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Knightley Guard, Orb's Year 933-936

 Orb's Year 933
"What do you mean you've arranged to be married?" Deanna yelled.  "What about us? What about this baby?"
"I can't keep doing this with you Deanna.  I begged you on bended knee to marry me and you turned me down!  I am a nobleman! I need an heir!"
"So that's it then?" she asked, scowling with her arms crossed.

Camelot fought the urge to reach out and stroke her cheek... to ask her to marry him one more time...
Sighing, he shook his head slightly, "That's it then."

Deanna fiddled with the hem of the sleeves for a long moment and wiped a tear from her eye.  "I guess this is goodbye then.  Fatima and I can't stay here."

"Do you need a reference?  Angus Laird has expressed an interest in hiring a serving maid, but he seems shady to me.  Perhaps the Consuls? I could put in a good word with them..."  Camelot trailed off.

Deanna shook her head.  "No, it's time I came clean with Bradshaw and go where I should've gone in the beginning... the Abbey..."

"My lady," Camelot motioned Eryka inside. 

"This is so... lovely..." Eryka said.  The castle was nice and spacious, but it was quite dark and dreary!  It was depressing!
Inside, Camelot slipped a ring on Eryka's finger and held out a ring for her to slip on his finger.

Wait, she thought unhappily.  What about her big, lavish wedding? What about the gowns? What about the servants?

Eryka slipped the ring on Camelot's finger and it was done...

Eryka sighed.  It hadn't been at all like the fairytale she'd imagined, that was for sure!
"If you'll excuse me, I'm not feeling very well," he said quietly.  Glancing over her shoulder she saw that her husband looked quite sad.  She wondered what was on his mind?  It obviously wasn't their marriage!
Hours later after attempting to find something to interest her, Eryka climbed into bed.  Nothing had gone the way she'd planned.
As she scooted closer to her husband, she felt him wake when her feet touched his own.  She was actually looking forward to this part of the marriage!  She'd always wondered what secrets the marriage bed held!
Her excitement was short-lived when Camelot sat upright and threw his legs off the bed.  "My apologies," he said.  "Sleep well.." he said before hurrying from the room.
Camelot settled on the bench in the Great Hall and squirmed until he found a comfortable spot.  He knew that he had probably insulted his new wife by running away before consummating the wedding, but his heart wasn't in it right now.  His feelings were still too raw from Deanna leaving...

 Orb's Year 934
Camelot couldn't help but smile as he watched Eryka dance around the room.  Such a lively thing.  She seemed to bring light to this dusty, old castle.
"Come on, dance with me!" Eryka said as she sidled up close to him. 

"I'm sorry, my lady. I don't know how to dance."

Eryka moved her hips.  "Just swing with the music!" Camelot cautiously began to mimic Eryka's movements.  And then she reached out and grabbed his hands. 

Abruptly, he pulled away.
"I'll see you this afternoon," he said before hurrying away to work.
Eryka sighed.  It was slow progress with her husband.  She knew it was not a great love match, but she wished she was able to break-through Camelot's cool reservations.

No use worrying about it now.  Hurrying, she dispatched a letter to her family inviting them over for an afternoon.  It had been too long since she had seen them all!


"Baji!" she said happily, hugging her older brother. 

"Are you well, sister?" Baji asked.

Eryka smiled cheekily, "How could one possibly be sad in this lovely castle with a maid and gardener?  I don't have to lift a finger if I don't want to!"

Baji shook his head.  "Ah, but are you happy?"

It felt harder for Eryka to keep her smile.  "Of course!" she said brightly.  "Now go mingle and have fun yourself!"
Once Baji left, Eryka turned and saw her brother Darius and his new wife, Devon.  It was like an arrow to the heart when she'd found out Devon was pregnant.  Eryka put a hand to her stomach.  She longed for a baby of her own, but Camelot had not touched her yet. 

 Orb's Year 935
Camelot nursed the ale and stewed in silence.  He was a father, but he had never seen his child.  He knew that it was easy enough to go to the Abbey to see his child, but... he just didn't feel ready. 

He suffered from so much guilt that sometimes he felt he would drown in it all.  Guilt for misleading his brother, guilt for falling in love with Deanna, guilt for taking Deanna from Bradshaw, guilt for breaking his niece's heart when he told her he was not her true father, guilt that Deanna went away with his baby in her belly...

...and guilt for desiring his new wife...
"This can't go on!" Eryka said in front of him, snatching the ale from his hands.  "I know that I do not know everything, but you can't mean to be a bump on a log for the rest of your life!"

"What are you talking about?" Camelot asked, glancing down to his empty hands. 
"I mean, dear husband, that I might not be all that you... wanted... but perhaps I might be enough?" 

Camelot heard the vulnerability behind those words and felt more guilt toppled on that he'd made his wife feel unworthy through his continued sulking.

"You are more than enough. I'm sorry I have been struggling with my own demons and have not paid any attention to you," he said sadly.
Eryka stroked his cheek. "I know that this was to be an arranged marriage and not a love match, but I really am quite eager to consummate the marriage!"
Camelot couldn't help but grin. As usual, her cheer and happiness seemed to brighten the room.  "Bold Imp!" he said as he pulled Eryka closer for a kiss.
What she'd said had been true though... his dear wife had been quite eager to consummate the marriage! And such passion!   
Camelot brushed a kiss against Eryka's lips.  "Are you happy now that we've consummated the marriage?" he asked.

Eryka shook her head with a mischievous look in her eye.  "I'm afraid I won't be happy unless we consummate the marriage again tonight!"

"Bold Imp!" Camelot laughed as he got ready for work.  He caught himself smiling long after morning had faded.


"I have a surprise for you," Camelot said, pulling Eryka into the bedroom.

"Oh! I certainly love your surprises!" Eryka cooed.

Camelot gave her derriere a love-tap.  "Not that kind of surprise," he said with a laugh.

Eryka pretended to pout.  "You got my hopes up and then cruelly dashed them, Sir!"

"Look on the bed," Camelot said excitedly.
"It's beautiful, Camelot!" Eryka said when she saw the dress. Hurriedly she put it on & twirled around.  "Isn't it beautiful?"
"You certainly are," Camelot said, kissing her hand.  He loved the way she glowed when she smiled or the way his heart tightened when she laughed.
Pushing Camelot back onto the bed, Eryka grinned wickedly. "I'm about to show you how very... very... very... appreciative I am!"

Orb's Year 936
"Hold a moment, Sir. You've forgotten something!"
Camelot stopped mid-step and glanced back at Eryka with confusion.  "What is it?" he asked.
"This!" she said, pulling him closer for a proper goodbye kiss.
He left whistling.

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