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Taylor, Orb's Year 937-940

Orb's Year 937
After spending all year working in the shop with his father, Cedrick Taylor was beginning to get the hang of the business. 
He was still a little slow giving change back and he wasn't as good at selling the merchandise, but his father said that he was learning fast.
His mother had also decided it was time for him to learn his trade.  She told him to sit at the sewing table and begin trying to make a few potholders. 
Under her patient guidance, he really started to get the hang of the stitching.  He hoped he would make his father proud!


"Oh come on, you should come to the party," Dagmar Raha cajoled, following Cedrick home.  "Everyone has lots of fun over at Gemma's!  And Farha is your cousin!  I bet it would be lovely to see her again!"

Cedrick glanced back at the shop and chewed on his lip.  "But, my father is waiting for me.  I need to help him open the shop."
Dagmar's face fell.  "Isn't there anything I can do to talk you into going?"

Cedrick was torn.  He wanted to go so badly, if only to hang out with Dagmar, but he had responsibilities to his family.   "I'm sorry, Dagmar. I can't."

"Fine!" Dagmar said with a slight stamp of her foot.  "Maybe I'll see if Edrick can take me!"

Cedrick winced.  All the girls loved Edrick Taveryn, almost as much as he loved all the girls!  He told himself that he'd hate to see Dagmar's heart broken because of the scoundrel!
"Fine! I'll go!" Cedrick said grumpily, still not convinced he was doing the right thing.

Orb's Year 938
"What do you mean you went out with Edrick?" Cedrick asked, alarmed.  "I thought..." he trailed off, unsure of himself.
Dagmar shrugged with a frown.  "What do you care?" she asked.

Cedrick groaned with frustration.  He'd been trailing after her to all her parties and social gatherins, all in hopes of keeping Edrick at bay.

And then she went on a date with him?!

 "I don't like to see you with him," Cedrick said lamely.  Surely Dagmar had to know that he cared about her!  He didn't have to tell her, did he? 

Dagmar put her hands on her hips and glared.  "Well it's not as if anyone else has shown an interest in me!"
Goaded, Cedrick leaned forward and kissed Dagmar's lips.  There! Now she had to know he liked her! he thought, pleased with himself as he stepped back.
Unwilling to wait another minute for Cedrick to know how she felt about him, Dagmar pulled him into her arms and kissed him passionately.

"Cedrick Taylor and Dagmar Raha!" Barika admonished, "The two of you should be ashamed of yourselves!  Stop that this instant!"

Cedrick gulped as he met his mother's glare.


Thomas was showing the Knightley half-class girl a sampling of fabric when he noticed the Queen walk in.  Quickly he glanced towards the door, willing Cedrick to walk through the door.  Where is that boy? he thought with irritation.  Ever since Cedrick had begun seeing the Dagmar girl, he had become less and less reliable.
Abandoning the young girl mid-sentence, Thomas hustled over to see what Queen Deidre was interested in.

Orb's Year 939
Cedrick knew that he was letting his father down.  He should be in the shop right now, but he couldn't make himself say goodbye to Dagmar!  He never seemed to get tired of kissing her!
Sneaking in the house quietly, Cedrick pulled her down onto the couch with him and promised himself he would go help his parents after a few more kisses..


"Cedrick, this cannot continue," Thomas said gravely as he pulled Cedrick aside.  "Either you must learn to pull your weight in the house or you cannot continue to see Dagmar."

Cedrick hung his head.  "I know, father.  I'm sorry I've let you down."

Thomas clamped his son on the shoulder.  "The one you let down the most is yourself.  This is your heritage.  Once your mother and I are gone, it will be up to you to run the shop.  You cannot let a whim stand in your way."

"I understand, father," Cedrick said, a plan forming in his head already.


"What are we going to do with him? I do not want him to choose between his love and his work, but he is forcing my hand!" Thomas worried.
Barika pulled Thomas close and smiled.  "They are young and in love. Give him time and he will find a way to balance the two."
Besides, Barika added, "I remember many a time we avoided work in order to be together some 25 years ago!"  (Marchant, Orb's Year 915)

Orb's Year 940
Barika and Thomas were excited to celebrate their golden anniversary.  They had been married for 25 wonderful years!
Cedrick's parents inspired him and made him long for what they had shared together.  Feeling nervous, he outlined his plan to Dagmar, praying that she would say yes.  If she did, then all he would have to do is talk to his parents!

He could hardly contain his excitement when she said yes!
"Dad, there's something I need to talk to you about," Cedrick said, pulling his father aside once all the guests had left.


Barika toiled away at the sewing table, piecing together the fabric to make a lovely outfit. She wished she'd known earlier how easy it would be to make clothes to sell easily.  But alas, she had not been as familiar with the sewing craft as she would have liked!

But, at least Cedrick would know when it came time for him to take over the tailor business!


"I'm sure you would love this outfit," Cedrick said, pointing out the soft cloth to the royal prince.  He was so proud that his mother had discovered a way to sell clothes before they were even commissioned!  This would change the nature of their business drastically!

"Why, yes, I think you're right," Prince Scott said nodding his head. 

Cedrick happily led him over to the money box.
Orb's truth, it had been a long day, Cedrick thought as he made change for the remaining customers.  Glancing towards the side of the shop, he grinned to see Dagmar still hard at work restocking.

He was so proud of her!


After everyone had left, Cedrick locked the door and then hurried over to Dagmar's side, pulling her into a passionate embrace.  "I've been waiting hours to do that!" he breathed.

Dagmar looped her arms around Cedrick's neck and grinned.  "Me too, my betrothed!"

Cedrick grinned happily.  Dagmar had agreed to marry him when they were of an age and her father had allowed her to come live with them until that time so that she could learn their craft.  Truthfully, his life was perfect!

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