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Reeves, Orb's Year 933-936

Orb's Year 933
"I believe you will like it here," Alec Reeves said to Addison Taylor.  "Would you like to look around?"
"I'd like to go home!" Addison said, still in shock from the decision her parents had made.  What was she, some sacrificial lamb to be left at the alter so that they could keep their business open?  And how dare he disrupt her world so cruelly.  She loved Connor, not this stern, unsmiling man in front of her!

Alec sighed.
Ushering her in, he gestured around the entryway.  "Home!"

Addison gazed around, further in shock.  Alec lived in a veritable mansion!  "What did you say you did again?" she asked.

She was surprised to see a slight smile lift the corner of Alec's mouth.  He bowed in front of her and announced, "I am the Merchant's Reeve, appointed as manager and overseer of the merchant's by the King himself."

Addison's mouth gaped open.


Alec was used to an orderly life.  He visited the merchant's shops and made sure everything was running well.  He kept an eye out for shady business dealings.  If merchants or customers had a grievance, they came to him to resolve that issue.  In return, business owners with a community property paid him a 5% tithing. 

Addison had impressed him with her regal bearing and her veritable wit.  When he'd encountered her throughout the years, she'd always been well-spoken, kind, and calm, despite her young age.  She was exactly what he was looking for in a spouse. 

He'd simply made her father an offer he couldn't refuse.

Laying aside the newspaper, Alec checked the hour-glass.  It was time for dinner, he thought.  Right on schedule.
He knew he could ask Addison to prepare the meal.  That was a wifely duty, but the truth was he enjoyed cooking.  There was something fulfilling about preparing your own meal.  And, the poor girl had a rather large shock from the move. 

He would give her time to settle.
Placing the plates on the table, he'd called her over to join him.  "How are you settling in?" he asked.

Addison pushed the food around on her plate and mumbled a reply. 

Alec sighed.  He supposed she just needed more time.  Glancing at his hour-glass, he realized time had flown by faster than he'd assumed.  It was past time for bed.  Grimacing, Alec hurriedly collected the plates and washed them, annoyed that he was running late.
Alec slipped between his sheets and went to sleep feeling vexed.  He hated running late. How very disorganized of him!

Orb's Year 934
Alec was heading to work in the morning when he walked in the entryway and stopped short.  "You're doing your assignment now?" he asked with surprise.  He'd always imagined Addison would have her work completed in a more timely manner.

Addison glanced up from her paper.  "Um, yes... I forgot to do it earlier."

Frowning, Alec glanced at his hour-glass.  "It's always best to do things right away."
"Cursed Orb, I'm running late now," Alec said as he hurried from the house.

Addison raised an eyebrow and watched Alec hurry away.  What an odd, little man, she thought.


After school, Addison was wandering around the house, wondering what to do.  The place was so large and empty!  She wondered if Alec was every lonely, but then discarded that notion.  He probably scheduled social outings into his day like clock-work, checking his hour-glass for the appropriate amount of time to spend talking to someone. 

An image of Alec checking his hour-glass and informing the King that he didn't have any more time to talk made Addison giggled.

Behind her, Alec cleared his throat.
Whirling around, she gasped.  "Oh! I didn't know you were home!" she said.

Alec nodded, "Perfectly alright." He hesitated a moment, "Have you done your assignments?" he asked, almost pained.

Addison raised her eyebrow, "Yes, I did it first thing after returning home."

Alec sighed. "Oh thank goodness." Straightening, he motioned Addison to the entry way.  "Please come with me."

Intrigued, Addison followed.
"Mama!" Addison cried as she ran into her mother's arms.
Alec stood with Addison's father, discussing business and current events, but he kept an eye on Addison in the corner with her mother and siblings.  He had stopped by the Taylor's shop this afternoon to look around and had offered an invitation on a whim. 

He knew that Addison missed her parents greatly.

Trying to resist the urge to check his hour-glass, Alec already knew that he was late.  His fingers twitched and he snuck a look at the-hour glass, sighing when he saw how unscheduled he was.  How disorganized, he thought.
Just then, Addison's brother and sister ran by shrieking and assailing each other with the pillows from the couch.

Feathers flew everywhere and a vein throbbed painfully behind Alec's eye, but when he saw Addison look towards him, he attempted to smile.   Excusing himself, he headed upstairs to lay down.
Addison spent several more hours with her family, so thankful that they'd come over.  Assuring her mother once again that she was happy and well-looked after, she bid them good-night. 

She had seen Alec flustered as he checked his hour-glass and knew the sacrifice he'd made for her.  What a sweet, funny, little man, she thought more fondly. 

Orb's Year 935

Alec read his novel, glancing up as Addison wandered around the room. Sighing, he asked her what was bothering her.

Addison plopped down next to him and her elbow jostled his arm.  "I'm just so bored!" she said.  "Do you think I might invite a few friends over for dinner?" she asked.

Alec looked at his hour-glass, and grimaced as he imagined all the rowdy shrieking and pillow-tossing.  "I don't know..." he hedged.

Addison smiled, "What if I have everyone gone by the time you get home?" she offered.  She knew he hated it when his schedule was out of place. 

Alec hedged again, "Well, if you really want to," he offered.  "I suppose it should be okay."
"Oh thank you!" Addison said, throwing herself into his arms and knocking his book down. 

Flustered, Alec bent to pick up his book and put it away.  "Yes, well.  I'll see you this evening," he said, kissing her cheek good-bye.  "Enjoy your get-together."


Addison smiled as she watched Alec head off to work.  He really was a sweet-heart!
Feeling more excited than ever, she invited over a few friends after school. 
It was so nice to hang out and talk, but Addison tried to make sure that the outing remained low-key.  She didn't want to disappoint Alec!

Orb's Year 936
Addison had strangely been looking forward to her birthday.  In some weird way, she was actually looking forward to marrying Alec!
Although he seemed stern and rigid, she knew that he had a kind, soft-heart.  "Happy birthday, Addison," Alec said kissing her hand. 
Thomas Taylor gazed at his daughter and her soon-to-be-husband.  Years ago, he'd thought that betrothing Addison to Alec had destined his daughter for great sadness.  He'd been pleasantly surprised to find that the man doted on his daughter and seemed to care a great deal for her.   Even more surprising was how apparent it was that Addison cared for him, as well.

Life, he mused, You never can tell.


"Are you ready, my dear?" Alec asked kindly, checking his hour-glass.  "It's almost time for the wedding guests to arrive."

Addison smiled, "I am ready."

Alec hesitated a moment.  "And do you have any regrets?" he asked, worried.

Addison reached out and grabbed his hand. "Not in the least."

Alec's heart raced when Addison's hand touched his own and he wondered at the feeling.  Perhaps this was love, he thought absently. 
Alec and Addison stood under the matrimonial arch and made their vows together before friends and family.
Alec slipped his ring on Addison's finger and surreptitiously checked his hour-glass.  Right on time, he thought with relief.
The wedding feast dragged on and Alec glanced at his hour-glass.  He heard Addison stifle a giggle and glanced up at her. 

Meeting his eyes, she announced to family and friends that it was time to retire for the night.
Upstairs, Alec seemed quite nervous about how to proceed, but Addison had no qualms whatsoever.  Leaning forward, she kissed him tenderly. 

"Are we on time, husband?" she teased gently.

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