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Fischer, Orb's Year 933-936

Orb's Year 933
George wanted to take advantage of the weather while it was still warm and catch fish to sell at market.  He'd woken up early, kissed Kitty on the cheek and headed out to the lake. Glancing up at the sun, he thought that it might soon be...
"George! Lunch is ready!" he heard Kitty calling from inside.

Smiling to himself, he headed in.
"Wow, you guys slept in, it seems," George said as he sat down at the table with his parents.  He saw his mother blush and his father smile.  Ew, apparently his parents had spent the morning abed together.  "So.... the fish are biting," he announced quickly to cover the awkward pause.

Sheldon lit up as he asked George about his fishing expedition.   "After lunch, I'll grab my poles.  We can go back out together," he said.  Because if there was one thing a Fischer loved more than talking about fish, it was actually fishing!
Before leaving, George grabbed Kitty's hands in his own and felt like the luckiest man in the land.  "I'll be back soon," he said, kissing her cheek.


After a long afternoon at the lake, Sheldon trudged home.  The fish weren't biting and he'd joked that they all must've gone home for lunch with George.
But now it was time to make sure the boys did their assignments. 

"Thanks for helping, Dad," Henry said before heading to bed.
"Sleep well, dear," Nicole said as she tucked her oldest son in. 
Sheldon had looked around the house for Irving, to help him with his assignments, but was unable to find him.

Chuckling, he grinned when he saw the boy at the lake.  "You know, I've been looking for you to help you with your assignments," he said as he walked up.

Irving jumped and guiltily hid the pole behind him.  "I just wanted to catch a fish to show you tonight!  I'm sure it'll just be a few more minutes!"
"One of the biggest lessons of fishing is to know when the fish have gone elsewhere," Sheldon said to his youngest son. 

Irving glanced up at his Dad in shock, "I thought the biggest lesson was to always be patient!"

Sheldon made a face, "Well, that too, but come.  It's time to do your assignments."

Orb's Year 934
Kitty ran her fingers over her pregnant belly.  She'd learned that she'd be having a baby with George and couldn't help but feel a bit nervous.

Her mother had died and her father had never remarried.  Kitty didn't know what to do with babies! 
Or children for that matter.

"Irving. Please eat with your mouth shut," Kitty said, disgusted by the child's table manners.  He just shoveled the food in his mouth and loudly smacked.

"Why?" Irving asked, making a face.
Kitty was astounded that the boy needed to ask.  "It's rude," she attempted to explain, trying to be patient.

Irving nodded his head and Kitty smiled to herself, pleased with how she'd handled the situation.

"Hey Kitty," Irving asked, suspiciously pleasant.  "Do you like sea food?"

Kitty smiled.  "Of course! We are the Fischers, aren't we?"

Irving laughed before shoving a huge bite of food in his mouth and then shouting, "SEE FOOD!" as he opened his mouth wide, showing off the half-chewed eggs.


Ah, what a peaceful day, Sheldon thought as he cast his line into the water.  He'd headed out early and had caught quite a few lovely little fishies.
Yes, indeedy, he thought.  There will be be quite a few fish to bring to market for Gemma Grocer to sell!

Orb's Year 935
"How was your day today?" George asked Kitty.  She would soon deliver their child and he found himself anxious, despite his best efforts.  He knew that she worried about having a newborn and if she would know how to hold it correctly.

He'd told her she had no worries.  All the Fischers loved babies and she was now a Fischer!
Kitty woke in the middle of the night with the labor pains.  Anxiously she called to George.  Her mother-in-law surprised her by coming in the room and holding her hand.  Smiling, she gripped Nicole's hand and listened to her advice for birthing.
All the pain was well worth it when she held her beautiful little girl in her arms.
"Time to get clean," Kitty said to Jessica as she gently began cleaning her.  Perhaps George had been right!  She didn't seem to have any trouble at all caring for her little girl!

She was a Fischer and Fischers loved babies!

Orb's Year 936
George snuck up behind Kitty and covered her eyes.  "Guess who," he said.

"Hmmm... the delivery man?" Kitty teased.

"You vixen!" George said as he turned Kitty around for a passionate good-morning kiss.  "I'm heading out to the lake.  Send me for me if you need!"

Kitty kissed his cheek and turned to prepare breakfast for his brothers.  "Have a good day!"


Henry was so excited that Fatima was coming to his party.  She'd been more aloof since her mother had moved her to the Abbey.  He'd been so excited at first when she moved because he thought he would see her all the time.. but he'd actually seen her less. 

She'd been so sad when she'd moved.  Henry didn't understand it.  She basically moved to a palace!  Girls were so weird.

Within moments, they were laughing and playing as though no time had passed.

Irving watched Fatima with his brother and got irritated.  It wasn't any fair that they never let him play with them!  They always acted like they were the only two in the universe!
As Henry turned to talk to Alec, a new friend from school, Fatima had stepped back, feeling unsure of herself.  Henry was acting as though he didn't even notice her here. 

Henry glanced over at Fatima when she announced she was going to look at the doggies and had absently nodded.   Alec was telling him all about his new fishing pole. 
And Fischers loved talking about fishing!


"Come on, love, it's time for bed," Kitty said as she hoisted Jessica up into her arms.  "Let's go give Papa a kiss goodnight!"

"Pa pa pa pa pa!" Jessica cooed adorably.

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