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Taylor, Orb's Year 929-932

Orb's Year 929
"We all need to help each other," Barika Taylor began telling her daughters after a hard day of laboring over the needle.  "It's... it's.. import... ant...."  Barika's head lolled to the side and she fell sound asleep over her empty plate.
"Girls, finish your work and get some sleep.  I'll take your mother to bed."

Brooklyn glanced up at her older sister Addison quickly, "Is mama okay?" she asked quietly.
Addison nodded, "She just needs to sleep more.  She works very hard. Come on, I'll help you with your assignment."


The next day after school, Brooklyn tried teaching Cedrick a nursery rhyme.  She thought of how happy mama would be if she saw the Brooklyn was helping take care of her brother!
Meanwhile, Addison couldn't stop staring at herself in the mirror.  She was sure she looked older and more mature now.  Perhaps maybe even more like an adult!


Danica Knightley hated to complain, but she'd been horribly embarrassed when a little toddler burst into the room while she was using the water closet.   "I have never been so embarrassed in my life!" Danica told Barika.  "You simply must control your children!"
Barika watched Danica leave the store empty-handed and then turned on Addison.  "You said that you would take care of the children!  What have you been doing?" Barika demanded.

"Mama..." Addison began, feeling guilty.

"No! You go in the house and make sure to watch... your... siblings!" Barika hissed quietly.  "Go!"
Barika sighed and sat in front of Cedrick.  How utterly boring! she thought uncharitably.  All they seemed to want her around for was to cook, clean and watch the children.  Well, if Mama didn't want to watch her own children, maybe she shouldn't have had so many! she silently fumed to herself. 

Orb's Year 930
Barika was wearing herself thin, spending all day working on the orders that the customers placed.  By the end of the day, she could barely hold herself upright.
But she'd been so proud when King Barron himself bought one of shiny curtains!  The King had even put in an order for more of the curtains! 

"Did you have any questions?" Addison asked, "We have many outfits that we are able to create!"

"We're just looking right now," Jerome said, nodding her way.  Addison blushed.  He was quite handsome!
"What are you doing Addison?" Cedrick asked as he poked his head in the store.
"Cedrick Taylor! You know you're not allowed in the store, under any circumstances!  Do you want to get me in trouble?" Addison lectured.

Cedrick pouted, "No, Addison.  I was just bored.  Brooklyn won't play with me anymore! She says she has better things to do!"

Addison sighed.  "Go on back inside, I'll talk to Brooklyn."

Orb's Year 931
Addison got in the habit of coming into the store in the afternoon to close out.  It gave Papa and Mama a break for dinner and rest.  And she truly didn't mind manning the till for a few hours a day.

Edrick Taveryn had actually even flirted with her as he handed her a few gold pieces.

"Oh, you gave me a copper penny too much," Addison said as she attempted to hand it back to him.

Edrick winked at her, "Keep the change. Buy yourself a pretty ribbon for your pretty hair!"

Addison felt herself blushing.  "Thank you," she said softly as she watched him go, her heart fluttering. 
As she was sweeping the floor right after closing, she heard a light knock on the door.  Turning around, she saw none other than Edrick!

When he saw her glance over, he waved and motioned for her to unlock the door.

Hurrying over, she let him in.
Reaching up he fingered the ribbon she'd placed in her hair.  "Pretty, just like you," he said earnestly.

Addison reached up and fingered the ribbon, "That was most kind of you!" she told him.  "I've never been given a gift like this before!"
The two settled in and talked for what felt like hours!  "And sometimes I feel like they don't even see me!" Addison complained, "Just because I'm the oldest!"

Edrick nodded, "I know how that feels.  Sometimes I feel like my family doesn't see me either.  But, I'm the youngest!  It's like they're too busy living their own lives to bother with me!"

"Well, we'll have each other then!" Addison announced, smiling widely.

Edrick looked thoughtful and was about to say something when Thomas opened the door.  "Addison? Did you have trouble closing?" he started to ask when he noticed his daughter alone in the shop with the Taveryn boy.

"Store hours are over," he told the boy angrily.  "Addison has work to do."

"Yes sir!" Edrick said, hopping up quickly, hoping to avoid upsetting an irate father. 
Thomas watched the boy go and tried to calm himself down. It wasn't like he caught them kissing... they were just talking...
Whirling to Addison, he yelled, "What were thinking, allowing a boy to be alone with you in the shop!  Didn't you lock the door?"

"Well I did, but I let him in!" Addison admitted sheepishly.

"You never unlock the door! What if he wanted to rob us!" Thomas demanded.

Addison stomped her foot.  "He didn't want to rob us! He wanted to talk to me!" Addison fingered the ribbon in her hair.  "Is it so hard to believe that I'm growing  up and becoming a woman?!"  Breaking into tears, she ran from the room.

Thomas watched his daughter storm from the room, dumbstruck.  Perhaps he'd have Barika talk to her about boys...  and soon!

Orb's Year 932
Thomas helped Cedrick with his letters and called out to Brooklyn to see if she needed any help.
"No, I'm finished now," she called back, standing up and straightening her skirts.  "I'm going to see if Addison needs any help in the store!"
Brooklyn saw an Abbess looking at the fabric  they had available.  She was fascinated with the woman!  She began attempting to help her select a fabric when she heard her sister calling her over.  "One moment," she told the Abbess sweetly.
"What is it?" Brooklyn asked Addison.

"Watch the shop for me.  I'll be back in a little bit."

"What?!" Brooklyn furiously whispered back.  "If Papa finds out, he'll kill you!"

"Shhhh..." Addison said.  "Just for a moment or two!  Please...." Addison begged.

"Fine," Brooklyn caved, "But be quick!"
Brooklyn raced around the shop attempting to do everything the way she'd seen her parents and Addison do it.  It was exhausting!

And Addison was taking much longer than a moment!


Brooklyn reached for Edrick's hand and was so pleased when he didn't pull back.  "I've been thinking about you..." she admitted.

Edrick pulled her closer.  "I've been thinking about you, too."

"What have you been thinking about?" she asked him shyly.

Edrick leaned forward and whispered back, "You tell me first."
Brooklyn leaned forward and placed a small kiss on Edrick's lips.  "That!" she said shyly before hurrying back into the shop.


"I was hoping I might speak with you," Alec Reeves said to Thomas.

Thomas looked at Alec, startled at the serious tone.  "Is everything alright?" he asked.

Alec cleared his throat.  He knew that the merchants quailed when they saw him and hurried over to impress him.  He supposed it was only natural since he was appointed by the King to oversee the village shops and the peasants.

Waving off Thomas' concerns, Alec took a deep breath...


Barika stared at her husband as he walked to, looking shaken and quite pale.  "Thomas? What is it? What's wrong?" she asked, anxiously.
Thomas stared at his wife, unable to find the words to tell her what was to happen...

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