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Knowles, Orb's Year 929-932

Orb's Year 929
Lady Breena Knightley came over to check on how her daughter, Danica, was faring with the good knight Sir Hyun Knowles.  Her dear husband had sent their daughter away to help shield her from the scandal that was associated with their heir impregnating the Farmer serving girl.

It had turned into an even bigger scandal when Bradshaw's younger brother had claimed to be the father and run off with her. 

She had always known that Farmer girl would cause trouble between her sons!
But, here with Hyun, Danica had heard nothing of the sordid details of her brothers.  She was protected, just as Arthur had planned.


Danica came home from school and looked back to see an adorable dog trailing behind her, eagerly looking up and waiting for her attention.
Crouching down, she stroked the lovely dog's back.  "You certainly are friendly, aren't you! And so lovely!"

As Danica played a few games with her, she realized that Lady was quite smart, too!
When Hyun came home, she hurried to his side and told him all about the smart dog that had followed her home. 

"Please can we keep her? I'll feed her! And water her! And take her for walks! You won't even notice she's here!"

Hyun smiled at how excited Danica was.  "Well, if you promise all that, then of course we can keep her!"
Danica threw herself into Hyun's arms and hugged him tight.  "Oh thank you! Thank you! Wait until I tell everyone!" 
Danica hurried inside while Lady waited beside Hyun.  Hyun looked down and the dog and sighed, "As if I could have denied her anything!"

Lady glanced up at him as though she understood.


"What a lovely dog!" Queen Deidre called out to Danica on her way to school.  "Did you just get her?" 

Danica stopped and smiled broadly at the kind Queen.  "Yes, and she's so smart and friendly!"
As Danica chatted with the Queen about Lady's accomplishments, Lady and Reign got to know each other a little better, too.
Playfully, they leaped at each other and chased each other around the yard.

Orb's Year 930
Education was very important to Hyun.  He had seen the difference it had made in many lives.  Because of that, he never minded helping Danica with any work she had leftover at the end of the day. 
He knew she had a deep love of learning, as well, always striving to learn and understand more of the world.  She had expressed an interest in continuing the instructional school that her mother had started.

Hyun thought it was a spectacular idea!
Sometimes he just had to make sure that she didn't work too hard.  Gently, he pushed on her arm.  "Danica... Danica," he called, "Wake up, dear."
Danica jerked upright and wiped at her face.  Where was she? Glancing around groggily, she smiled when she saw Hyun.

"Hyun," she said sleepily. 

"Come on, I'll help you to bed," Hyun said, helping her stand.  Since she was so tired, Hyun thought it would be best to let her sleep in his bed because it was closer at hand.
Although part of him thought that he couldn't wait until they were to be married...


In the middle of the night, Lady gave birth to three frisky little puppies...


"Hyun! Come quick!" Danica called when she went to check on Lady in the morning!  "Puppies!" she said happily.  "Did you know she was pregnant?!"
Hyun laughed, "I had no clue!" he replied, holding the squirming puppy in his arms.  "What are we to do with all of them?"

Danica smiled, "I know what to do with one of them!"


"Thank you for coming, Queen Deidre.  I thought that you would like to have Reign's next generation," Danica said shyly, offering the little male pup she had named Rex.

Queen Deidre thanked the young girl and cuddled Rex to her chest. "Prince Earl will love having a playmate of his very own!  Reign has gotten to old to run around like he used to."
As Lady watched Queen Deidre walk away with her puppy Rex, she whimpered and howled.  Crouching down, Danica hugged her sweet dog.  Glancing up at Hyun, she said sadly, "Aw, she doesn't understand why we've given her puppy away.  I feel horrible!" 

Hyun gazed down at his tender-hearted bride-to-be, amazed by what a truly kind and amazing she was.

Orb's Year 931
"Have you been happy here?" Hyun asked Danica over breakfast.  "I know that your father arranged this match, but is it a match that you would have wanted?"
Danica reached across the table and squeezed Hyun's hand.  "How could I not love you? You're such a dear, kind man and ever so wonderful!"

Hyun smiled broadly.  "Then we should call your family and arrange a spectacular wedding!"
Danica felt butterflies in her stomach when Hyun finally slipped the ring on her finger, vowing to love, honor and protect her for life. 
As they kissed under the marital arch, Hyun pulled Danica into his arms and kissed her sweetly.  It felt like a dream, but all o f it was real! 

He had to be the luckiest man in the world!  He wasn't sure if life could get any better than this moment, right here...
Although, later that night when Danica joined him in the marital bed, he uttered the very same thing...

Orb's Year 932
"You are happy, daughter?" Breena asked as she hugged her daughter. 

"Incredibly happy," Danica replied. 
Her dear departed father had known what he was doing after all!  She could not imagine loving anyone as much as she loved Hyun!
It seemed their life kept getting better and better...

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