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Grocer, Orb's Year 933-936

Orb's Year 933
Abbess Abigail had shown her to her father's home.  All that remained was a bold, red bed, which Gemma suspected got much use before he'd devoted his life to the Abbey, and a ornate red rug.  She'd smiled on seeing the furnishing because it was so out of character from the father she had known!

It was weird to be all alone, Gemma thought as she laid in her father's bed.  Growing up in the Abbey, there had always been people around.  Here, there was no one.

And that gave her a lot of time to think about what she was going to do.

Her mind made up, Gemma hopped up.  She would do it to honor her father's memory... and put food in her belly!
Gemma dashed off a message and handed it to the courier. 


Right next door stood the grocery that her father had run.  She would open the doors to the Grocer's Delicatessen and make him proud!

Only she would do it better!


"Fancy, thank you for coming," Gemma said, nervous when she stood face-to-face with a sister she barely recalled.

"I was surprised to get your note," Fancy said.  "We hadn't heard from you in so long!  Are you well?"

Gemma nodded.  "Very well.  My father passed..."

Fancy grabbed Gemma's hands, "I'm so sorry, Gemma! If there's anything I can do for you!"

Gemma cleared her throat.  "Actually, there is...."  With Fancy's pastries and the Farmers fruits and vegetables, her store would soon be packed to the brim with people!
Fancy nodded enthusiastically.  "Of course! I've been looking for someone to buy my pastries," she said with relief.  "The Marchants had been buying them out of pity for the two teenage twins abandoned by their mother," she said wryly.  "But are you sure you want my pastries? After everything," she hedged.

Gemma smiled at her sister.  "I don't blame you for the past.  I was actually happy at the Abbey," she said, realizing that she meant it.  "I'm glad I had the chance to know my father.  I only wish that he had allowed me to be closer to the sister's I left behind..." she said, her throat tight with unshed tears.
Fancy's eyes were suspiciously bright and Gemma thought that she was fighting off tears, as well.  "Well, let's get started then!"

Soon, Fancy returned with all the pastries she'd already made and promised to come by and sell Gemma more when she'd made them.

"They look delicious!" Gemma said, eyeing the chocolate cake ravenously.


And with that, Gemma opened the doors to the Delicatessen!

Orb's Year 934
Gemma had never been more excited in her life!  It wasn't every day a girl turned 17!

"Happy birthday!" Farha said, hugging Gemma.  "I hope you like my present!"

"You shouldn't have!" Gemma said, touched by her friend's thoughtfulness.
Inside, she blew the candles on the cake out while her friends cheered nearby. 
What a wonderful birthday, she thought, grinning at Farha. 


Birthdays aside, Gemma had a job to do!  With more confidence in her step now that she was an adult, Gemma headed to work.  She'd asked her sister, Fancy, to meet her at the Delicatessen again.  She'd had another brilliant idea!
"Fancy!" she said, kissing her sister's cheek.  "Thank you for coming."

"Your place looks lovely, Gemma," Fancy said, glancing around her sister's shop.  "And there are so many people here!"
Gemma smiled.  "And that's what I wanted to talk to you about! Everyone comes and loves your treats!  I'd like to hire you to make fresh pastries here!  That way we can keep up with the demand!"

"My pastries?" Fancy asked, surprised.

"Oh yes! Everyone loves them, especially the chocolate cake!"  Gemma said.  "I have a hard time keeping them stocked.  And I had this lovely fireplace made for you to work at. Oh, say yes!" Gemma begged.  "We'll get to see each other all the time!"
Fancy grinned, "Well how can I refuse?" Fancy smiled.  "Of course I will!  Maybe I can even experiment with different pastries!"

"I would love that," Gemma said, "As long as you don't stop making the chocolate cake!"

Fancy laughed.  "It sounds like I need to send you home with your very own chocolate cake!"
Gemma smiled as her sister got to work baking.  She'd noticed that customers loved getting the freshly baked pastries and would often time their visits with when Fancy was baking!

Orb's Year 935
 "I did it," Farha exclaimed.  "I told Father that I was moving in with you.  That I love you!"

Gemma had never known such joy before.
"That means the world to me," Gemma said, wrapping her arms around Farha and hugging her close.  "I love you, too!"
For a moment they stood there, basking in their new-found love.  Then they flew into a frantic action, kissing and hugging...
...and ending up in each other's arms in the garish bed made for loving.


"Farha, there's something I'd like to ask you," Gemma said,sliding a box across the table.  "We've been friends for ever so long and you've always been there for me.  Marry me?" she asked.
Farha gazed at the beautiful ring and tearfully nodded.  "Of course, Gemma! I love you!"


The ring on Farha's finger made it official.  She was now Farha Grocer...
married to the love of her life, Gemma!

Orb's Year 936
Farha greeted the lovely young woman.  "You say the Reeves sent you?" she asked.  "Hold on a moment and I'll get Gemma!"
Gemma led Melissa inside and showed her around the shop.  "It's so nice you were able to stop by and look around the place," Gemma said.  "Please let me know if you have any questions!"  And leaning over, she whispered loudly, "And do try some of the chocolate cake! It's divine!"

Melissa laughed.  "It certainly smells divine!  I'll just look around a moment and I'll let you know if I have any questions."
As Melissa wandered off to look around the Delicatessen, Gemma glanced over at Farha.  Farha was working the register, and she did it so well!  All those years working at the Marchants' shop had paid off! 
"Fancy! You'll never guess what!" Gemma told her sister after all the customers had left.  "Melissa wrote a glowing review of your pastries!  And she gave us an award to hang on our wall!  People will be falling over themselves to try your bakery!"

Fancy grinned, "Well, then, it sounds like a good time to show you my new pastries!" she said proudly.

Gemma sampled the Blanc Mange and the Strawberry-topped Cheesecake.  "Mmmm... delicious," she moaned.  "But I still love your chocolate cake the most!"

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