turning into his embrace once again.  Stroking his cheek, she was happy to see that he'd neither gone bald nor grown pudgy!

He was just perfect!
"I can't believe the girls are already turning 3!" Sebastian said in amazement.  "Where has the time gone?  I feel like I'm missing everything!"

"Only four more years," Fancy said, repeating her mantra.  "Four more years and you will be mine!" she teased lightly.

Sebastian glanced back at Fancy and smiled.  "I count down the days!"
Hugging his daughter close to his chest, he told the little one, "Wait until you get a taste of your mama's cake!"  Counting down as a family, everyone cheered as Fancy and Sebastian leaned over to blow out the candles.
Happy birthday sweet Baker girls!

Late that night after the girls were put to bed, Fancy lay in Sebastian's arms, dreading the time he would have to leave.  Squeezing him tight, she sighed, "I don't want you to go," she pouted.

Sebastian pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head.  "I don't want to go, either.  The time I'm able to come be with you and the girls is the highlight of my month!"

"I hate that you're a nightwatchman," Fancy knew she was being cross, but she hated saying goodbye!

Sebastian's chuckle rumbled against her cheek.  "If I wasn't, then we never would have met... we'd never have fallen in love... and we wouldn't have two amazing little girls!"

"I know," Fancy said quietly.

They lay in silence for awhile longer before Sebastian sighed and got up out of bed.  Fancy trailed behind him, making sure he had everything he needed.
At the door, he pulled her to him for a sweet kiss goodbye.  "Until next time, my love," he said with regret.
Knowing that dawdling would only prolong their pain, Sebastian swung the door open and hurried out into the cold.   It never got easier...

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