Sunday, September 15, 2013

Knowles, Orb's Year 933-936

 Orb's Year 933
Danica was growing bored at home with nothing to work towards.  Sure, she was able to devote much time to reading and research, but she wanted more.

Her mother had suggested she take over educating the children.  It had sounded like a wonderful suggestion!

Now if only Hyun would agree!

She should have known that Hyun would have agreed to anything to make her happy.

"Thank you so much, Hyun," she said smiling.  "I am so lucky to have you as my husband!"

Hyun gathered her into his arms.  "Please do not forget it, my lady!"


Danica knew that she was blessed to have such a handsome, caring husband.  And she loved him desperately!

Orb's Year 934
As the year turned to the next, all the puppies were growing larger. 

Hyun had a soft spot for Reigna with her large, pointy ears. 

He had been overwhelmed with happiness when Danica had told him that they would be having a child.

Feeling the slight kick against his hand, he grinned at Danica.  "I would give anything and everything to keep you and our child safe and happy," he promised.
Danica kissed him sweetly. "I know, my love."

Orb's Year 935

The cramps had surprised Danica.  This wasn't at all how she'd read that labor should feel. 
But soon, she held a perfect little girl, Alessandra Knowles, in her arms.
Hyun felt his daughter clasp his pinkie to her mouth and smiled.  "She's perfect," he said.

 Orb's Year 936
Too soon, the years had flown by and Alessandra was already crawling!
Hyun leaned forward to blow the candles on of the birthday cake.
Happy birthday sweet Alessandra!
Hyun glanced up distractedly and watched Danica walk by.  He wondered if she realized they would soon have another child...

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