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Abbey, Orb's Year 933-936

Orb's Year 933
Farrah Farmer was so excited about learning the path to enlightenment!  Abbess Belinda had given her a lovely new dress to wear and asked her to wait upstairs.
Farrah looked around the room in awe.  It was all just too spectacular!
"Are you ready to begin?" Abbess Belinda asked.
"Am I ever!" Farrah said excitedly.


Deanna Farmer glanced around the Abbey.   Suddenly, she realized that Abbess Belinda had asked her something.  "I'm sorry, what?" she asked, slightly embarrassed.
Belinda smiled kindly.  "I asked if you were sure this is what you wanted."

"I don't really have any other choices," Deanna replied.  "I can't go home and am unable to find work due to my... extenuating... circumstances."

Belinda patted Deanna's shoulder.  "We do not judge here.  But, are you sure you want to be only a servant.  Your sister is learning the path to enlightenment, perhaps you would like to join her in her quest?"

Deanna shook her head.  "I appreciate the offer, but no.  I'm afraid I don't believe in much of anything these days," she said sadly.
If only... Deanna thought sadly as she scrubbed the shower's clean.  If only I hadn't fallen in love with Bradshaw... If only I could've loved Camelot equally... If only...
"Here, I'll help you," Farrah said, grabbing the mop that was leaning against the wall.

Deanna glanced up.  "I don't need help. I'm fine."

Farrah shrugged. "I know you are," she said simply.

"Shouldn't you be reading about your precious Orb? You shouldn't be wasting time scrubbing the floor!"

Farrah frowned at her prickly sister.  "I just thought I would help."

"Well don't!" Deanna said snidely.

"Fine! I'll go!" Farrah said angrily.

"No! Don't!" Deanna said quickly.

Farrah threw her arms up in the air.  "Whyever not?"
"I'm having the baby!" Deanna said, reaching for her sister's hand.
As Deanna stared at the two emerald green eyes staring up at her, she sadly thought she must be cursed!  Two baby boys to remind me of their father.


She hated everything these days!  She hated living at the Abbey, hated the little boys that cried all the time, hated her mom for making them leave. 

But, she missed her dad!  Her Aunt Farrah said that she'd sent Camelot a note about the twins birth. 

"Perhaps he'll come visit," Farrah had said.

"Why wouldn't he come them?" Fatima had wondered as she waited by the windows, hoping to see him.
There he is, she thought excitedly.  Hurrying outside, she ran to him.
"Daddy! I missed you so much!" she said as she threw herself into his arms. 

Camelot hugged his niece tightly, wincing when she called him 'daddy.'  It broke his heart to lose her.  "Will you show me to your brothers?" he asked.
Fatima frowned as she led him to the nursery upstairs.  Didn't he miss her? she wondered.

Camelot had thought he would be immune to Deanna, but still felt the pang of rejection and heartache when he saw her.  He had offered this woman his heart and his hand in marriage and she had spurned him for the memory of his brother's love. 

Knowing that things couldn't remain the way they were, he'd told her that he'd decided to marry.  He could marry her or he could marry another.  She had stepped aside so that he could marry another, even though his child... children... were growing in her belly.
"Deanna," he sniped in greeting.  "You're looking well."

"What are you doing here?" she demanded.

"Visiting my sons.  Thank you for letting me know of their birth," he said with faux politeness.  In fact, her sister had been the one to send him the message about the birth of Guy and Hugh Farmer.  How it galled him to have his boys bear her last name.

Deanna shrugged, "I didn't think you'd care."

"Not care!" he demanded angrily.  "You are the one that left me! Not the other way around, Deanna!"

Deanna scowled, "You tried to force me to bend..."
"STOP!" Fatima cried.  "Stop fighting!"  Turning, she ran from the room, sobbing.  Why were they acting this way?
After a disgusted glance at Deanna, who had merely shrugged once more, Camelot hurried after Fatima. 

"I'm sorry you saw that," he said as he hugged Fatima.
"Daddy, why are you fighting with Mama?" she asked. 

"You know that I'm not your daddy," he gently chided.  "My brother, Bradshaw, is your father. I only pretended to be your father to protect you and your mother."

"I wish you were my real Daddy," she said tearfully.

 "I do, too, Fatima. I miss you so much!"

"Why can't we come back? I won't call you Daddy if you don't want me to!" she said, desperate to find a way for everything to go back to the way it was before the night her real father had come over and ruined it all.

She was killing him, Camelot thought. "I can't.  I'm married now. I can't bring you home."

Fatima turned from the only father she had ever known and ran.

Orb's Year 934
Farrah stood in front of her family and friends and waited as Abbess Belinda completed the ritual.
It was finally happening, she thought excitedly. 
She was an Abbess now!


"I was wondering if Deanna was available," Angus Laird said to the woman guarding the door.  "I'm an old friend of hers..."

Abbess Abigail frowned.  "This is most unseemly," she began. 

Angus smiled, attempting to charm the old battle-ax, but she continued frowning at him.  "Don't worry, we're old friends. I just wanted to congratulate her on the birth of her baby boys."

Still suspicious, Abigail gave him the directions to the nursery.
Angus found the nursery easy enough and indeed, there was the beautiful Deanna.  A pity she didn't come to me before coming here, he thought with a grin.  I'd love having her at my beck and call!
Sweeping into the room, he grabbed her hands and squeezed, "Dearest Deanna! How are you faring after the birth of these two little children!" he gushed.  "What a shame you have locked yourself away in this dusty place!"

Deanna laughed, "Oh, my Lord, I am not interested in Enlightenment!  I am merely around to clean and cook."

Angus leaned closer, "Well, that is fantastic news!" he said.  "I despaired when I thought I would never have a chance to kiss those sweet lips!"
A calculating look came across Deanna's face.  "Well, far be it from me to deny something.." she said before wrapping her arms around Angus' neck. 

A short while later they snuck away to the supply closet where no one would find them.

Orb's Year 935
"Happy birthday Guy & Hugh!"
Fatima fumed.  All anyone ever cared about were the boys.  The boys this... this boys that.  She hated it here!
"Fatima, where are you going?" Deanna asked when Fatima had started up the stairs. 

"To my room," Fatima sulked.

"But you didn't have any cake!"

"I don't want any! Leave me alone!" she cried as she hurried away.

Farrah watched the interaction sadly.  "Just give her time," she counseled her sister.
"What would you know about it?" Deanna demanded.   "Just stay out of it!"

"There's no need to attack me," Farrah said.  "I'm on your side!"

Deanna didn't need anyone offering her advice about her children!  "Well, nobody asked you.  Go stick your nose in those books you love so much!" she said before turning and striding down the hall.

Farrah sighed as she watched her sister go. 


Scooping Guy up from the floor, she took him upstairs to get ready for bed.
Abbess Abigail walked behind her with sweet little Hugh.
The boys were certainly ready for bed if their tempers were any indication. 


Abbess Belinda had seen the thin white cat and worried that someone needed to care for it.  Winter would be coming soon and she hated to think of the poor thing outside in the snow!
And what a perfect name that would be for the adorable little kitty.  Snow.

Orb's Year 936
Deanna saw the wrinkles appearing by her eyes and blanched.  Her youth and her beauty had been wasted.  If only she had listened to her mother and never involved herself with those blasted Knightley boys!  She could've been loved and cherished as her mother had been, but all she'd been was cast-off!


Deanna rushed to put the boys to bed.  Angus had sent word that he would be coming over tonight and she wanted to prepare herself before he arrived.

"Hurry, Hugh.  Go get your pajamas on!"
"Yes, mama!" Hugh said with Guy soon behind him.


"I'm so glad you decided to join us!" Abbess Belinda said to her dear friend, Brooklyn Taylor.  She saw much promise in the young lady.
"I'm so happy to be here and anxious to begin!"

Abbess Belinda smiled and announced, "Well, let's introduce you to the ladies!"
Brooklyn was in awe! She stood before the legendary Abbess Abigail and the new Abbess Farrah. 

"You'll love it here!" Abbess Farrah was telling her.  "Won't she Abbess Abigail?"
Farrah glanced behind her back.  "Abbess Abigail?" she asked with concern.  "Oh no!" she cried, dropping to her friends side.

Rest in Peace, Abbess Abigail Abbey, Orb's Year 881-936

Fatima had been elated when Henry followed her home shortly after his party.  They went up to the mezzanine of the Celestium to talk in private.
 "I've missed talking to you," Henry said.  "I was so excited you came to my party, but you left without saying goodbye!"

Fatima shrugged.  "You were busy."
 "Not too busy to say goodbye!" Henry tugged at a thread on his tunic.  "Are you mad at me?" he asked quietly.
"No, not mad," Fatima said, "I just... I don't know.  I kind of felt left out."

Henry reared back with surprise.  "Really?" Smiling, he pointed his finger at her and announced, "You like me!"

Fatima blushed. "Oh shut up, Henry! I just meant.. well.. everyone I love leaves me..." she said, appalled that she felt like crying.  Jerkily, she jumped up and was prepared to run to her room.
But Henry stopped her with a sweet kiss against her lips.  "I won't leave you, Fatima," he promised.

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