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Baker, Orb's Year 933-036

Orb's Year 933
Fancy Baker was over the moon whenever Sebastian Waite was able to take a leave to visit them.   He was such a wonderful father, bringing them gifts and making up for lost time showering them with attention.  Only four more years, she thought.  It was her new mantra to count down the years until they could finally be together! 
Sebastian couldn't believe he'd found the love of such a wonderful woman.  When he'd signed up for the Nightwatch in Orb's Year 926, when he was 20 years old, he'd been so young and so certain that he didn't want a family. 

But now here he was!  With a family that he loved more than anything and constantly trying to figure out ways to get leave to come visit them!  He hated that his little girls were growing up without him there... but only four more years, he thought to himself.  Four more years and he could be with them always!


"How are you feeling Fanny?" Keith asked anxiously.  "Connor said to tell you that he's missed you at the Kitchen."

Fanny smiled.  "He's just missed having someone else serving the platters!  Tell him that I see through him!"

Keith laughed.  "Well, he does have some trouble mixing up the orders! He's much happier greeting guests and slinging ale!"

"What a baby!" Fanny laughed.

Keith choked on his food.  "Baby? Now?" 

Fanny reached across the table and caressed his hand.  "No! I was saying that Connor is a big... oof... baby!"

Keith sighed. "Oh thank goodness. I thought you were going to have our baby!"
Fanny stood up and panted.  "I am! Keith! Baby!"
Keith paced anxiously until Fanny delivered their sweet newborn.
"Look, Keith.  It's a boy!"

Keith grinned down at his baby boy.  "We'll call him Hansel Cook!"

Orb's Year 934
It was Fanny's turn to stay at home with the children and frankly, Fanny didn't know how Fancy managed it with the twins! 
It seemed there was always a child that needed their diaper changed, wanted to eat, wanted to play, or wanted to sleep... always!
Gretel kicked a stone in the front yard and looked around.  There was nothing to do and everyone was busy caring for the babies

Mommy had sent her outside because the babies were napping.
Feeling lonely, Gretel sat down and hugged her knees to her chest.  It was getting late... she wondered if she could come inside yet...

Fanny hurried outside and glanced around, calling out, "Gretel! Gretel!"

Gretel popped up and ran over.  "Here I am, Mommy!"

Fanny hugged Gretel to her chest and sighed deeply.  "Oh blessed Orb," she murmured as she wrapped her arms around Gretal tightly. 

Gretel peeked up, "What's the matter, Mommy?" she asked.

"Nothing, nothing at all, sweetheart!" Fanny said, loosening her hold.  "Would you like to play a game?"
Later that night, Fanny sat with Keith, still shaking from her scare.  "And I forgot her, Keith! What kind of mother am I?  I told her to stay outside and she did... for six hours!  What if she'd wondered off!"

Keith patted Fanny's knee.  "It's okay. Nothing bad happened."

Fanny looked at her husband incredulously.  "But I forgot her!" she said stubbornly.  "I was just so thankful the house was quiet!"

Keith laid his book aside and pulled Fanny into his arms, stroking her back.  "It's okay.  She's safe.  And you're a wonderful mother!"

Fanny laid her head against Keith's chest and allowed him to console her, although she wasn't very sure she deserved absolution.

Orb's Year 935
 Keith couldn't believe how fast time flew by.  Already Hansel was a toddler, running around and getting into mischief. 
"I'm so glad you could make it!" Fancy said when she saw Sebastian saunter through the door.

Sebastian kissed her hand in greeting. "Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss my girls birthday!  Now where are they, let me give them a kiss hello!"
Gene and Gena giggled as Sebastian pretended to look around, not seeing them. 

"Here we are, Daddy!" Gene giggled and pulled on his tunic.  "We're right next to you!"

"Oh! So you are! I didn't see you down there!" he said as he pulled both girls into his arms for a big bear hug.
Dropping to the floor, the girls listened to their Daddy's stories for hours, until they were yawning widely.

Fancy stood and gathered her daughter's closer for a goodnight hug.  "Give your Daddy a hug and a kiss goodnight.  We'll see him in the morning."

As Sebastian stood, he grimaced.  "Actually, I'm going to have to leave tonight, but I'm supposed to get more time off later this season."

"Aw," the girls moaned in unison, tugging on Sebastian's heart strings.

"Come on, buck up," he said, adding, "Only 2 more years."  He looked down at the girls with surprise when they chirped his saying with him. 
Grinning widely, they gave him hugs and kisses and scurried off to bed.
Fancy smiled as she led Sebastian to her room.  "I suppose if you have to leave tonight, then I must make it worth your while," she promised.

"I like the sound of that!" Sebastian said, pulling Fancy into his arms.

Orb's Year 936
With so many growing girls, the loft upstairs was converted into a large bedroom with the main portion filled with a double bed and baby furniture and a small alcove tucked away with three single beds.
"How did you girls sleep?" she asked

"Awful, mama!" Gene said, rubbing her eyes.  

Gena chimed in, "Yes, absolutely awful!  Hansel cried all night long!"

Fancy frowned and patted her daughter's heads.  "Well," she said, "I suppose Hansel can't stay a toddler forever!"

Gretel sighed heavily at the table, "I hope he grows up fast," she said wearily.


"I've waited for this moment for what feels like a lifetime," Sebastian said, tracing the curve of Fancy's cheek.  "Ten long years I've done my service as the Nightwatch."
"But now," he said, dropping to one knee, "Now, I can finally honor you the way I've always wanted.  Marry me Fancy.  Be my wife!"

Fancy gasped with pleasure and was too emotional to say anything.
"Say yes, mama! Say yes!" Gene called out cheerfully.

Fancy smiled down at her daughter and wiped the tears from her eyes.  "Of course, Sebastian. I love you so much!"
With slightly shaking fingers, Sebastian slipped the ring on Fancy's finger. 
Pulling her into his arms, he kissed her passionately, fiercely proud to call this woman his wife!

Keith cleared his throat, "Well, we'll just take the kids upstairs," he said to no one in particular, herding the children upstairs so that the newly married couple could have their privacy.

Sebastian and Fancy didn't hear a thing...

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