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Consul, Orb's Year 933-936

Orb's Year 933
Princess Cassidy Noble gazed at her young son.  Blaze was the spitting image of his father - such a handsome young man.  Sighing, she insisted, "Promise me..."
Blaze wished his mom wouldn't harp on him about all of the work he'd left unfinished.  Instructional school just wasn't for him!  He just wanted to have a good time before it was time to leave.

Cassidy sighed when her son just shrugged his shoulders at her.  "I won't be around forever to guide you, my son.  What am I going to do with you?" She shook her head and sighed.


Finn looked around the room and smiled as his family and friends cheered for his birthday.  He thought very hard, made a wish and then blew the candles out.
The room stilled when Grandmother Cassidy collapsed to the floor.
"Father? Is Grandmother okay?" Finn asked as everyone stopped to look in the direction of the crash.

Cirdon hurried to his mother's side, but it seemed that there was nothing anyone could do to bring her back. 

Rest in Peace Princess Cassidy Noble, Orb's Year 880-933

Finn glanced around the room, the cake forgotten.  He would never look at a birthday in quite the same way...
Fate was not yet done taking from the Consuls, either.  With a heavy heart, Cirdon watched as his beloved pet, Sasha breathed her last breath.

 Orb's Year 934

Princess Catherine took her brother-in-law, Blaze Noble, under her wing.   She considered him one of her boys.

And Orb's truth - she was surrounded by them!
"Mother! You're getting quite fat!" Gaius said with horror.

Princess Catherine ran a hand lovingly over her belly.  "No, dear.  You shall soon have a little brother or sister."   Blessed Orb, I hope it's a little girl! she thought fervently.


Blaze and Finn became fast friends because they were so close in age. 
However, if Esther came around, Blaze dropped everything!
Finn sighed.  Guess I should just go inside and do my homework, he thought.  Blaze would be preoccupied for hours with Esther!
"You're so beautiful," Blaze said as he stroked his true love's cheek.  "I'm glad you came to visit today..."


Cirdon was elated that they would soon be adding to their family.  It would be interesting to have a babe in the house again, though!
Especially now that all their sons were mostly grown, now!
Haydin was almost the spitting image of his father. He was serious about his studies and the pursuit of knowledge.
Gaius, on the other hand, was his twin's polar opposite!  He was outgoing, playful and loved to joke around and have a good time.
Cirdon sighed as he watched Gaius wrestle with his brother, Haydin.  "Boys!" he called.  "You're going to upset your Mother!  Take your rough-housing outside!"

Haydin rubbed his head gingerly and scowled at his twin.  "I don't wish to play, anyways," he said as he walked away.

Gaius trailed after him, "Aw, come on, Haydin! Be a good sport!"

 Orb's Year 935
"Blaze! Soon you will be an adult! Have you given any thought at all to what you're going to do?"

Blaze shrugged.  "I dunno," he said.  In truth, the thought of his future scared him.  He supposed he would need to move out and make his own way in the world.  He couldn't expect his brother to support him forever.  But... the Consul Castle was his home... not the Noble Manor!

"...have you been listening to anything I've been saying?" Cirdon demanded when he realized his brother had stopped paying attention. Sighing, Cirdon added, "Really, Blaze.  Mother would be so disappointed!"

Blaze hid his hurt feelings behind a mask and just shrugged again, pretending to be bored.  But, inside, Blaze knew that his brother was right.  Mother had been ashamed of him!  And he was sure his Father would be ashamed of him, too!"

Cirdon threw his hands up with frustration.  "I give up! It's your life!" he said as he walked away.
Haydin grinned at his father as he moved his Queen.  "Checkmate!" he announced happily. 

"Not so fast," Cirdon said, blocking his son's attack.  "But very well done." 

If only Blaze had an ounce of the drive that Haydin had...
Gaius trailed after Blaze, so envious of his uncle.  He never had to do his work from instructional school and had even begun skipping lessons.  And he got away with it too!   "If I had done that," he said in awe, "Father would've yelled at me for hours!  I'm very impressed!"

Blaze sighed as he laid there, staring at a crack in the ceiling.  He only wished Cirdon cared enough to yell at him for hours.  Though, it seemed that everyone had given up him ever amounting to anything!
Sighing, he stood up and brushed off his pants.  "Come Gaius.  I'm sure it's time for dinner."

Jumping up, Gaius hurried after Blaze as he strode away.


"Dinner is wonderful, Catherine," Cirdon said.  The thing he missed most about his mother was her wonderful home-cooked meals.  Catherine had never seemed to master anything more complicated than a pasta dish or sandwhiches.
Abruptly, Catherine shot up and clutched her belly.  Looking up into her husband's worried eyes, she announced, "The baby's coming!"

Chairs scraped across the stone floor as all of her boys jumped up in excitement and anxiety.  She would've laughed if she hadn't been in so much pain.
Proudly, she showed off a beautiful new sister, Ihriel Consul, a blonde-haired, grey-eyed little girl that, if she wasn't mistaken, would have her father's little pointed ears!
"Your daughter," Catherine said, holding their bundle of joy for all to see.


Finn sighed when he caught Gaius rough-housing with Haydin once more.  "You'd better stop.  If Mother or Father catch you, they'll have your hide," Finn warned.

"Aw, come on! We're just having fun.  Aren't we Haydin?" Gaius asked as he elbowed his brother. 

Haydin shoved his brother aside.  "Quit it, Gaius!" he grumbled.
Haydin straightened his clothes as he hurried to the library.  He knew Gaius didn't mean any harm - but he drove him crazy sometimes!  Grabbing a book, Haydin settled next to his Father and began reading.

 Orb's Year 936

"You will make me the happiest man in the world today," Blaze said as he held Esther's hands. 
Before family and friends, they swore to honor their vows and love each other for life.
Blaze watched her walk to hug his sister and felt his chest expand with pride.  She was his wife now, Esther Consul!
Hurrying towards Catherine, he hugged her goodbye.  "You've been like an older sister to me & I love you for it," he said, his voice surprisingly thick. 

"Be happy," Catherine said, wiping a tear from her eye and hugging his tight. 
Turning, Blaze hugged Cirdon,as well. 

"Don't forget to come visit every now and again," Cirdon said. 

Blaze nodded, then held his hand out to Esther.

It was time to go see Noble Manor.


Cirdon sighed.  The house seemed quieter without the rascal there.  Cirdon had grown used to his antics and riling the boys up with mischief.

"It's not the same, is it?" Catherine asked, picking up on his mood.

Cirdon smiled at his wife.  She'd been a constant in his life for 14 years... longer than that if you counted their teenage courtship!
Dropping to his knee, he told her how much she truly meant to him.

"Ew!" Gaius grumbled.

"Yuck!" Haydin said, covering his mouth.

Finn just grinned.  He hoped one day that he could have a love like that...

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