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Reeves, Orb's Year 937-940

Orb's Year 937
Addison Reeves passed her time sewing, reading or sometimes writing in a journal.  She was unused to such idleness!  But, her husband had forbidden her to take a job and he didn't need help running a business. 

What was there for her to do?!
Hearing his footsteps approach, she glanced up and smiled. 
"You're home!" she said excitedly.  She was always happy when he returned how because it was so lovely to talk to him!  Although he was quite timid at times, he had a very dry sense of humor that often had her laughing.

Secretly she prayed for a baby so that she would have something to do!


In no time at all, her wishes were answered!
While relaxing before dinner, as he caught up with the current events, Addison told him that they would soon have a child.  She'd been surprised when he'd set the paper aside and hurried over to her side.
He placed his hand upon her belly and waited a moment. 

"I think it's still too early to feel him kick," Addison said, putting her hand over his. 
Alec nodded and kissed her hand.  "You've made me the happiest man alive," he said solemnly.  "We must celebrate!"
"I have always wanted to come here!" Addison said when they were seated at the Taveryn's Kitchen.  "This is a dream come true!"

"Order whatever you like!" Alec said indulgently.  Especially now that Addison was pregnant, she would be needing all the nourishment that she could get!
The Taveryn's Kitchen was just as incredible as Addison had imagined.  "Thank you, Alec," she said softly before they went home.   She felt like a pampered princess!

Orb's Year 938
Throughout Addison's pregnancy, Alec remained thoughtful and indulgent.  Anything she'd talked about wanting or needing, he'd had delivered as soon as possible.  He truly doted upon her.
Being so pampered during her pregnancy made the time fly by quickly.  Too soon, she felt the labor pains begin and she labored to bring her child into the world.
She smiled when she gave birth to her first born son, Brooks Reeves, with beautiful brown hair and light blue eyes like her father, Thomas Taylor. 
She'd been shocked when she'd soon delivered a little girl, as well.  They named their beautiful little girl Chandra Reeves.

It took awhile for Addison to notice, but Alec seemed to be working all the time now.  He entered numbers into logs to track the taxes that the merchants owed...
He met with the merchants and his inspectors... 
He answered the messages that were sent to him and settled little squabbles....
She felt even more alone now than when she'd had the babies.  Perhaps getting out and about for a small time would make her feel better, she thought.  She grabbed some artwork and a beautiful vase at the Marchant Wares....
And she'd picked up some fresh fish and a beautiful baked blancmange at the Grocer's Delicatessen!
And she wasn't surprised when she'd returned home and Alec informed her that he needed to go out to meet with his inspector.

Really, it seemed that he had less time for her and the babies now than when she'd been pregnant!

Orb's Year 939
It felt like the years flew by quickly, but soon they were celebrating Brooks and Chandra's 2nd Orb's Year day!  Her children were growing up so fast!
And it was so nice to see all her family and friends to celebrate the day with them!
Sweet little Chandra was the cutest little girl in the world.  Addison thought that when she grew up, she would look like her daddy!
And her little Brooks was such a handsome devil, too! 
"Come see your Grandma," Barika said as she cuddled her sweet granddaughter in her arms.  Her twin brother kissed her cheek and told her that he would walk her home since the hour grew so late.  Sighing, Barika set her grandchild down.  It'd been too long since she'd held a sweet little baby in her arms!
"Goodnight, Master Reeves," Barika said as she patted her grandson on the head.  "You take care of your sister!"

Orb's Year 940
Addison waved goodbye as Alec headed off to work for the day.  "We'll see you for dinner," she said.

Alec glanced at his hour-glass pendant and frowned.  He was running late.  "Actually, I might be a little late.  Don't wait up for me," he said.

Addison had wanted to ask what he thought would take so long, but he was in a hurry to leave and the children were already calling for her at the top of the stairs.
"Ma... ma.... ma... ma..." Chandra called, prepared to break into tears soon if she didn't receive a bottle.  Addison hurried upstairs to see to their needs.
As Brooks was the heir, Addison spent more time attempting to teach him to talk and walk. 
Chandra didn't seem to mind.  She enjoyed playing castle!
Alec had been right. He was late, Addison thought as she laid her children to bed.  Sighing, she remembered wistfully how attentive Alec had been during her pregnancy.  Just then, she heard him behind her. 

"I came in to kiss the kids goodnight," he said softly.  "How was your day?"

Addison just moved into his arms and held him tight.  "I've missed you," she mumbled into his shirt. 

"I've missed you, too," he said, squeezing her tighter.  "I hate the hours that have kept me from you.  Hopefully that will change soon..."

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