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Flowers, Orb's Year 933-936

Orb's Year 933
Caira could hear the children giggling in the house as she pruned her roses, laying aside beautiful blooms for her flower arrangements.  It always made her smile to hear her children so happy!
"Stop!" Gladys shrieked.  "Stop tickling me, you bounder!"

Floyd continued to tickle his twin sister.  "Do you give up?" he asked her, going after her most ticklish spot.

"I do!" she gasped. "I give up!"

"Sweet victory!" Floyd said cheerfully.
"You're such a pest!" Gladys harrumphed as she turned away, annoyed at having been tickled.  "You're lucky I don't tell mama on you!"

"Tell me what?" Caira asked as she walked in.

Gladys fixed her brother with a glare.  "Floyd was tickling me again!"

Caira sighed.  "Floyd.  How many times do I have to tell you?" she began.

"I'm quite sorry, mama," Floyd said with his head hung low.

Caira let out yet another sigh.  "Alright, both of you wash up. I'll put dinner on the table!"
Caira leaned back after finishing her plate and listened as Gladys talked about this boy or that boy.  Ah, to be young and passionate again!  Caira thought.
After making sure both children had begun their assignments, Caira went to arrange the flowers she'd picked.  After some time, she realized her back was aching and left the flower arrangement on the table to be addressed in the morning. 

It was past time for bed!  She'd have to wake up with the sunlight to sell more flowers!
Gladys peeked in the room for her mother and was surprised to see her gone.  She must have gone to bed already, she thought.  Studying the flower arrangements her mother had left on the table, she tried to picture how to arrange them.  Surely this couldn't be too hard, she thought as she began moving the flowers around.

When she finished the arrangement, Gladys beamed.  She must really have a knack for this!

Orb's Year 934
Caira stopped in her tracks when she saw the young man walking up the path.
Desire slammed through her.  Caira had become so used to being a business-woman and a mother that she had forgotten all about her womanly urges!  It had been ages since she had felt any stirring of passion for a man!
She tried not to blush when he walked up and began asking her opinion for an arrangement.  Glancing to the side, she noticed Christa Taveryn ready to check out.  "I'll be right with you... ?" she paused, waiting for his name.

"Chandler," he filled in.

"Okay.  I'll be right with you Chandler."
But even as she checked Christa out, she found her attention straying. 

Christa leaned forward with a wink.  "You owe me 4 gold back," she supplied helpfully. 

Caira flushed and begged Christa's pardon.  How embarrassing to be caught ogling the handsome man.  "I'm so sorry, I'm not sure where my mind is today!" she offered as a weak apology.

Christa glanced knowingly towards Chandler and smiled.  "I'd say I have a fair idea.  Have a wonderful afternoon, Caira!"
Attempting to compose her racing nerves, Caira went over to help Chandler make his selection.  He flirted atrociously with her... and she loved every moment of it!
It had seemed only moments and he had purchased flowers for his mother and was ready to depart. 

"Your change," she said, their hands touched as she handed him the coins.  She felt the thrill of it down to her little toes!
"Come again," she said, hoping he would visit again.

Chandler smiled and hesitated before leaving.  Perhaps it was her imagination, but it almost seemed as though he had wanted to linger.
Nervously, she glanced over at Floyd to see if he'd witnessed his mother acting like a silly love-struck teenager, but thankfully, he was far too busy restocking.

Thank goodness! she thought.

Orb's Year 935
Gladys couldn't believe how handsome Jerome was! 
He really seemed into her!  Yelling at her mother that she was going to Taveryn's Kitchen, she pulled him out the door.
After a lovely meal, Gladys did what she'd been dying to do all day... she leaned forward and kissed Jerome right on the lips!

They say you never forget your first kiss and she knew that must be true because she floated home with a smile on her face!

Orb's Year 936
Floyd liked helping his mama out with the flower business.  People had such amazing stories to tell!  He loved finding out who the flowers were going to and what they were for.  Angus Laird had told him once that he'd bought his wife flowers to apologize for having an indiscretion with the maid.  Then, the very next month, he'd been back for flowers for the maid because his wife had turned up pregnant! 

You never knew with some people!


"You're back!" Caira said when she saw Chandler.  Clasping her hands to her cheeks, she gasped.   "I mean, may I help you select another bouquet."

Chandler smiled.  "Yes. I'm looking for a flower arrangement for a woman.  I'd like to ask leave to court her and I think it will go over better with flowers," he said, keeping his eyes on the arrangements.  "What do you think I should get?"

Hurt flashed across Caira's face.  "Oh. Well, I suppose something small because you wouldn't want to overwhelm her.  Perhaps daisy's?"

Chandler nodded and continued looking.  "What about these orange blooms?"

"They're quite lovely," Caira said.  "I'm sure she'll love them.  Would you like me to ring them up?"
Chandler paid and Caira was certain he would head straight over to give his lady her bouquet right away.  Sadly, she glanced down.

Perhaps that was why she was so surprised to find him standing in front of her, handing her the bouquet of flowers.

Clearing his throat, he smiled nervously.  "I was hoping you would accept this as a token of my esteem for you.  I would like to ask your leave to begin to court you..."

Caira's eyes shot up to Chandlers as she held the bouquet in her arms.  "Oh!"  Glancing around at the spectacle she was making of herself, she smiled.  "Perhaps we should go inside to speak."

Chandler glanced around and noticed all the eyes on them, as well, and nodded.
"I hope you're not inviting me in to let me down privately," he said.
Caira twisted her hands in her lap.  "Whyever would you want me?" she blurted.  She had been alone for so long that she wasn't sure she could actually be in a relationship!  She'd long since resigned herself to being only a mother and provider to her children.

Chandler looked up in surprise.  "You must be joking," he said.  "Or fishing for a compliment?" 

Embarrassed, Caira hung her head.  "I'm sorry. I just worry I do not know the first thing about relationships!"

At this, Chandler grinned.  "Well, the first thing we do is make sure to find out everything we can about each other!  Does that sound simple enough?"

Feeling vastly relieved, Caira nodded.  "That does sound simple enough!" 
Hours later, Caira put the bouquet by her bedside and sighed.  Chandler had been so patient and kind.  He seemed to know that she was leery of being hurt and was taking his time to woo her.  What a wonderful man, she thought, amazed that love would find her this late in life!


Outside pruning her flowers, Caira thought she heard a sound.   Whirling around, she saw Chandler standing before her.
"I'm sorry, I just had to see you again," he whispered.
Something about the moonlight and the flowers dazzled Caira's senses. Stepping closer, she boldly asked him if he would like to stay the night to get to know her better...

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