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Farrier, Orb's Year 937-940

Orb's Year 937
Cursed Orb, Juan thought sourly, if Eryka Knightley didn't cease her flirtations with him, in front of her own husband, he would bodily remove her from his shop.  Since Camelot Knightley had entered to look at Juan's horses, Eryka had not passed up a moment to exclaim over his muscles or his manly physique! 
Pulling slightly on his arm, he extracted himself from her clawed grip and hurried over to restock.  He remained busy and kept his eyes averted from Eryka the remainder of her husband's visit.


Evelyn was overjoyed to find that she was pregnant again. The thought of having another little boy the image of Juan made her heart overfill with happiness. 
Even to this day, she couldn't believe how unbearably happy they were together.
The only thing missing was Brock.

"Have you heard anything about him yet?" Evelyn asked anxiously.  Her servant, Ryker, had promised to find a way into Laird's household to find out what was going on.    If he could manage that, then he would be well worth the weight of gold he requested!

Ryker clasped his hands together eagerly and shared the little amount of information he had collected so far...

Orb's Year 938
The more you tried to cling to time, the more it slipped away.

Too soon it felt as though Evelyn was in labor with her unborn child.  Andre watched anxiously, worried about his mother.
"I'm fine, darling.  Come see your little sister, Camilla," Evelyn said, holding the baby down so Andre could see.  She was a beautiful little girl with brown hair and her father's grey-eyes.  She also had a hint of the elven ears like both Brock and Andre. 
She was still no closer to holding Brock in her arms, even with the money that she paid Ryker for the news he passed on.  Not that it was money poorly spent.  The information would serve her well in time.

Right now, her main objective was to get Brock away from his horrid father.

Her next objective was to destroy Angus.

Orb's Year 939
The year dawned brightly and Evelyn spent as much time with her young children as possible.  It was hard to imagine that Brock was nearing manhood and she had not held him since he was a baby.  If only she had been a man and could have split Angus' worthless hide open in combat!
"Dada, dada!" Bianca chanted as she hurried into the stables to find her father.  She loved it in here and would often toddle into the stables to wait until Juan finished his work.
"Well good evening, fair lady!" Juan teased as he swooped Bianca into his arms, swinging her around.

"Dada!" she said as she rested her cheek on his chest.  "I love you!"

Juan kissed his daughter's head as he set her down.  "Go run along and tell your mother I'll be coming in for dinner," he told her as he turned back to finish his work. 
"Mama! Mama! Daddy says he's coming in for dinner!"

Evelyn put Camilla on the ground and went to the kitchen.  "Set the table and I'll prepare the meal.  Andre, go run outside and bring in a bucket of water."

"Andre!" Evelyn called.  "Go fetch a pail of water!"

Andre looked up from the book he was reading.  "What?"

Evelyn sighed with exasperation.  "Fetch a pail of water!"

Andre set the book aside and scurried outside with a slam of the door.
"I found someone trying to escape," Juan said as he came inside with Camilla in his arms.  "

Evelyn laughed as she set the stew on the table.  "Never a boring day!" she said with a grin. 

"Of course not!"


"My lady, Lady Laird has sent this message.  She asked me to deliver it with speed.  She is concerned for Brock..."

With shaking hands, Evelyn opened the letter and began to read.

Orb's Year 940
"Are you sure this is the place?" Brock asked.  "It looks empty..."

Ryker nodded.  "This is the right place.  There's light coming from the stables. Perhaps you should go in there first and speak with the man in there."
Brock quietly entered the room, feeling a strong sense of ill-ease. 
Brock stopped when he came closer.  What was he going to say to the man?

The horse saved him from preparing a speech when it snorted and tried to nip his ear.  The muscular man stopped hammering and turned around.
"He... hel.. hello..." Brock stammered with anxiety.  "I'm looking for... er... my mother... er.. Evelyn?..." He wasn't quite sure what to call the woman he could hardly remember and it was hard to think with the man staring at him so intently! 
He was just beginning to worry that the man would turn him away without even getting to meet his true mother when the man pulled him into an embrace.  He stiffened instantly. 

"Your mother has been waiting for this day for a very long time, son.  I'm Juan, your step-father."

Brock pulled back, feeling suspiciously light-headed. Something that felt an awful lot like tears were welling in his eyes.

"Would you like to meet your brother and sisters?"

Brock nodded mutely.
Brock stopped to stare when he walked in the little cottage and saw the three happy siblings.  A whole family that he hadn't even known existed!
Seeing the boy about his age, Brock couldn't help but stare.  They were so alike... and yet so different...
A commotion behind him startled him and he whipped around, fearful his father had somehow found him.

Evelyn dropped the groceries that she'd picked up at Grocer's Delicatessen and stood shocked for a moment.  She had known that Lady Laird would be sending Brock with Ryker soon, but she hadn't known when.

And now here he was... standing in front of her.

"My baby!" she cried as she hurried to him and pulled him into her arms. 

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