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Consul, Orb's Year 937-940

Orb's Year 937
Cirdon was feeling every year of his age.
But it didn't matter to his beloved Catherine.  She still loved him as much as she did when they were married 15 years ago!


Sometimes Gaius drove him crazy, Haydin thought. 
Gaius was always teasing him or bugging him, telling him to lighten up.
"Quit it!" Haydin growled, pushed too far once and for all.

He wasn't surprised when Gaius just shrugged and said he was messing around before ambling off to find Finn.


Knowing that the path to enlightenment could be gained from meditation and introspection, Gaius began training in the ancient ways of yoga.
Before long, he was sure that not even Gaius would tease him!

Orb's Year 938
"We're almost there!" Earnest Royale said to his friends.  "The Haunted Woods!"

"I don't know why he had to come," Faelyn Consul mumbled under her breath.

"You were the one that argued the case so eloquently for the medicinal mushrooms," Earnest snapped.  "Would you have us discount it's benefits simply because you're too scared to go into the silly forest!"

"I'm not scared!" Faelyn snapped back, ready to skewer Earnest with her tongue.

"Come on guys, let us not argue," Haydin cut in, trying to distract his friends.  For some reason his cousin Faelyn & Earnest were like oil and water, always arguing.  He was constantly the peace-maker between the two opinionated friends.

"She started it!" Earnest protested.
As Faelyn snorted and hurried forward, Haydin pulled Earnest back.  "Earnest, please.  She's my cousin.  Try to get along with her!" he pleaded.

Earnest sighed.  "Alright.  I don't know why, she just rubs me the wrong way.  She always asks like she knows best!"

Haydin laughed.  "But that's usually because she is right!"

"And that's even more annoying!" Earnest groused.
Convinced Faelyn and Earnest could get along for at least a few moments without killing each other, Haydin hurried to find a few samples of the mushroom that might have medicinal properties.
As he walked back, he was surprised when Earnest and Faelyn jumped away from each other, looking slightly guilty.

"Where you guys fighting again?" he asked impatiently.  He couldn't leave them alone for even a small minute!

Earnest shrugged and lead the group away.

Interesting, Haydin thought.  Usually they continued to bicker, but this time, neither one seemed anxious to continue their conversation...
Any thoughts of Faelyn and Earnest's odd behavior was swept away when he returned home and began running a few tests on the mushroom samples.


"Cirdon! Haydin! I've been asking you all afternoon to please remember Ihriel's birthday!  And here I find you both, with noses in your books!"

Cirdon and Haydin glanced up guiltily.  "I'm sorry, dear. I didn't realize the hour grew so late!"

Catherine pointed her finger at the scholars.  "Everyone will be arriving.  Put the books away. Now!"
All the royals and nobles came to little Ihriel's birthday celebration, remarking upon how lovely the baby was with her mother's hair and royal grey eyes!
Such a lovely little girl!

Orb's Year 939
Catherine danced in her husband's arms, smiling happily.  They had been together for 17 years and had raised three wonderful sons and had a beautiful little girl.  She was proud of their loving family!
Finn sighed.  "Oh Gaius, you know you shouldn't tease Haydin!  Father will not like to hear it!"

Gaius shrugged as he let go of his twin.  "No harm done! We were just playing!" he grinned.

Haydin glared as he rubbed his tender scalp.


"I've decided that I would like to move to the Abbey and spend my time researching the path of enlightenment," Haydin announced.

Catherine's eyes widened with alarm, "I forbid it! You're too young!" she said quickly, looking across the table for Cirdan's reaction.
"Why would you want to move to that cemetery? There's only old people!" Gaius said.

Haydin rolled his eyes.  "You wouldn't understand, Gaius! It's a place for quiet and introspection! I'll be able to study in peace there!"
Cirdon glanced between his twin sons, understanding the motive behind Haydin's seemingly abrupt decision.  "Are you sure you will be happy there?" he asked Haydin.

Catherine gasped.  "No! Cirdon!"

Cirdon reached his hand across the table and patted his wife's hand.  "It is his calling, dear.  The abbess will nurture his gift in ways we cannot."

Orb's Year 940
Catherine wanted a smaller, more intimate birthday celebration for Ihriel's birthday this year.  Only a handful of family attended the celebration.
And how beautiful her young daughter was!


Catherine could hardly stand it.  Her family was just able to sit together at the table to enjoy a meal together and now Haydin was going to leave!  She tried valiantly not to cry when thinking that this would be his last meal with them!

Cirdon glanced across the table, "He will be back to visit," he whispered lowly for her ears only.  "He's not going away forever!"

Catherine nodded, "I know! I can't help it! I'm his mother!" she attempted to whisper back. 

Haydin reached over and patted his mother's hand.  "I swear to visit often and write when I cannot."

Catherine nodded once more and then threw her napkin on her plate.  "Excuse me," she said, hurrying away before she could embarrass her proud son with her tears.
After dinner, the boys sat around.  Soon it would be time for Haydin to leave.

"Are you all ready to go?" Finn asked his younger brother, impressed by his bravery in leaving home.

Haydin nodded.  He was anxious to go, but he was going to miss his family!

Gaius scowled, "What's the big deal anyways?" he asked, annoyed with the attention Haydin was getting!  It didn't take guts to move away to that musty castle of self-righteous Orb-lovers!

Finn rolled his eyes, seeing past Gaius' jealousy.
"It wish you luck, brother," Finn said, gripping his brother's arm as Gaius looked on uncertainly.
Gaius wasn't sure what came over him, but as soon as Finn stepped back, he gripped Haydin's neck in the crook of his arm and made his scalp tingle.

Finn sighed.  "Gaius..." he warned.
Letting her little boy go was the hardest thing Catherine had ever done! She squeezed him extra tight and fussed over him before finally releasing him from her.
"And where do you think you're going?" Cirdon asked with a raised eyebrow.

"What kind of brother would I be if I were to let Haydin go alone?" Gaius joked.  "I figured I would walk with him to the Abbey."

"Alright," Cirdon said.  "But be sure to hurry home."

Gaius smiled, "I'm going to the Abbey! What trouble could I possibly get into?!"

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