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Knowles, Orb's Year 937-940

Orb's Year 937
Danica had never imagined being as happy and contented as she was now!  She'd always wished for a strong love like her parents, but had imagined it would be hard to find.  (Look at the mess her brothers had made of their lives!)  But, with Hyun, she always knew where she stood.
And though he was devoted to his research, spending hours at a time in the library, he was just as devoted to his family!
He doled out daily hugs and kisses to his wonderful daughter and wife.
Danica was just as devoted to her family.  With her firm belief in education, she made sure to teach Alessandra all the skills that would be necessary for the young girl to make her way in the world.
Danica was certain that Alessandra would make a big difference in the kingdom when she was of age!

Orb's Year 938
"Come on Reigna," Hyun Knowles encouraged as he taught his favorite dog a new trick.  He was sure that Danica would be impressed when she saw how well Reigna had learned to speak!

Once again, he felt blessed that Lady had wandered into their lives.  He couldn't even imagine not having their pack of little Ladies!  


Danica woke up when the contractions got too close to each other.  "Hyun? I think it's time," she whispered and she crouched over.  Hyun didn't budge.  Hmph, she thought bitterly, for a supposed warrior, he could certainly sleep through anything!

"HYUN!" she yelled and smiled grimly when he shot out of bed wildy.  "It's time!"
Hyun was just in time to watch Danica give birth to his handsome heir - Beau Knowles.  A beautiful baby boy with his daddy's red hair and brown eyes.
Hyun cradled the tiny infant in his arms as he fed him his bottle.  A fine lad, he thought happily, may he want for nothing
"Mommy, can I see the baby?" Alessandra asked anxiously, standing outside the nursery.

Danica turned around and smiled at her beautiful daughter.  "I'm sorry, Alessandra.  I just put him to sleep.  Would you like to help me feed him when he wakes?"
"Oh yes! I would love that, Mommy! Don't forget!"

Orb's Year 939
It had been pretty boring feeding the baby.  He'd cried when she'd tried sticking the bottle in his mouth.  Finally, Alessandra had given up, wondering why in the kingdom people thought babies were cute!

The little Ladies were much cuter! 

Especially Reigna!
Reigna was her favorite!


Now that the threats against Celestia had been more or less eliminated, it was a more peaceful time in Celestia.  Although Geoffrey L'Adventurer had escaped, King Barron and his advisers were confident that he and Gwen Consul would not a pose a problem for them.  Still, they kept a close eye on the borders for the traitors.

Although, one good thing had come from that debacle.  Geoffrey's uncle had signed a peace treaty with Celestia as a show of reparation for the havoc his nephew had plotted.
How fast time flew though!  Soon they were celebrating Beau's third Orb's year!
Hyun felt his chest puff with pride when he considered how handsome his young son was.
He's destined for great things, he thought with quite a bit of bias. 
And he had Danica to thank for both of his children.  He'd never thought he stood a chance at winning her love.  How wrong he'd been!

Orb's Year 940
"It's past time to have family and friends over," Hyun said. 

Danica beamed.  "That's wonderful! It's been forever since I've seen my brothers!"
The Knowles invited most of the nobility over and laughed and talked through the night.
Across the room, their eyes met and they shared a secret smile.
Much later the celebration quietened down into a muted conversation.
Alessandra Knowles didn't care what the adults were talking about - she'd just met  her cousin Eleanor Knightley and was having so much fun playing with her! 
"I wish you were my sister!" Alessandra said sadly.

Eleanor scrunched her nose, "Sisters are annoying! I'm glad you're my friend!"

Alessandra grinned back, "Then you're my best friend!"

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