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Royale Guard, Orb's Year 937-940

Orb's Year 937
Princess Kea returned home from the Royale Castle with no small amount of guilt.  She'd opened her mouth once again and stuck her foot straight into it!

She'd never meant to hurt Celeste's feelings when she'd spoken of the escaped prisoner - Celeste's husband.  (Royale, Orb's Year 937-940)

She really should try to think before she spoke!  She only hoped Celeste would forgive her quickly.
"Why the long face, my dear?" Prince Benedict asked upon seeing his wife's frown.  "Was the gossip not to your liking?"

"Oh, Benedict! I carelessly spoke of Geoffrey's lover helping him escape from the prison tower," she moaned.  "She was quite distraught!"

Benedict winced.  He could only imagine how poor Celeste would've felt upon hearing the news.  Pulling his wife into his arms, he hugged her.  "Celeste is a gentle-woman.  She'll forgive you soon enough."

Kea rested her head on her husband's shoulder, "I know, I just feel awful, though."

Slowly Benedict began to sway with Kea, pulling her into a dance.  "It will be okay, my dear."


"Come on, Francine.  It's time to do your assignments," Earnest said, playing a quick game of Red Hands.

France stuck her tongue out at Earnest.  "If I get your hands three times, then you do my work for me!" she announced.

Earnest laughed, "Not meek in the least, are you, Francine! You'll never get me!"
Five minutes later, Francine grumbled as she headed to her the spot she'd thrown her assignments on the floor.  "It's not fair! You're too fast! You cheated!"

Earnest nudged his complaining sister with his toe.  "Enough.  I won fair and square.  You should not cast doubt upon my honor!"
Kea glanced over as Earnest sat down to work on his own assignments.  "It's time, you know," she said to her husband quietly.

Benedict glanced over at his son and frowned.  "I don't think..."

Kea shook her head.  "You know he wants to join you and feel as though he's helping. It's been his dream."

Benedict sighed.  "Maybe you're right. I'll talk to him..."
Once Earnest had finished his work, Benedict pulled his son aside.  "Your mother and I have been thinking," he announced, "Perhaps it's time for you to begin training for the King's Guard."

Earnest lit up with a smile.  "Do you mean it?  I can help?"

Benedict held up a finger, "I said train! First you have to prove yourself, starting from the very bottom!"

"I will, father! I will prove my worth to you!"

Benedict looped his arm around his son's shoulders, "Ah, son, I already know your worth, I just need you to show me your hard work and perseverance!"

Orb's Year 938
"Guess what Auntie Queen Deidre!  It's my birthday!" Francine cheered as her aunt spun her around. 

Earnest rolled his eyes.  "You don't have to call her the Queen, just Aunt Deidre," he instructed his younger sister.

Francine stuck her tongue out at him.  "Shows what you know! Everyone calls her Queen Deidre!"

Deidre pulled Francine into her arms for a hug and winked at Earnest.  "I love when you call me Auntie Queen Deidre!  It brings joy to  my heart!" 
"Brother!" Benedict greeted his twin brother with a firm handshake, then pulled him in closer for a quick hug.  "Has there been any news?"

Barron shook his head.  So far there had been no trace of Geoffrey L'Adventurer or Gwen Consul. 

Benedict shook his head sadly.  "Who knows when that viper will strike," he groused.  "How is Celeste and the girls holding up?"

Barron glanced over his shoulder towards their younger sister.  "She seems to be doing well.  Deidre sent a Castle Guard to stay with her and the girls for protection."

Sighing, Benedict thumped his brother on his shoulder.  "Enough talk of sad news, this is Francine's celebration!"
"Everyone! It's time for the birthday cake!" Kea called out.  "Are you ready Francine?"
Francine hurried over to the cake and blew the candles out quickly. 

Kea laughed, "You blew them out too swiftly, darling.  Everyone has not gathered around!"
Francine grinned cheekily, "Yes, but I am a teenager now!"

Orb's Year 939
Princess Suzanne Royale, Earl's new wife, glanced around the room.  "And so how often do you meet like this?" she asked Kea.

Kea smiled, "We try to meet once a month to talk and gossip.

"What do you usually talk about?" Suzanne asked curiously. 

"Oh, this and that! Our husbands, our children, anything!"
Princess Daphne scoffed, "Oh, it's not as innocent as that!  My young, tender ears have heard many a ribald joke and gossip! Why, remember that awful joke about the genie and how he wished for longer virility?!" (Royale, Orb's Year 929-932

The ladies laughed at the memory of the joke as Princess Suzanne scrunched up her nose and said, "I don't get it."
Princess Kea patted Suzanne's arm and said, "Don't worry, dear.  You will!  But I have learned my lesson about telling such ribald jokes to newly-weds!"

Benedict walked into the room and heard the end of his wife's explanation.  "Ribald jokes? Surely such fine ladies would not stoop so low!" he said with mock seriousness.

Kea smiled up at her husband.  "Oh, of course not, dear!  We wouldn't dream of it."

Benedict wagged his finger at his wife.  "Do not get in trouble, dear!"

"I will keep my lips tightly shut, dear!"

All the ladies in the room giggled at that, even Suzanne.  For in the short time Suzanne had known Kea, she could tell that she was not a woman to remain silent for very long!


"How did the rest of your visit go?" Benedict asked his wife at dinner time.

Kea smiled, "Oh, wonderful.  I did not insult anyone, if that is what you were wondering!"

Benedict laughed.  "Never!"

Orb's Year 940
Earnest was glad to see his cousin, Haydin Consul.  They often got together at instructional school to discuss some of the scientific curiosities of the day. 

They often vigorously debated the Celestial Orb.   Earnest contended that there must be some natural explanation for the occurrence, whereas Haydin firmly believed the Abbess' propaganda.
Today, they were discussing whether or not the mushroom could be used for medicinal purposes.  There had been recent news that ingesting the mushroom could cure common ails.
Earnest thought that it was just a random occurrence.  "If the mushroom could work such miracles, we would have known about it long before now," he argued.
"Not necessarily," Faelyn Consul cut in.  "There are new discovers every day! What of the death berry that causes a person's breath to quit.  At one point in time, we had no knowledge of it's danger.  People only learned to avoid it after news came of it's deathly results.  Would you had have us discount it's dangers by arguing it should have been known long ago?"
Earnest blushed and nodded briefly.  "I concede your point, Faelyn."  Glancing at Haydin, he allowed, "Perhaps there is something to the news of the mushroom's curative powers.  I wonder if we would be able to find some samples."

Haydin nodded.  "I think I heard that some grow in the Haunted Woods. Perhaps I will make a trip out there."


Benedict sat across from Dresden Consul, "Now, what is it that I can do for you, Dresden?" he asked.

Dresden cleared his throat.  "You are aware of the circumstances surrounding my twins," he began.  Sighing, he buried his head in his hands.  "I fear I shall have to tell the girls of their parentage now that Gwen and Geoffrey are on the loose."

Benedict nodded, still unsure of why Dresden had come.

"The thing is, there will likely be an uproar.  I would like to know Faelyn is well-settled." Dresden cleared his throat again.  "If you are agreeable, I believe that Earnest and Faelyn would be a good match."

Benedict cocked his head to the side and considered.  He had seen Earnest, Faelyn and Haydin putting their heads together to discuss matters of science.  Although they argued loudly at times, there seemed to be a thread of respect.

Benedict nodded, "I believe you are right.  They would be a good match.  You may make arrangements for her to come stay with her intended."

Dresden nodded his thanks and took leave. 
Benedict went in search of his son.  "Earnest, please sit down.  I have some news to impart..."

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