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Flowers, Orb's Year 929-932

Orb's Year 929
Caira Flowers tended to her plants as Remington went through his inventory.  "We need more daisies," he called over his shoulder to her.  "Be sure to get another six done today."
After finishing the daisies, Caira walked unsteadily inside to care for the twins.  She was so tired!  Remington had meant it when he said he wanted no part in the raising of the twins! 
"Did you get those daisies prepared as I asked, girlie?" Remington asked over breakfast.
"Of course I did," Caira responded, irritated.  "And I looked over the inventory and saw that we would need more tulips today, as well.  I've been doing this long enough that I know what's expected of me!"

Remington nodded, taken aback that she had spoken back to him, "See that you get those tulips."

"Have you not looked outside, husband? It's raining buckets outside!  I can't do anything out there!"

"Well, I won't have you lollygagging and wasting the day away!" Remington said gruffly.

"Oh, I won't. I'm going to actually spend some time with my children today!" she said firmly.  "The tulips can wait until later!"
Caira abruptly left the table and got the twins.  As she sang songs with them, she noticed Remington come into the room and sit near them as he read.  A little smile lit her face.  He didn't want to admit it, but he loved being near the children, too!
Too soon afternoon came and it was time to get some work done.  The flowers wouldn't arrange themselves!
"No, I already got you! You have to play dead!" Floyd yelled.

"No you didn't! You missed me! I ducked out of the way!" Gladys yelled back just as loudly.
"Children!" Caira said sharply, glancing around for Remington.  He would surely not like the rucus.  "Go play outside if you must play so roughly!"
"Yes, mother," Gladys said as she sheepishly hurried outside.
"Yes ma'am," Floyd agreed as he scurried after his sister, hissing, "I did so get you!"

Gladys turned around and hissed "Liar!" and then took off running as Floyd chased her.

Caira turned to watch her children go and smiled.  They were perfect!

Orb's Year 930
In the evenings, Caira worked with Floyd until he knew his letters well.  He'd been so proud that he could read, he couldn't wait to tell Father!
"Guess what Father?" he said proudly puffing his small chest out, "I can read!"
"Well of course you can! A boy's go to know how to read and write! You'll be taking over the business one day!"

"What about Gladys?" Floyd asked, spotting his sister behind Father.

"Posh, what's a girlie need with letters and numbers!  She'll be married off to give her husband sons!"

A look of horror crossed Gladys' face and she ran into her room, throwing herself on the bed to cry.

Floyd crept in and patted her back, "Don't worry Gladys, I won't let him marry you off!"


Caira looked around the flower room her husband had set up for her.  She liked to think that deep down he cared enough about her that he'd wanted her to be safe from the elements.  But, truthfully, she believed he just wanted her to be able to arrange flowers during the rain and snow!  Nothing got in the way of a few gold pieces and Remington!
In fact, she'd been able to convince him to purchase some flower arrangements to sell.  Flowers were flowers, in her mind.  He'd balked, only wanting to sell flowers that she had arranged, but when she'd shown him how they flew off the shelves, he'd been convinced.
Caira had been busy doing some flower arrangements inside when she heard the children crying.  Hurrying outside, she saw was had upset them so.

Remington was gone.

Rest in Peace Remington Flowers, Orb's Years 884-930

Orb's  Year 931
A widow, Caira thought sadly, at the tender age of 24.  Getting up each morning seemed to be harder and harder.
"Mama, can you teach me..." Gladys began to ask.

"No! Not right now!" Caira said angrily.  "Can't you see I'm busy?"
Caira hurried into her flower room and began arranging flowers.  She always got a sense of peace when she arranged the flowers perfectly in their vases.

If only she could arrange her life just so...

"Mama," Floyd began...

"No! I don't have time right now!" Caira said.  "I have to get these flowers ready!"

"But, Mama," Floyd persisted.  "The snow has come"!
Caira dropped the flowers she held in her hands and hurried outside.  A thick blanket of snow blanketed everything, causing her heart to skip a beat.

She would not be selling flowers today...
Walking back inside, she hugged Gladys.  "I'm sorry dear.  What do you want?"

Gladys looked at her mother with a trembling lip, "I want to learn to read and write so I don't have to be married off to give my husband lots of babies!"

Caira looked at her daughter in horror, "Where did you hear that?" she gasped, then shook her head.  "Nevermind, I know where you heard that.  And you forget it! You will not be married off to anyone unless you want to be!" she said ferverantly.  "Now, let's teach you to read and write!"

Orb's Year 932
Caira began to notice more and more that the children were independent!  They didn't need her looking over their shoulder every moment.
Which left her with quite a bit of free time...
Glancing at the quill and paper, she dashed off a message and prayed it was kindly received.
"You came!" Caira said happily when Dirk strode into her room.

Dirk Baker smiled half-heartedly.  He didn't need any reminders that he'd dropped what he was doing the moment he'd seen the letter from Caira.  "Your letter said it was important," he prodded.

Caira hesitated.  Dirk seemed... impatient.  "I... well... Remington is gone now.  I had thought that perhaps..."  Caira stepped closer and reached for his hand, "You cannot tell me that you do not love me anymore!" she protested.
Dirk stepped back and held his hands up.  "I can't, Caira."  It was then she saw the ring on his finger announcing his intentions.
Wringing her hands with worry, she felt tears gather in her eyes as he turned his back on her.  "I'm to be married, Caira.  She's pregnant with my child."

"Oh Dirk," Caira said sadly.  "Our love was not meant to be, it seems!"
Dirk turned suddenly and hugged her close.  "I'll never forget you, Caira.  I've loved you for many long years, but I have a chance for a family of my own."

Desperate words asking him to make a family with her clogged in her throat . She couldn't do it.  "So this is the end, isn't it?"

Dirk nodded sadly.  "It has to be."
She watched him walk away and felt her heart breaking. 
Numbly, she laid down in her bed and thought of Dirk.  How fate seemed to laugh at them, keeping them so close... and yet so far...

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