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Laird, Orb's Year 929-932

Orb's Year 929
It did not take long for Angus and his new wife, Evelyn Consul Laird to fall into a routine.  Angus spent his days and some evenings pursuing his sport. 

Evelyn wandered around the castle, looking for something to occupy her time...


One morning she had been strolling around and a voice from behind her stopped her in her tracks.  "I've been looking for you!"

Evelyn gasped as she turned around to see an old love.  "Juan," she said breathlessly.

Juan's gaze drifted down to her pregnant belly.  "So, it's true.  You are pregnant with his child," he said with little emotion.  With a look of anguish on his face, he asked, "And you married him?" 

Evelyn nodded.  "I had little choice..."
Juan yanked her close and kissed her.  "You did have a choice.  You could have come to me."
At the touch of his lips, Evelyn was transported back in time to the stolen moments she had enjoyed with Juan.

...Before she'd ever met Angus.

Pulling back, she touched her fingers to her lips.  "It's done Juan! I had no wish to marry... anyone.. but what's done is done!"

Turning, she fled inside.
And yet, she could not get Juan off of her mind...


Angus smiled at the bonny lass that had waited for him after his foot match. She had been so impressed by his athleticism and was fawning over him.  It was nice to be appreciated!
She'd been so sweet-tempered and agreeable that he couldn't help not leaning in closer to whisper sweet nothings in her ear. 

And if he'd led her to believe that he had no wife, well... that wasn't hurting anyone... was it?


Evelyn felt the labor pains begin and called for Angus.
In her arms, she held his future heir, Brock Laird.
Angus peered at his young son and smiled.  He supposed being married wasn't all that bad!  A wife to warm his bed at nights, a young son to carry on his name and all the adoring ladies on the sidelines...

Orb's Year 930
Evelyn hugged her mother.  "Come in and see your grandson! He's absolutely perfect!" Evelyn said happily. 
Princess Cassidy hurried in to see her sweet grandchild.  She didn't even care that he had a soiled diaper, she simply took him to the sink basin and began to clean the child.
Angus hurried through his meal, "I'm sorry I will miss your visit, but the boys have scheduled a game for tonight."

"Oh," Evelyn said, disappointed.  Her husband had begun to spend more and more nights with the boys, playing late into the night.  She had her doubts, but would never say anything in front of her mother!

Putting on a smile, she told him to play well.

As he left, Cassidy harrumphed.  "That man is not running off to play a game at this hour!" she said angrily with her fists propped on her hips.

"Oh Mother, do not make anything of it.  Why would he lie?"

But now, her visit was spoiled and Evelyn was ready for her mother to return home.  All she wanted to do was crawl into bed.
After waving her mother off, something by the front door caught Evelyn's eye.  It was a note with a long, red rose attached.  Feeling her stomach clench, she leaned down and read the note left for her husband from someone who 'counted down the moments until they next met...'
Evelyn was crushed.  She had been so naive and gullible!

Slowly the sadness built into anger, well-fueled by all the lies Angus had been heaping on her!  There's no room in this marriage for lies, she nastily mimicked her husband's earlier words to her.  HA!


Evelyn did not waste a moment bemoaning her husband's infidelity.  She simply took it as a sign that she could do as she pleased, as well.
After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Orb's Year 931
Evelyn didn't really care that Angus had decided to be unfaithful.  What bothered her were the lies! How dare he seek to keep her chained at home alone while he went off gallivanting! 

He knew that she had longed for a sense of freedom!
And if he though to take liberties with her person, well he had another thing coming!
Angus had given his wife a loving tap on the rear when she whirled around and pushed him back.  "Keep your hands to yourself!" she had roared.  "What is the matter with you?"

Angus strove to keep his temper in check.  "What? A man is not allowed to caress his wife in his own home?!"

Evelyn glared and poked him in the chest, "Not without a wife's permission."

"What is the matter with you?" Angus asked angrily, rubbing the spot on his chest she had poked.  "Is it your womanly flow?"

Evelyn raised the dishrag and threw it at him.  "You dolt! Get out of my kitchen!"

"Bloody crazy female!" Angus had said while retreating.  It had to be her monthly flow, he thought sourly.  That would mean she would not welcome his advances for quite a number of days...


"And then she threw the dish rag at me!" Angus told his sister-in-law, who had come over to commiserate with him.   "She's a shrieking shrew!"

Gwen Consul shook her head.  "She always was a wild one.  It comes from letting have her way too often as a child!"

Angus shook his head.  "I wish someone would have told me that before I was forced to marry her!" 

When he next glanced at Gwen, he noticed her head cocked to the side with a questioning gleam in her eye.  Slowly, she slid closer to him on the pile of hay.  "Perhaps you need a distraction?" she asked while lightly tracing circles on his shoulder.

Angus was instantly intrigued.  He'd always known Gwen to be flirtatious, but had thought she was making empty promises.  Slowly, he reached up to grab her hand. 

At first Gwen thought he meant to remove his hand from her and her shoulders slumped in defeat.  But, Angus simply pulled her closer to him.  "Perhaps what I need is someone to make me feel better.  Do you think you could do that for me, dear sister-in-law?"

Gwen's heart picked up speed.  He wasn't saying no!


Evelyn cursed the Orb when she learned she was yet again pregnant.  It killed her to accept the well-wishes from her family and friends who thought she was happy here with Angus.
But, she didn't have too much time to dwell on her unhappiness.  Soon it was Brock's birthday.
She was surprised to see Brock had inherited her father's pointed ears.  It was a sign of exceptional intelligence, she explained  to Angus.  He had not seemed as happy that his heir would have "odd" ears.

"Perhaps if your ears were pointed and you were more intelligent, then you would understand the blessing that this is," Evelyn quipped before turning her back to him.

Angus frowned, but let her walk off.  He would discuss her attitude with her at a later time...
As everyone left the party, Evelyn instantly fanned herself when a scowling Prince Geoffrey walked by, giving him an appreciative once over.  His scar only added to his dangerous quality.  Perhaps she should make his acquaintance...
Her scandalous thoughts were interrupted when Angus grabbed her arm and pulled her to the edge of the room.  "I saw the way you were looking at him," he accused.

"So?" Evelyn asked, pretending indifference.

"So?" Angus repeated incredulously.  "That's all you have to say to me... 'So?'!" 
"There is nothing wrong with a appreciating a fine form now and again, wouldn't you agree, Angus?" Evelyn asked, pressuring Angus to admit his infidelity. 
Brock began to cry at the raised voices.
"Now look what you've done," she accused Angus.  "You've upset Brock!"  Quickly, she picked him up and turned her back on Angus to soothe the crying child. 

Angus slammed out the front door.

Orb's Year 932

It seemed now that the lines were drawn in the sand.  Evelyn and Angus fought over anything and everything.  If he said he thought the curtains should be red, she said they should be green.  If she said she'd like kasha for dinner, he said they were having salad.

Angus wondered why in the world he put up with her behavior...


And then the child was born.
Angus flatly looked at the child with dark brown hair and knew instantly that he'd been made a fool.
"You ungrateful shrew!" Angus yelled, "I should have let Cirdon ship you off to the Abbey!"
"Wait, I can explain..." Evelyn said. She'd never seen Angus so angry before.  She was a little terrified of what he might do.
"I don't want to hear it.  Not another word!" Angus boomed. 
"We are done! I will write a letter to the King requesting this marriage to be dissolved.  In the meantime, get out!"

"But, Angus, I have nowhere to go," Evelyn sobbed, "I'll make it up to you!"  She should have known that Angus had too much pride to suffer an illegitimate child.

"Go to your lover's house! If he won't take you, then go to the Abbey! Hell, go knocking on every door to see who will take you and that half-class child in, for all I care!  Just get...out.. NOW!"
Evelyn wrapped her arms protectively around her new baby boy and leaned down to help Brock walk.

"No," Angus said.  "My heir will stay."

Evelyn turned and looked at him with horror in her eyes.  "You can't mean it!" she cried.  "What will you do with a child! Let me take him with me! I'm his mother!"

"Your lover will not welcome another man's heir in his home.  I will give my son the quality of life he deserves."

Evelyn looked as though she would argue, but the truth was she did not even know if Juan would take her in.  What if he turned his back on her as Angus had done?

Sadly, she touched Brock's cheek.  "Mommy will be back for you," she promised before hurrying from the house with her brown-haired baby boy.
Angus watched her go and looked down at Brock.  "Now what are we going to do with you?" he asked.


"I cannot believe she played you false like that!" Crystal said, shocked.  "She just left the child at your doorstep?! What kind of mother is she?"

Angus sighed and shook his head sadly.  "Truthfully, who am I to blame her.  She probably wanted a better life for the little tyke."

Crystal wiped a tear from her eye, "But to have never told you that she was pregnant before leaving you for another man!  How perfectly horrid!"
Angus reached out and took Crystal's hand.  "It has been a hard cross to bear.  But, perhaps you could help me with this? I feel so inept at fatherhood... it's so new!"

Crystal put her hand to Angus' cheek.  "Of course I will!"
Crystal cared for little Brock as though he were her own child, hating to think that one day the child might remember the horrible way he'd cast aside. 
It hadn't been hard to convince Crystal that he could not live without her and that he loved her more than life itself!  With the promise of marriage, she fell right into his arms... and into his bed...

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