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Abbey, Orb's Year 937-940

 Orb's Year 937
Head Abbess Belinda liked to take a moment each day before her other duties distracted her to write down some of her thoughts and beliefs regarding the Celestial Orb.  Perhaps one day her musings might inspire a future Abbess!

Glancing at her marked candle, she realized that her time for dawdling had grown short.  She was to meet with her new student, Brooklyn Taylor in the reception room!  She was sure Brooklyn would fit in at the Abbey wonderfully!

But first, where was Deanna?  More often than not, Abbess Belinda needed to encourage Deanna to do her chores rather than whiling away the morning!


"Mom! I'm so glad you could make it!" Brooklyn said excitedly, greeting her mother. 

Barika grinned as she hugged her youngest daughter tightly.  "I would not miss it for the world!  Go say hello to your father!"
Brooklyn hurried over and hugged the rest of her family that had been waiting patiently to see her. 

She was so glad that they came to see her ordained!


 Head Abbess Belinda had Brooklyn repeat the sacred vows and then turned towards her with the Celestial Wand. 
 Then, with a wave of the wand, Brooklyn felt the Celestial Light pouring through her veins.

Her dream had finally come true!  She was now Abbess Brooklyn,  an abbess of the Celestia Orb!

 Orb's Year 938
Guy and Hugh kept to themselves mostly.  Their mother, Deanna, and sister, Fatima, largely ignored them.  Abbess Belinda scolded them to "walk, not run."  Only their aunt, Abbess Farrah, had any kind words for them.  She'd often help them with their homework or ask how their day had been. 
With little adult supervision, it wasn't a wonder that they'd turned out as rowdy and wild as they were! 
 But the time they looked forward to most was...

"Daddy! Daddy!" Hugh cried as he launched himself into his father's arms.

Camelot Knightley hugged his son tight and glanced over at Deanna.  "I'll bring them home within the week," he said.

Deanna shrugged, uncaring.  She wished he'd take the half-class children for eternity!  Those Knightley brothers had ruined her life!  Someday's she couldn't stand to even look at her children!


Time with their father flew by too fast.  Soon Guy and Hugh were back at the Abbey.

"What are you doing, Guy?" Hugh asked when he saw his brother flipping through the large volume.

Guy looked up with anguish in his eyes.  "I'm trying to learn about falling in love so that I can help Mother and Daddy fall in love again!"

Orb's Year 939
Deanna would have snatched the book from Guy's hand if she'd known what he wished for!  She had no use for falling in love!
 All she needed was a handsome fast and a moderately skilled hand.

"Can I buy you dinner?" Edrick Taveryn asked when he'd caught sight of the lovely Deanna.

"Of course, I'd be delighted," Deanna said coyly.

Edrick's older brother, Connor, watched in surprise as Edrick practiced his charms on the older woman.  Edrick was still just a boy and that woman was going to eat him alive!  It was times like this that made Connor glad that he was happily married.

 Soon dinner was over and Deanna suggested they move somewhere more "private."

"I know!" Edrick said, "My brother has a room upstairs for travelers!"

Deanna wrapped her arms around the hulking lad and smiled.  "That sounds perfect..."

Some time later...
"Hey! Deanna!" Edrick called as he scurried down the stairs.  "Hey!" 

Deanna didn't stop.

Disappointed, Edrick stopped next to Connor and sighed.  "She didn't hear me," he said with regret.

Connor clapped his brother on the shoulder and grinned, "Welcome to manhood, brother!"

Orb's Year 940
"Hi Fatima," Irving grinned as he hugged Fatima in greeting.  Fatima wasn't sure, but it seemed that Irving's hand got lower and lower each time he stopped by for a visit. 

"How's Henry?" she asked immediately.

Irving frowned and shrugged.  He didn't want to talk about his brother.  "He doesn't talk to me anymore.  Come on, let's go talk," Irving said, grabbing Fatima's hand. 

Fatima trailed behind Irving as he rushed upstairs to the mezzanine and wondered why Henry wasn't talking to Irving anymore...
"So, I actually caught more fish than everyone that day!"  Irving bragged.  "And then Kitty told me that I ought to use the money I got from the fish for the family.  Can you believe that?  I caught them!"

Fatima listened to Irving whining and sighed.  Irving was nice to talk to, but she missed her chats with Henry!  "Was Henry there?" she asked suddenly.

Irving frowned again.  "Yeah, but I caught more than him.  He kept stopping to let Jessica tug on the line. We'd starve if we depended on him to provide for us!"

"Irving! It's not a contest!" Fatima said with surprise. 

Irving shoved his frustration down and sent Fatima what he hoped was a grin.  "You're right, Fatima."

Fatima toyed with her braid.  "Well, I should probably get to work.  Tell Henry I said hello."
Irving jumped up and stomped his foot.  "Henry! Henry! Henry! It's always Henry!" Irving  shouted.  "Get over it already! You're with me now!"

Fatima stood up with alarm and stepped back.  "What are you talking about?  We're not 'together'!" she  protested.  "We're just friends!"

Irving's face turned mottled red.  Angrily, he tried to pull her close for a kiss.  

Frustrated, she pushed him away.  "What has gotten into you, Irving? It's time for you to leave!"

"No!" Irving protested.  "You were supposed to fall in love with me after I broke you and Henry up! You're supposed to marry me!"  Irving all but stomped his foot in anger.
Fatima slapped Irving across the face.  "You broke us up? You lied, didn't you? You lied about everything!  Get out, you miserable, little brat!"

Irving glared at Fatima.  "Well, you might not have fallen in love with me, but Henry thinks you have.  He'll never take you back now! Now you'll have no-one, just like your mother!"  He turned around and stomped off.
Deanna felt the blood drain from her face.  All this time Irving had told her that Henry didn't want to see her because she'd turned him down and she'd believed him.  Did Henry truly think that she could ever fall in love with his wormy-brother?!  

What was she going to do?


Deanna glanced over at Connor after glancing around the tavern.  "Is Edrick around?" she asked.  She'd been hoping to enjoy another tangle on the sheets.

"No, he's fallen in love with a gypsy-woman and moved out to Gypsy Grotto."

Deanna sighed.  Wasn't that the way it went... they always fell in love with someone else

Although, she glanced back at Connor and silently appraised him.  Edrick's older brother was no slouch in the looks-department.  Perhaps he could be persuaded...
"I can't believe I'm here," Connor said, glancing around the Abbey furtively.

"Oh come now," Deanna said, stepping closer to run her fingers down his arm.  "There's nothing embarrassing about an itch!  Your poor wife's gone and you must be in sour need of some comfort.  Let me comfort you..."
Connor allowed Deanna to drag him inside and make use of the storage closet.  Immediately afterward, he thanked her awkwardly and then hurried away.

Deanna stood outside the closet and closed her eyes with a sigh.  Well, that exchange had left her feeling a bit like a...

"I cannot believe you!" Abbess Farrah hissed furiously, startling Deanna. "Do you want everyone to believe you're a hussy? Easily had by anyone happening to pass by?"

Deanna rolled her eyes, "He wasn't just anyone passing by. I invited him!"

"Deanna! This is a place of higher learning and intellect!  You cannot bring your men around! What about your children?"

Deanna scowled at her younger sister.  "Save your lectures for someone else," Deanna snapped before whirling away.


"Thanks for coming with me, Gaius.  It means a lot to me," Haydin Consul said as he approached the Abbey with his twin brother. 
Gaius wasn't listening though.  "Oh wow.  Look at that," he said with wonder in his voice.  "I'm going to go check it out.  See you later!"  Gaius took off without a glance backwards.

Haydin was used to his brother's ways and didn't take it personally.  Besides, here he was - finally!  At the Celestial Orb Abbey!  He could not wait to learn the Path of Enlightenment!

 "I'm so proud of you, Abbott Haydin!" his cousin, Faelyn said proudly.  Haydin liked the sound of that!

He hugged her fiercely, then glanced over at their other friend, Earnest Royale, Faelyn's newly betrothed. "Is everything okay?" he asked quietly.

Faelyn glanced over at Earnest and winced.  "It will be fine.  We shall come to terms, I'm sure," Faelyn said with more conviction than she felt.  "Tis the way of arranged marriages, is it not?"

Haydin frowned. It pained him to see his two best friends at odds.  Changing the subject, he grabbed Faelyn's hand.  "Come with me, I'd like you to meet Abbess Brooklyn!  She's about our age and so very talented at the piano!"


Head Abbess Belinda cornered Deanna in the hall before she could pass.  "I believe we need to have a conversation, Deanna," she said grimly.

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