Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baker, Orb's Year 937-940

Orb's Year 937-938
Sebastian Waite just couldn't stop kissing his wife!

He felt like he'd been kept from her arms for far too long while he'd served his time on the Nightwatch.

He was lucky that Fancy had waited for him!
And how fast the children were growing!  Already little Hansel Cook ran around with his girls, shrieking and running around.
There were no quiet children's games in their household, it seemed.

For a man used to plenty of quiet - it certainly was a lot to get used to!
Thankfully, he was alone most the of the day since he was released from his position in the Nightwatch.  So used to spending every waking moment working, it was odd to find himself at loose ends...

Orb's Year 939
Gretel had always been such a serious child, preferring to read the paper than play games.  Becoming a teen did not change that.
She'd never seemed to really fit in with her twin cousins... or even her younger brother, Hansel.  But, she loved them and watched out for them.
But, she knew that she needed to do more.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" her mother asked for once again as they headed to Taveryn's Kitchen.

"Yes, mama.  I want to help.  I'm old enough to help!"

"But you're still a child," Fanny argued.  "I want you to enjoy your youth."

"I know, mama.  But this is what I want.  I want to work. I want to help support the family."

Fanny bit her lip and studied her daughter.  "Alright, go see your Uncle Connor."
And so with her mother looking on, Gretel outlined all the reasons that her uncle needed her at the Taveryn's Kitchen.  She'd start at the bottom and work her way up!

Orb's Year 940
Fancy couldn't believe her daughters were already teenagers!  They were growing up so fast!
Sweet, sensible Gene in the purple dress and bold, flirty Gena in the grey.    They were the spitting image of Fancy!
With such a full house, Keith & Fanny knew that it was time to move into their own space. 

"Perhaps we should move back to the home I was raise in," Keith suggested.  "Fancy has Sebastian to care for her now."

Fanny hated to leave the only home she'd ever known, but also knew that there just wasn't room in their small little Baker cottage for such a big family.  Sadly, she agreed.

"Just wait until I tell my step-mother. I'm sure she'll be very pleased to meet her grandchildren!" Keith said excitedly.

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