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Laird, Orb's Year 933-936

 Orb's Year 934
Crystal thought Brock was the sweetest child in the world. 
In her heart, she considered him her own child.
Angus had certainly lucked out when Crystal had moved in to care for the little pointy-eared whelp he'd kept from his ex-wife, Evelyn Consul Laird.   It had broken her heart when he'd ordered her away without his heir. 
However, sometimes he thought Crystal spent entirely too much time caring for the child instead of caring for him. 

Although, he certainly enjoyed the view at times...
Angus sauntered behind Crystal and goosed her bottom.  "Come on, woman," he growled.  "It's time for bed."
Crystal hurried behind Angus giggling at her fiance's flirtations.
Although, as more time passed, she worried that he had forgotten his vow to wed her as soon as his divorce was approved by the King.

 Orb's Year 934
Angus had convinced Crystal that since it was his second wedding, it should be much more subdued. 
With little ceremony, he slid the ring on her finger as she smiled up at him.  She didn't think anything could ruin the joy she felt today!
Angus had decided he couldn't put off the wedding indefinitely.  Crystal had begun to get nervous about living together in sin. 

Thankfully, she'd believed his excuses for a small wedding with a few neighbors.

Well hello, he thought to himself when he saw the brunette standing behind Camelot.  Shaking Bradshaw's hand with a firm shake, he winked at the woman and grinned when she blushed and looked down.  "Camelot, you randy goat, every time I turn around you have another beauty attached to your arm!"

Camelot frowned.  "This is my wife, Eryka."

Angus grinned.  "Wife, eh.  Well, if you need to unload that spicy maid of yours, feel free to send her my wife," he said with a wink.
Stepping past Camelot, he reached for Eryka's hand and pressed a kiss against her hand.  "It is a pleasure to meet you mi'lady.  I trust you have been enjoying yourself."

Eryka looked nervously at her husband and then smiled at Angus.  "Everyone has been very kind," she said.
Crystal glanced across the room at her husband and faltered a moment in her conversation with Danica Knowles.  Angus seemed to be standing awfully close to the woman in purple.  Shaking her head, Crystal dismissed her fears.  After all, Angus loved her enough to marry her!
Suddenly, a small body threw itself against her and wrapped arms around her tight to squeeze.  "Now you're truly my mama!" Brock said happily.

Crystal hugged Brock back and grinned.  "Thank you, dear one. I am most thankful to be your mother!"

Angus checked his pocket watch and glanced over at his wife and his son. 
"Come along, Crystal," he said as he walked past.

Crystal smiled at Brock and urged him to go play...
...then hurried to join her husband in the master bedroom.


Crystal thought she'd heard Brock wake and slipped out of bed to check on him.  She thought she'd been quiet enough not to wake Angus... but...
"Come back to bed, wife," Angus said as he reached behind to goose her. 

Crystal smiled, but didn't hurry after him.  Really, now that Brock was getting older, Angus couldn't go around acting so inappropriately all the time.  She would have to speak to Angus about limiting their flirtations to the bedroom!

 Orb's Year 935
Brock played in the upstairs loft, but was still bored out of his mind.  He was waiting for mama to wake.  She'd been so tired lately and hadn't been around to play as much!
He guessed that's how it went when a woman was pregnant!  Crystal said it took a lot of hard work to grow a baby!


Angus hit it off with his squire, Chandler.  He knew that Chandler really looked up to him and would listen to him wax poetic about horses and sword fighting for as long as he liked.  That and Angus' escapades with his lady fans!
He'd been in the middle of a particularly raunchy tale when his wife woke up and scoffed.

"Such language!" she admonished him.  "I certainly hope you don't talk that way around Brock!"  Crystal headed to the kitchen to begin cooking dinner. 
Angus stepped up behind her and goosed her, right in front of Chandler, who looked on grinning like an idiot.  She had never been so mortified or ashamed in her life!
"How dare you treat me like a common trollop! I, sir, am your wife!" she yelled as she pushed him away. 

Angus had looked shocked and then angered to have been chastised in front of his squire.  Snapping his finger, he called to Chandler as he walked away.  "Let's go to the pub."
Over a stale dinner, Crystal covered her mouth and stemmed the tears.  What had she done?


Angus wobbled home late in the morning after numerous beers with Chandler.  Thinking that he would sneak in between the sheets and surprise his wife - he wound up being surprised when he found Brock snuggled against Crystal. 

Fuming, he stormed from the house back to the pub.  If he wasn't welcome in her bed, then he would find some other bed he was welcome in!
Angus' eye had been caught by a pretty, little red-head.  "A rose for a lovely lady?" he said as he handed her the bloom.

Tracy McMillan blushed. "Oh, you're such a flirt, Sir Laird!" she said.
It didn't take long until Tracy was putty in his hands. 


"I'll go get Father!" Brock said when Crystal had jumped from the bed, holding her stomach.  Brock ran through the house and couldn't find his Father anywhere. 

Running back, he felt like crying.  What if Crystal was hurt? Or died?
"Brock, come meet your little brother, Callum," Crystal called to him. 

Brock tiptoed close and looked at the squirming little baby.  "Hi, little brother," he said, tickling the baby's toes.

Callum had been fed, changed and put to sleep and Crystal had slid back into bed, exhausted.
It was nearing morning when Angus slid into bed, fresh from a shower.  "Where have you been?" she asked.

Angus shrugged sleepily, "Out."

 Orb's Year 936
Crystal hadn't realized how difficult it was to care for tiny newborns.  Every few hours they woke to be fed and changed!  When she'd come to take care of Brock, he'd been sleeping through the night at least! 

Crystal wondered if Brock's mother had cared for him in the wee hours of the morning and how in the world she could've left him behind without a thought...


"Oh! Tracy! Before you leave, I wanted to talk to you," Crystal said before Tracy headed out the door.

"Ma'am?" Tracy asked nervously.  The truth was that Tracy coveted Crystal's husband and had flirted with him at the pub one drunken night, even allowing him to kiss her.  When Angus had asked her to clean his home, she'd thought it was a good idea...

...Of course, that was before she met his sweet wife... with a newborn baby.

Gads, there's no feeling lower than this! Tracy thought sadly.
Crystal handed Tracy a few gold pieces.  "You've done such a wonderful job and I'm so thankful for your help, I just wanted to give you a little extra," Crystal smiled widely.

Gads, Tracy thought, so she  could  feel lower!


Angus stopped and stared.  "Why is Brock reading again?" he asked Crystal.

Crystal smiled up at her husband.  "He enjoys reading.  He's quite a studious young man," she said proudly.

Angus knocked the book from the boys hand. 
"I don't want you raising my boy to be a sissy-girl!" he said heatedly.  "What's with all the reading and writing and talking about feeling?"
"That's quite enough!" Crystal said.  "You've hurt his feelings."

Angus waved his hands.  "He'll get over it!  You're molly-coddling the boy!"

Crystal stomped her foot. "If you're so concerned about it,  you should spend time with him! You hardly talk to him or even look at him!  He's your son!"

"Bah!" Angus said sourly before storming out.

Crystal hurried after Brock to console him.  He never handled it well after his father yelled at him for some infraction or another.


Angus had thrown a small get-together to celebrate one of his athletic jaunts.  As he walked the room, he was asked over and over again to tell about his jousting victory.
Crystal hung on the edge of the room, not really recognizing anyone and not feeling like socializing.  She ran a hand absently over her stomach.  It wasn't showing yet, but she was pregnant with another child.  She hoped Angus would be happy, but he didn't seem to care for the two children that he already had.
She was surprised when Chandler came over and began talking to her.  Chandler never spoke to her!
Glancing towards her husband as he made his way from the room with Tracy, she began to suspect it all made perfect sense...

Chandler was supposed to distract her...
Angus had been lucky to talk Tracy into a quick roll in the hay.  She was worried about hurting his dear, sweet wife, but Angus had managed to convince her that it was a marriage of convenience.

Women! They believed anything!

Crystal held Callum close to her chest and tried to stifle the tears that threatened to overwhelm her.  She'd thought Angus was a true Prince Charming - but he'd turned out to be a frog!

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