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Fischer, Orb's Year 929-932

Orb's Year 929
"Good morning to you, dear one," Nicole said to her son, Henry as she prepared to ready him for the day.  "Let's go feed your father, shall we?"
Nicole laid a plate of fish on the table.  "Eat up and catch us some new fish!" she said.

Sheldon sighed, "I wish I could! The lake are frozen over and there are no fish to be had!  Hopefully the spring will be a mild one and the water will thaw quickly!  No fishing means no money in the pouch!"

Nicole nodded, "We'll just make sure to watch our spending better.  Everything will be fine," she assured her husband.
"Well good morning to you," Sheldon said, kneeling down to wrestle with Mutt.  "You're looking awful chipper this morning!"

Mutt barked ecstatically a few times and then hurried behind the house, barking wildly.  Sheldon watched her go and raised an eyebrow.  Why was Mutt acting so strangely, he wondered.
It soon became apparent!  Mutt had given birth to two sweet puppies. The dark brown one he named Hound and the pure white one he named Mongrel. 


Soon thereafter, his dear wife Nicole gifted him with another child!
Another little boy they named Irving.
"Congrats, old man," George joked as he playfully punched his father in the arm.
Sheldon scowled, "Old man?" he groused.  "I'll show you old man!" 
Sheldon walked into his room, massaging his sore shoulder.  He should've called a halt to their punching game much earlier, but he'd been reluctant to show any sign of weakness.  Old man, he mumbled irritatedly.  Ha!

Orb's Year 930
Henry played with his new friend for a short while before she had to go home. 
"Mother! Mother!" Henry ran in the house yelling.  "Guess what! I have a new friend! Her name is Fatima!"
"That's lovely dear, come sit down and enjoy dinner with us," Nicole said. 

"Fatima?" Sheldon asked, scratching his head.  "I don't think I've seen any children close by with that name.  Where is her household?"

Henry shrugged.  "I dunno," he mumbled as he shoved several mouth-fulls of the meal into his mouth.  "Done!" he cried out.  "Can I go play?"
Nicole laughed, "No,  you can put your dishes away and go take a bath!" she said as she fed Irving his dinner.  "And scrub behind those ears this time!"

"Aw, mom..." Henry grumbled.


Henry was so excited!  The lake had melted and his father was taking him fishing!  Lifting up his rod, he attempted to hook the bait on the pole.  "Is this it?" he asked his dad, holding it up for Sheldon to see. 

Sheldon looked over the pole and nodded encouragingly.  "That's it, son.  Now just cast it out in the water."

Henry swung the pole far back behind his head and whipped it forward, but in his excitement, he somehow wound up tripping.

His older brother George laughed at him and Henry grinned up at him.  "Don't worry, little brother," George said, "You'll get the hang of it! You're a Fischer!"

Orb's Year 931
"What are you doing sneaking away outside?" Nicole admonished Irving when she found him outside with the pups.  "You scared me half to death disappearing like that!"
"Dog!" Irving squealed happily as he pointed to the pups.  "Dog!"

Nicole smiled as she scooped him up.  "You're right.  Dogs!  I guess Mongrel and Hound aren't puppies anymore!"


George smiled across at Kitty and smiled.  She'd wanted to check out the new pub, Taveryn's Kitchen. 

"Well as I live and breath - George!" Fanny Baker said excitedly.  "Look how grown up you are!  You're the spitting image of your father!"

George glanced up at the heavily pregnant woman and gave her a half-smile, "Thanks," he said, turning back to Kitty.

"I guess you wouldn't remember me, being such a little one when you left," she said, shaking her head.  "I'm your half-sister, Fanny!"

George glanced back at her in astonishment.  He had vague memories of his mother, but she had stopped coming around a long time ago.  And she had never brought sisters over!   He was sure his mouth hung open and tried to think of something to say.

Fanny patted his shoulder, "I'm afraid that was a shock for you, wasn't it?  Don't worry about it.  Seems like everyone in this kingdom is somehow related to everyone else!"  Smiling cheerfully, she asked, "So, what'll it be? On the house!"
After their order was taken and Fanny had bustled away, George looked over at Kitty, "Sorry about that," he said, feeling awkward.
"Why? We got a free meal and you got to meet your sister!"

George smiled.  "Yeah, I guess you're right!"


Sheldon was glad his friends had been able to come over.  It had been too long since he'd had free time to relax.  Having babies in the house tended to take up a lot of a man's spare time!

But he was certainly blessed with a large group of family, friends, and loved ones!

"Time to hit the lake!" Sheldon announced, getting up.  "First one to catch a boot wins a prize!" 
Out by the lake, Sheldon glanced over and saw Henry playing with the Fatima-girl.  He'd yet to place her.  Perhaps he would have Nicole speak with the girl.
But surely Henry was too young for Sheldon to worry about him being such close friends with a girl.

Orb's Year 932
"Hullo Missus Fischer, can Henry come out to play?" Fatima asked after greeting Nicole with an enthusiastic handshake. 

"Why yes, Fatima. Let me get him," Nicole began to say when she was interrupted by the slamming door.

"Fatima!" Henry called as he ran over.  "You're it!"
Nicole smiled as the two children giggled and ran off to play. 
"Mama!" Irving whined, "Henry and Fatima won't let me play with them!" Irving said as he stomped back inside.  "They said I'm too young!"

"Well come along and wash up, it's time for dinner.  I'll speak to Henry about it later."
At the table, Nicole softly asked Henry to watch out for his little brother and play.  "But, mama! He's a baby!"

"Nuh uh!" Irving argued. "Why can't I play with Fatima with you?"

"Because I'm going to marry her when I'm older," Henry said, proudly announcing his news. 
George sputtered on the soup he had just put in his mouth.  "Oh, and have you asked the lucky lady?"

Henry shook his head.  "Not yet. But I'm going to marry her all the same!"

Irving looked at Nicole and asked, "Mama, can I marry Fatima, too?"

Henry shot his brother a mutinous glare, "Of course not, you simpleton! A woman can only marry one man!" 

Nicole patted Henry's hand.  "That's lovely news dear.  Let's just finish dinner for now," she said attempting to broker peace among the brothers.  "George, what about you? Have you and Kitty discussed marriage?  You've certainly taken with her!"
George smiled at his step-mother.  "Yes.  We discussed the other night at the Taveryn's Kitchen.  We'll be married on the morrow."
That night Henry and Irving stayed up late, talking about weddings, girls, and what it meant to be married. 

"They'd better not drink from the same cup or else get with child!" Henry said with all the authority of a 7-year old.


Sheldon and Kitty were hand-fasted out by the lake on a clear, beautiful spring day.
In a room full of laughter and chatter...
...they only saw each other.

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