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Farmer, Orb's Year 929-932

Orb's Year 929
Beth Ann Farmer lovingly made the bed.  She knew she didn't have much time left, but she desperately wanted to be present when Cade and Shanna delivered their first child.  Smiling, she patted the bed.  Two grandbabies to cuddle!  Able would have been so happy to play with them, she thought nostalgically.

Heaving a sigh, she sat down on the bed.  She just needed to rest a moment...
And that was where Braden and Uma found her hours later....

Rest in Peace Beth Ann (Baker) Farmer, Orb's Year 882-929

Shanna didn't know how Uma made delivering a baby look so easy!  She was tired, dingy and wanted the pain to stop immediately!

Huffing, she pushed one more time, praying it would be the last...
Shanna proudly cuddled her newborn son to her chest.  She and Cade settled on a fine name, Garth Farmer!
Being a father shifted Cade's attentions.  Before he was only concerned with having fun and enjoying his time with Shanna.  But, he was a father now.  He had to step up to help support his family.  He had a little boy to consider now!

 Orb's Year 930
Braden hugged Gia tight and patted her on the head.  "I have to go work in the fields now, but be sure to come and get me if your mama needs me!" he said.
Hours later, Gia burst outside, calling, "Daddy! Daddy! The baby's being borned!"
Braden and Cade looked at each other and dropped their baskets, running inside to find Uma on the verge of delivery.

"Do you need anything?" Braden asked nervously. 

Uma held her hand out for Braden to grasp.  "Just hold my hand," she said tightly, squeezing her eyes shut.
"It's a girl!" Braden said happily as Uma held their daughter up in the air for all to see.  "A sweet baby girl, Helga!"


Uma stared at Shanna's baby boy and felt a stab of jealousy hit her.  It should've been her providing Braden with fine, strapping sons.  But, she'd only given him two girls..

The guilt weighed heavily on her shoulders.
"It's my fault," she said, near tears.  "If I cannot give you a son, then the land will go to your brother's son!"
Braden shook his head, "Uma, I care not!  I love our daughter's deeply and would not wish for any amount of money that they were the slightest different!  If we are not to have a boy to pass the farm to when our time is done, then I would be happy for Garth to inherit!"
"Truly? You're not angry with me for giving you girls?" Uma asked.

Braden gathered his wife in his arms, "Truly!"

 Orb's Year 931
Time passed by, as it often does, and the house was full of love, laughter and family.
And if every now and then Braden caught himself looking longingly over at Cade and his son Garth, his wistfulness could surely be excused!  He had meant it when he said that he couldn't imagine his life without his daughters Gia and Helga.  But, perhaps at times he hoped that he and Uma might have another child... a boy, this time...
Cade was oblivious to his brother's yearnings, delighting in each new discovery with his son.  He had been a proud papa the day Garth managed to walk a few steps to him!
Before too long, Garth would be out in the fields, helping him!
Growing up, Cade had always resented the fields that they tilled and worked to put food on the table and gold in their pockets.  But, since becoming an adult, Cade had found real satisfaction and worth from that same back-breaking work.. in his heritage...


Gia sighed, "No, you can't play dolls with me!" she said crossly.  "You have to take a nap!"
Garth peeked over the edge of the railing.  "Don't wanna!" he said mutinously.  "Wanna play!"

"No!" Gia shouted, angry at the interruption. 

Gia's angry shout brought her papa and Uncle Cade into the room.  Uncle Cade immediately pulled Garth out of the crib and set him on the ground.  Gia watched with annoyance as Garth immediately crawled over to gnaw on the pieces.

"Papa! Garth is going to eat my dolls!" she complained, stamping her foot.
Papa shook his head and instructed Gia to share her toys lest she lose them all.  "Besides," he added, "It's past time that you did that work waiting for you in the hall."
Gia grumbled as Papa led her out of the room to work on her letters and numbers.

Orb's Year 932
"My papa always taught me that reading was one of the most important gifts a man could give his children!  Did you know that he couldn't read until he was an adult?  Grandma Beth Ann taught him after they were married!"

Helga giggled and shoved her fist in her mouth.

Braden laughed and stood up to pat her head.  "I suppose you are a bit young to learn your letters, but I hope you have a love of reading!"
Helga cooed and then crawled quickly to the toys in the other room.  She gnawed on the little pieces, just as Garth was doing...

"Truly?" Braden asked, grabbing his wife's hands.  "We're to have another baby?"

Uma smiled and nodded.  "Yes, we will have another child!" 


Garth came running out of the room crying, "Mama! I was trying to play castle, but Cousin Helga keeps slobbering on all the pieces! Make her stop!"

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