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Farmer, Orb's Year 937-940

Orb's Year 937
"Don't be late for school!" Cade called out as Garth headed for the door. 

Garth shrugged, "I might be a little late. But, I will make it.  I wanted to tend the plants first."

Cade scowled and hurriedly finished his breakfast.  His fool son spent too much time tending the plants and not enough time tending to himself! 
Garth smiled as he cleared the weeds from the base of the plants.  It was a cool, crisp morning after the rains.  The plants would love the rain and hopefully they would have a good harvest this season.

He couldn't explain the enjoyment and feeling of peace as he worked the soil.  It was almost as if the land was a part of his blood!


"Sorry I'm late arising this morning," Braden said as he stepped from the master room. 
Uma smiled.  "I saved a plate for you.  Go eat!"

Braden kissed his wife's cheek and then stroked her tenderly.  "Always looking out for me. But I must hurry and get to the plants."

"There's no need, Garth and Cade already tended the plants this morning."

Braden's shoulders fell.  "These tired bones do not wake as early as they used to," he said with some regret. 

Helga Farmer played with her little sister.  She helped watch Ingrid while the adults did their work.  Her mama said that was her chore.  She wished she had a better chore!
Ingrid sighed and jumped up.  "Come on, Helga! Let's go outside! It's beautiful!"

Helga made a face.  She hated playing outside! "But it's muddy! I'll dirty my shoes!"

"Oh, don't be such a sissy, Helga! It'll be fun!"
Reluctantly, Helga allowed Ingrid to pull her outside for a game of toss.

Once Garth came home and worked in the fields, Ingrid watched him avidly.  "What's he doing Helga?"

"He's tending to all the plants..." Ingrid explained the work her cousin was doing to ensure healthy plants.

"I want to help!" Ingrid called out, running for Garth.

Helga sighed and followed along after her little sister.  Now her shoes would really get muddy!
Garth grinned as his little cousins ran around watering the plants and checking for bugs.  In truth, it was a good deal of help!
Soon, he and his father were in a discussion about the crop rotation.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the girls heading back in.  "Thank you girls! You are true Farmers!" he called out.

Ingrid grinned proudly while Helga merely rolled her eyes and shooed her little sister inside.

Cade flung his arm around his son's shoulder.  "We should head inside and have a bite of supper as well.  Your mother has probably waited up for us!"
When they came in and set down, Shanna put warm plates of steaming food down in front of them and then sat to listen to finish their discussion about the fields.

Perhaps they'd give her a chance to give them her big news...

Orb's Year 938
It seemed a blink of an eye and Shanna was delivering her present to Cade -
a beautiful little girl with steel grey-eyes like her mother!  They named her Harlow.


Helga sighed when she realized that she would be responsible for another little girl while the adults were busy.  It didn't seem fair that she should have to work so hard!
At least her parents didn't mind her inviting over a few friends for her Orb's Year Day!
She and Lydia danced around the maypole, giggling and laughing.  Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that she'd caught someone's eye...
And Casey Potter was soooo handsome!


"Come on, Garth! You should ask her," Benji Potter whispered fervently, attempting to pull Garth over to the festivities. 

Garth rolled his eyes and shrugged off his friend.  "Quiet!" he said harshly.  "I'll do it in my own time!"

Benji shook his head.  "What? When you're old and grey?!  She's always coming around.  She likes you!"
"Shhh!" Garth whispered again and then startled when Lydia called out to them.

"Benji! Garth! Hi!" she said as she came nearer.  "I haven't seen you guys in awhile!"
The three friends sunk down to talk while Benji continued to prod and poke to try to get Garth to take a chance and ask Lydia out.

Not happening, Garth thought.  He didn't know what he'd do if she said no!

Orb's Year 939
Garth didn't have enough time to worry about girls.  It was harvest time!
And it seemed like his work was never done.  There was always something that needed doing around the farm... especially to support their large family!
Especially now that his father and his uncle were getting on in their years.  Uncle Braden seemed to move slower and slower every day, often nodding off while reading a book or lingering over a meal.
And his father... it hurt Garth to see his father age right before his eyes!
It didn't seem right that Cade should have a head full of grey hair and wrinkles upon his face..


Helga was no help in the fields, either.  She often invited her friends over to play when she should've been doing her chores!  Garth kept a close eye on the boys that seemed to linger around her. His cousin was getting up to no good!
"Come dance with me, Alec," Helga begged as she grabbed Alec's hand and pulled him with her to the maypole.  "Dance!"

Orb's Year 940
"You never play with me anymore," Ingrid fumed at her older sister. 

"Ingrid, I have other friends.  Besides, you're a big girl now! You can play with Harlow!" Helga retorted.

"Aw, Harlow's just a baby!" Ingrid argued, pouting terribly.

"Then go help Garth in the fields! You love getting muddy and dirty!"

Pausing, Helga listened to the cries coming from the nursery.  "Hold on, I'll be right back. I've got to go check on Harlow."
A few moments later, sweet little Harlow came crawling from the room quickly.
"Just a moment, little rascal!" Cade called out as he swept his daughter up in his arms.  His sweet little girl was the spitting image of her mother and so beautiful and precious to him!

"Here, hand her to me and I'll put her to bed," Helga said, reaching her arms out for the small little toddler.
Cade turned and saw his wife behind him.  Grabbing her arms, he smiled at her lovingly.  Her hair might be tinted grey with age, but he loved her as fiercely as he did 16 years ago when they married.


Garth woke early the next morning and pulled the harvest from the plants.  The vegetables gleamed in the sunlight.  This was their best harvest yet! he thought eagerly.
Now to package it up and take to Gemma Grocer!

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