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Grocer, Orb's Year 937-940

Orb's Year 937
Life fell into a nice, settled routine for Gemma and Farha.  

 They enjoyed a lovely breakfast together first thing in the morning.
Then they headed over to Grocer's Delicatessen. 
Then, finally they would come home, enjoy a quick meal before hurrying upstairs in a passionate embrace.

It was absolutely perfect!


Gemma glanced up and saw her half-class sister hurrying towards her.  "Fancy! I'm surprised at you! You're so late! I was getting worried!"

Fancy smiled ruefully.  "The twins weren't feeling well this morning.  I needed to attend the poor dears.  You know how it is with kids," she said off-handedly before hurrying inside to begin baking.

Gemma stood there, pole-axed.  No, I don't know how it is with kids, she thought sadly.  


Gemma and Farha had always enjoyed having people over.  And Gemma was thankful for the crowd gathered around in her cottage.  It helped take her mind off of her sister's thoughtless comment. 

At least until they all filed out the door.
Before heading to bed, Gemma caught Farha's hand.  "I'd like to talk to you about something..." Gemma said hesitantly.  It wasn't something they'd ever discussed before, so she wasn't sure how her love was going to feel about it.
But she'd been overjoyed when Farha had whole-heartedly supported her.  "I can't wait!" Farha said excitedly. 
Gemma wasted no time making the arrangements...
...or showing Farha how much she loved her!

Orb's Year 938
Gemma and Farha paced nervously in the front entry, anxiously awaiting their new visitor.  

After all, it wasn't every day that they gave a child their home and heart!


Mayhew hoped down from the buggy and hurried up to the house the Abbess shown him.  He could hardly wait!  He was actually going to have a mom and dad, just like all the other children that teased him!
Running in the door, he saw the prettiest two ladies he'd ever seen. 

Gemma pulled the little boy into a hug with tears in her eyes as tears came to her eyes.  "We're your new mommies," she said happily, smiling brightly.

Mayhew glanced between the two woman with an astonished expression on his face.  "Two mommies?" he asked incredulously.

"Aye, it may take some getting use to, but I think you'll find that we'll love you as our own sweet child!" Farha added, stroking the little boy's cheek.  "Come! Let's have lunch and chat!"
The three went into the kitchen where Farha prepared a light lunch to enjoy while they got to know each other a little better.
It took some doing, but Farha was able to get Mayhew to open up.  In no time at all, they realized their sweet, shy little boy was actually a precious little chatterbox, excitedly telling them every little thing that occurred to him at the exact moment it occurred to him!
After lunch, Mayhew had run upstairs to play.  Gemma hugged Farha tight.  They'd been missing a child's laughter in their lives without even knowing it!


Mayhew couldn't believe how lucky he was to have two mommies!
"Would you like to see your room now?" Gemma asked.
After Mayhew nodded, Gemma showed him up the steps and across the landing.
My very own room, Mayhew thought in awe.  "It's perfect!"

Orb's Year 939
Gemma wasn't sure why, but Mayhew seemed to have attached to Farha far sooner than he had attached to her.  When she reached out to hug him, he pulled back. 
It broke her heart.
"He hates me," Gemma worried self-consciously.  "Did I do something to upset him?"

Farha wished she knew what to tell her wife.  "I doubt it.  Right now he just needs to feel safe and loved.  He's still getting used to us."

Gemma sighed.  "I know.  I just wish he wouldn't pull away when I hugged him!"

Farha hugged Gemma and kissed her cheek.  "I'll talk to him."
Farha went upstairs and sat with Mayhew as he played.  "Are you happy here?" she asked nonchalantly.

Mayhew glanced up at her and smiled widely.  "Oh yes, mama! I'm very happy here!"

"I'm so glad!  You know, Gemma and I are both so very happy to have you!"  Pausing, Farha toyed with her skirt.  "Were you disappointed to find two mothers?"

Mayhew just shook his head and continued playing. 

Farha patted him on his knee and stood up.  She thought it would just take a little time for everyone to settle in.  "Come down in a little bit.  I'll put lunch on the table sweetheart."
Humming, Farha went downstairs to cook her family a home-cooked meal. 
As she sat listening to Gemma and Mayhew chat about their day, she couldn't help but smile.  It was amazing to her how much their life had changed in such a short period of time!  And all for the better!


Farha walked around the Grocer's Delicatessen and made sure everything was stocked and ready for opening.  Her half-class sister-in-law, Fancy Waite, was expanding the selection of baked good available...
They'd set up tables to sell the Farmer's produce...
And of course the Fischer's fresh fish...
Without a doubt, their little store was an extremely successful venture, exceeding even Gemma's hopes and dreams!

Orb's Year 940
One of the proudest days in her life was when she'd introduced her father to his new grandson, Mayhew.  Her father hadn't even batted an eye.
He'd simply made the boy feel welcome and then asked if he wanted to play some ball.
Gemma grinned as she watched Mayhew toss the ball with his new grandfather.  He looked much happier and healthier since coming to live with them.
Dropping down to her knee and gave him a quick hug before he scampered off to play with some friends.

"See," Farha said quietly behind her.  "He does love you.  It just took a little bit to settle in and feel comfortable!"


Dinnertime was Mayhew's favorite time of the day.  He loved sitting at the table and talking with his mama's about his day and listening as they gossiped about the people that came into the shop.  But most of all, he loved how they smiled at each other.
It was easy to see how much they loved each other!

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