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Carpenter, Orb's Year 933-936

Orb's Year 933
Fiona Farmer looked around the little cottage.
"So this is it?" she asked Robin when he walked through the door.

Robin held his hands out from his side.  "This is it."  Robin attempted to discern whether Fiona would change her mind and go running for the hills.

Fiona glanced around one more time.  The small cottage was a far cry from the splendor she'd grown accustomed to at the Abbey.  But, most importantly, it was her chance at happily ever after.

Reaching for Robin's hand, she smiled sweetly.
Wordlessly, Robin slipped the ring on Fiona's finger, binding her to him through the handfast ritual.
Clearing his throat, he announced, "I'll be in the shop if you need me."  Awkwardly, he pecked her cheek before hurrying from the room.

Fiona sighed.  She knew that theirs was a marriage of convenience, but she certainly hoped that it might grow to be a love match with time and patience.


Growing weary of being cooped up indoors all alone, Fiona headed out to see what Robin was up to.  She found him in the workshop, chiseling a block of wood.
Gasping with delight, she asked, "What will that be?"

Robin glanced up with surprise, not having heard her approach.  "A small toy when I'm done."

"Well it's lovely, Robin!"

Robin looked back at the unfinished product and smiled.  "Not quite yet, but it's getting there," he said patiently.

"Will you be much longer?" Fiona asked.  "I thought to get dinner ready."

Squinting at the light from the sun, Robin guessed he would only be another hour.

"Wonderful! I'll get ready right away!" Fiona said as she hurried away.
Hours later, he stretched his back and rolled his shoulders.  It was hard work carving all day long.  His stomach groaned and he smiled when he thought of his new wife puttering in the kitchen with a hot meal ready for him.

The house was empty when Robin walked in and he looked around curiously.  Deciding to wash up before looking for Fiona, he headed into the bathroom and stopped short.
"Fiona!" he said, averting his gaze.

Fiona sunk under the bubbles and blushed furiously. 

Robin turned his back.  "I was looking for you.  I thought you would have dinner ready."

Fiona fumed sulkily.  "I did have it ready.  Two hours ago.  It's been put away," she said sourly.  "Then, I decided to take a bubble bath to while away the evening hours until my husband remembered he had a wife!"

Robin's shoulders became stiff at the beginning of Fiona's tirade, but he had to admit he had treated her sorely... and on her wedding day!

Clearing his throat, Robin said, "I'll be waiting in the living quarters when you're finished in here."

Fiona watched him walk out and sighed.  Part of her wanted to linger in her bubble bath, but it was already growing cold and it wouldn't do to bicker on her wedding day.

Dressing quickly, she hurried to join her husband.
"Before you say anything else, you're right. I'm sorry," Robin said.  "In my defense, I think that it will take awhile to get used to being a husband."

Fiona nodded shyly.  "Well, I accept your apology.  I'm glad that we were able to work it out."

"I'm a fair man, Fiona," Robin told her.  "I fully intend to be a good husband.  I always want you to be able to tell me if there's something you think I can work on."
Fiona smiled widely and scooted over closer to Robin.  "That is very considerate, husband," she said.  "There is one more thing that I would like to instruct you on."

Robin was surprised when Fiona landed in his lap, smiling up at him.  Clearing his throat, he tried to keep his mind of what his wife was saying.  "And that is?" he asked, stroking his hand on her hand.

"I think that since we are married, it is only right to practice kissing."

Robin chuckled. "I can't have it being said my wife is unhappy," he said before pulling her closer to kiss her passionately.

Orb's Year 934
Fiona was blissfully happy.  Robin had proven true to his word and was a kind, affectionate husband. 
Her only complaint was her loneliness during the day when Robin was working in the shop.  As a servant at the Abbey, Fiona had never really had time for making friends. 

She knew that once she had children, the house would be full of merriment and laughter.  But, right now.. it was so empty!

And despite all their trying, they'd been unable to get with child.
"What if there's something wrong with me?" Fiona asked, worried.

Robin stroked her cheek.  "There's nothing wrong with you, Fiona.  Sometimes these things take some time."

A tear escaped down Fiona's cheek.  "It didn't take my sister Deanna very long to get with child.  And my mother had six children! I just can't help but worry that my dream will not come true!"

Robin wiped her tears away gently.  "What if it's me? Would you love me less if I was unable to give you a child?" he asked.

Fiona grabbed his hands in her own.  "Of course not Robin! I love you!"

Robin pulled her into his arms.  "And I love you, too.  We will have a child.  We just need to be patient." Wiggling his eyebrows, he added, "And perhaps practice more?"

Fiona playfully pushed at her husband, "Oh, you!" she said with play exasperation.  Then, grinning she whirled away and ran to the room with Robin chasing after her.
Much later, they lay under the covers, drifting to sleep. 

Orb's Year 935
"Farrah!" Fiona said, hugging her twin sister close.  "I've missed you so much!" 

Farrah grinned, "I'm thankful that Robin invited us over."

Fiona smiled at her husband's thoughtfulness.  She'd been sad because she still was not pregnant!  In an attempt to make his wife smile, Robin had invited all her family members over.  
"You look happy, Fiona," her older brother, Braden, said.

"I am," Fiona replied.

"Well, he did say that he would make you happy when he asked for your hand in marriage!"
Too soon, it was time for her family to leave.  Fiona watched them leave with a heavy heart.
Alone at last, Fiona pulled her husband into her arms.  "Thank you for having my family over. That was very sweet!  I wonder how I could ever make it up to you?"

Robin grinned.  "I'm sure we can think of something."
Hours later...
Months later...

Orb's Year 936
Robin hummed as he laid out breakfast.  In the months that he'd started cooking, he'd learned how to not burn the toast.  He was exceptionally proud of himself!    "Fiona! Breakfast!" he called.
Fiona came out, grumpy as a bear in the morning.  She complained of feeling tired all the time and feeling as large as a whale. 

Robin tread lightly.
Finally, the moment arrived.  Robin felt helpless to do anything that would help his wife bring their child into the world.
"Did you ever imagine you would have twins?" he asked Fiona.

Fiona gazed down in her daughter's eyes.  "Not at all! I should have suspected!"

"Maybe that was why you were large as a whale," he teased.

Fiona stuck her tongue out at her husband, but felt too good to chide him.  She had two perfect children - Amber and Bryan Carpenter.

She was truly blessed!

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