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Noble, Orb's Year 937-940

Orb's Year 937
"Farrah! I'm so glad you could make it!" Blaze Noble said, greeting his childhood friend.

Abbess Farrah smiled back, "Of course! Thank you for inviting me!"  It still amazed Farrah how many doors had opened since she joined the Abbey.  No longer did mothers worry about a scheming Farmer girl propositioning their sons!  They welcomed an Abbess with open arms and wide smiles.  It was weird, she didn't feel much different than she had a few years ago - but people certainly saw her differently!

"Well, come in! Come in! I want you to meet everyone!"
Blaze led Farrah in and then left her alone.  He loved it when the house was full of people having a wonderful time!
But no kids yet for him!  He just wanted the first few years of marriage to be together...
...Just the two of them!


"Oh, but, Blaze, I can't wait to be pregnant and have a baby!" Esther said unhappily.  She hadn't known that Blaze wanted to wait!

Blaze blanched as he looked at his new wife.  "Really?" he asked incredulously.  "I thought we would enjoy a few years together, without a baby in the way!"  Reaching across the table, he squeezed her hand.

Esther glanced down at the table. "I suppose it won't matter if we wait a few years," she conceded.

Blaze squeezed her hand again.  "Great! I swear you won't regret it!" he said cheerily, attempting to reassure her.  "Let's enjoy the whirlwind of pleasure!"


Esther was determined to enjoy the parties that Blaze threw.  But, sometimes she longed for a slower pace to their social activities.  It seemed there was always someone new to meet.

She felt a prickling sensation on the back of her neck as she spoke with Berjes Furst and glanced around the room, meeting Angus Laird's eyes. Sending him a quick nod, she turned back to Berjes.

A few moments later, Angus tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to dance.  Inwardly sighing, she agreed.  Angus thought he was a ladies man, but he was too touchy-feely for her liking! She knew she'd be fending off his groping hands for a short-time.
But, not wanting to appear to give him a direct cut, she smiled and accepted his hand to join him in a dance.
Blaze seemed to notice the moment Esther needed his help.  He hurried over and asked to cut in.
"Oh thank goodness!" Esther said as Blaze pulled her into his arms.  "That man is like an octopus!"

Blaze swiveled his head and glared at Angus.  "Did he touch you?"

Esther stroked his shoulder. "No, no. He didn't. I just dislike spending time alone with him.  He makes me feel like he's sizing me up for a meal."

"I want you to stay away from him!" Blaze said.

Esther rolled her eyes. "He's perfectly harmless, Blaze.  He just thinks he's Orb's gift to women!"

"I'm serious, Esther," Blaze argued.  "I don't want you around him!"

Esther was dumb-struck. Her husband was jealous! "Then I suppose you will need to stop inviting him over to our house where I must be a gracious hostess and speak with him."

Orb's Year 938
Esther had been very happy when Blaze had told her they would have a small family dinner.  It would be a nice relaxing break from the constant social whirlwind.

But, she blanched when Farrah took the seat of honor next to Blaze...

Esther hardly seemed to follow the conversation.  Everyone at the table were rehashing stories from Blaze's youth and laughing at his antics.   They fondly recalled loving memories of their mother, Princess Cassidy.

Except Farrah, she just smiled as she listened to Blaze speak.
"I remember that Mother was so worried that you would be a bad influence on Blaze," Princess Catherine Consul laughed.

Abbess Farrah joined in the laughter.  "I remember the afternoon she caught Blaze and I talking alone.  Her face turned bright red and in truth, I could not hurry away fast enough!"

Blaze smiled at the memory.  "She raked me over the coals! I told her that you were just a good friend!" he said with a laugh.
It was hard to join in the laughter because those years had been very hard on Esther.  She'd been scared to death that Farrah would make Blaze fall in love with her and that she would lose him.  She remembered making Blaze promise to never talk to Farrah again in hopes that it eliminated her competition. She knew that although Blaze claimed they were just friends, he had been half in love with her.  If Farrah had given him the slightest encouragement, then maybe their life would've turned out much different!

Feeling unsettled, she got up quietly, "If you'll excuse me," she mumbled before hurrying from the room.

Blaze was having a wonderful time reminiscing about the good old times.  He was surprised when Esther quietly excused herself, but was certain she was fine.  Turning his gaze back to Farrah, he listened to another of her stories about the Consul household.


Dinner was over and his guests retired to the Great Hall.  As Blaze walked into the room, his gaze stopped on Farrah.  There was something different about her these days... a spark of some sort.  Shaking his head, he attempted to clear his thoughts.  What was he thinking?  She was just Farrah, his childhood friend.  An Abbess, devoted to the Celestial Orb...
The hour had grown late and Esther tired of waiting for Blaze to come to bed.   Finally, she got up and went in search of him, feeling scared of what she might find.  Seeing Blaze in deep conversation with Farrah, she glanced around the room.  Everyone else had gone.

Blaze didn't even seem to notice her waiting behind him! 
Deciding that a wife did not wait while her husband spoke to another woman, Esther launched herself into Blaze's arms.  "Blaze! It's quite late! You're keeping Farrah up unfairly!" she said as she ran her hand up and down his back.

"Esther! What's gotten into you?" Blaze yelped as Esther cupped the seat of his pants.  Blaze glanced back at Farrah in embarrassment.
 Farrah frowned before hurriedly standing and making her excuses.
 "What's gotten into you? You embarrassed her!" Blaze said after Farrah had left.
"What about me? You were in here alone with her for hours while I waited for you in the room!" Esther said angrily.

"You could've come out to join us! Everyone else went home to bed.  We were just having fun reminiscing.."

"Yes, yes... about your wonderful teen years when you could stay up all night long talking to Farrah alone in a room," she stormed.

Blaze blinked.  Where had that come from?

"Are you jealous?" he asked her incredulously, "Of Farrah? She's an Abbess!"

"Did you ever kiss her?" Esther demanded.

"Of course not!" Blaze snapped.  "We were just friends!"
Esther slipped into Blaze's arms and kissed him passionately, tinged with desperation.  She couldn't lose him!

 Orb's Year 939
Life was going to change drastically now that Esther was pregnant.  She was sure of it!  She couldn't wait to settle down and raise their babies!

She just hoped Blaze was ready!
"Oh, you poor thing," Esther exclaimed when she saw the poor rain that looked like it'd been stuck in the rain without food for too long.  "Don't be scared! I'm not going to hurt you!"
Esther brought the poor bedraggled dog inside and cleaned her up.  "You're going to love it here!" she promised.
"Is that a dog?" Blaze asked as he walked into the hall. "Where did you find the blasted thing?"

Esther hurried to her husband with a smile on her face.  " Isn't she wonderful!" she asked cheerfully.
Just then the dog leaped up and growled menacingly at Blaze.  Blaze looked like he was about to heave the poor dog out the front door, so Esther hurried in front of him.
"Cecelie! No!" she sternly reprimanded.  "No barking!"

Blaze scoffed, "Cecelie? You gave the thing a lady's name!"

Esther turned to glare at her husband.  "She's staying," Esther said firmly as she turned and flounced away.

And damned if the dog didn't flounce behind her.
Blaze headed to bed late in the night, ready to make his apologies before snuggling up behind his lovely wife, but found his spot thoroughly invaded.  As he moved closer to push the dog out of his bed, he growled deep in it's throat.

 "Bloody dog," Blaze cursed as he grabbed his pillow and stalked from the room.
As he settled on the bench, he thought of every argument against the dog that he could think of.
"Cecelie, go get Blaze," Esther panted when she'd awakened in the middle of night deep in labor.

Cecelie ran from the room and licked Blaze's hand.

Blaze woke up to the dog licking him.  "Yeck!" he cursed angrily.  "Go on!"

But the dog just started whimpering and nudging his hand. Then Blaze heard it.  A low moan from the room.  The baby! Quickly, he jumped up and raced to Esther.
"Are you okay?" Blaze asked fearfully when he saw Esther panting.

Esther nodded as she labored to bring their child into the world.  Finally, there was a lusty cry as she held a small little boy in her arms.

"Welcome home," Esther grinned down at her son, Chaz Noble.

Blaze came closer and held his wife and newborn son. A nudge and a luck at his hand made him look down.  "Fine, you did a good job," Blaze told the dog.  " You can stay..."

 Orb's Year 940
Blaze had been worried that once they started their family, they would not have time to themselves anymore.  He was finding, to his pleasure, that wasn't the case!  Esther was just as affectionate, if not more!

 "I have a surprise for you," Esther teased as she lowered herself from his arms.  "But it's in the bedroom..."
"You wicked, wicked woman," Blaze teased as he hurried behind her, more than ready to play along.
The baby's cries stopped them abruptly.  Esther squeezed his hand and mumbled her apologies before hurrying to see what Chaz needed.


"I can't believe where the years have gone!" Abbess Farrah said when she saw Blaze.  "It feels like just yesterday you were newly wed, and now your son is turning three!"

Blaze grinned, "He's a good boy!" he bragged, "Strong and smart as can be!"
Esther cradled Chaz in her arms as everyone gathered in front of her for his Orb's day celebration. 
She thought he looked like just his Father!

Princess Catherine came over and pinched Chaz's cheek.  "He's a beautiful little boy!" she said happily before chatting with Esther about this or that.


Even Cecelie gave Chaz the stamp of approval...

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