Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Farrier, Orb's Year 932, Teaser

Evelyn Consul Laird stumbled out of her husband's home.  He'd kicked her out for having an affair, even though he had been guilty of the same...

She hadn't seen that coming.

She'd thought to pass off the child as his own...

She couldn't go home! Her mother would be so disappointed and Cirdon would make her go live at the Abbey for the shame she'd caused.

Where would she go? What would she do?  Her memory shot back to Angus screaming at her...
Go to your lover's house! If he won't take you, then go to the Abbey! Hell, go knocking on every door to see who will take you and that half-class child in, for all I care!  Just get...out.. NOW!"
Stopping, she looked up.  She knew all along where she'd been heading...
She'd been quiet walking into the barn where Juan worked the metal.  But, the baby boy she held in her arms whimpered.  Evelyn felt much like doing the same when Juan turned and saw her standing there.
Dropping the hammer, he was at her side in a moment.  "Is everything okay, love?" he asked as he stroked her cheek.

Evelyn felt strangely numb when she gestured to the baby she held in her arms.  "You have a son..." She held her breath, waiting for his reaction.

Juan glanced down and saw the brown hair and felt his heart skip a beat.  "I'm a father?" he asked incredulously.  "Truly?"
Without pausing, he gently took the baby and set him on a crate nearby and wrapped his arms around Evelyn, holding her close.

Once he thought he'd lost her forever and this day... he'd been given both her and a babe! Squeezing her, he held on tight, frightened to loosen his grip lest he lose them both...

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