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Potter, Orb's Year 929-932

Orb's Year 929
"Adam, I can't stand another moment," Caitlyn said with tears in her eyes.  Hurriedly, she ran from the room and collapsed upon the bed crying.  It seemed there was always a child tugging on her apron or crying for milk.

She just needed a moment's rest...
"Dada," Benji called, scooting over to his father.  "Pick me up!" he cried.
Adam glanced hesitantly at the bedroom door and then bent down to pat Benji on the head.  "Let me go check on your Mother first," Adam said before hurrying after Caitlyn.
Benji sighed and looked around the room.  "Stinky!" he said as he pinched his nose to escape the fumes from his baby brother's diaper.


"Are you feeling better?" Adam asked Caitlyn the following morning.  "You were very upset yesterday."
"I'm just tired all the time," Caitlyn said.  "I never expected twins! I guess it all felt too much.  I'm much better now, though." Casting a wary eye towards her husband, she added, "But I'll not be wanting a newborn anytime soon, so you'll be keeping  your hands to yourself!"

Orb's Year 930
This was a year for friendship and family.  "Hello, old friend," Adam said, greeting Robin Carpenter.  "So good to see you!  Have you come to settle down in Celestia again?"

Robin grinned as he hugged his childhood friend.  "Yes. I traveled all around the world, but have decided to settle here.  I'm ready to settle down and marry, have a few children! Do you know of anyone?"

Adam tried to think of a few eligible ladies, but came up short.  "Perhaps you should speak with Nerissa, the matchmaker."


"I'm so glad you were able to come join us for a meal, Dirk," Caitlyn told her brother. 

Dirk grinned back, "I have to come by every so often, otherwise how would I recognize my own nephew!  He keeps growing like a weed.  What are you feeding him?"

"Hey! That's me!" Benji boasted.  "I'm going to be big and strong like my dad!"

Orb's Year 931
It was not just Benji that seemed to be growing too fast.  Caitlyn watched as her twins, Carey and Casey got older and older.
They were close as only twins can be!
Caitlyn was proud of her little family.  The house was full of love & laughter.  She blessed the Orb daily that Adam had rescued her before she'd been sent off to the Abbey!  She just couldn't picture her life without her family!
"So, do you think perhaps we might... you know?" Adam asked anxiously.   Caitlyn had been so worried about carrying another child that she had long denied him his husbandly rights.  But, now that the children were older and they had more free time, he was hopeful...

His heart beat faster when she looked at him and grinned saucily.
Caitlyn snuggled deeper into the pillow and reached for her husband's hand, "I love you," she said.


"Mom, can you read a book to me?" Benji asked while his mom made  the bed.  All of a sudden, she bent forward and put her hand in front of her mouth. 
Oh no, Caitlyn thought.  He's done it to me again!

"Go ask your father," she managed to blurt out before running from the room to the bathroom.   She only hoped this pregnancy went smoother than the last!

Orb's Year 932
"Mama!" Carey cried.

"Mama!" Casey cried.

"Maaaaaaaamaaaaaaa!"  they cried in unison.

Caitlyn rolled over and pulled the pillow over her head.  "Nooooo! Go away!" she cried.  "Benji! Take care of your brothers!"
Benji hated taking care of his brothers.  They were always crying and fussing.  When his mom wasn't looking, sometimes he would tease them or make faces at them. 

Who wanted to take care of silly babies anyway?!
Adam sighed.  He didn't know how Caitlyn had managed taking care of the little ones before her pregnancy.  It seemed as thought the moment he sat down to care for one, the other one was up and crying!

And he worried it would only get more difficult when the new baby arrived!
Caitlyn looked up from where her head had fallen near her dinner.  Oh no, she thought, I must have fallen asleep again!  It seemed that she was always tipping over asleep into her meals.  Benji had teased her at first until she'd glared at him.
Her son seemed to delight in making mischief and teasing. She wasn't sure where the mean-streak came from!

But, as pregnant as she was, she didn't have the energy to fight it.

Finally! Caitlyn thought as she went into laborShe had had a long and exhausting pregnancy!
But it all seemed worth it when she held her beautiful daughter, Daisy Potter, in her arms!

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