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Fischer, Orb's Year 937-940

Orb's Year 937
"Happy Orb's Day!" Henry Fischer said, pulling his brother Irving in for a hug.
"Thanks, big brother," Irving said.  This was the year, he thought to himself.  This was the year he'd fall in love!
He'd invited Gena Baker over.  They'd always been good friends as children, just like Henry and Fatima. 
And Gena was just as curious as he was to find out what all the fuss about a kiss was...
So he puckered his lips and leaned forward and planted a kiss on her lips.  "Do you think we did it right?" Irving asked when he opened his eyes.
Gena shrugged and pulled Irving closer, "I dunno. Maybe we should keep trying..."
Now that was kissing, Irving thought sometime later.  Gazing in the mirror, he checked himself out.  He still looked the same, he thought with some disappointment.  After kisses like that from Gena, he was expecting to look more like a man...


Kitty pulled her daughter, Jessica up from the crib.  "Now, now," she said tenderly.  "There's no need to fuss so!  Mommy's here!"
What a sight to behold, George thought as he dragged his feet up the stairs.  Home after a long day at work and there's his wife and his daughter, pretty as a picture.

When she saw him, Kitty jumped up.  "George! You're home! Can I get you dinner?"

George kissed her cheek.  "No, no.  I'm exhausted.  I'm going to lay down for awhile."

"You work too hard, George!" Kitty said, pulling him close for a hug.  "You should rest more!"

George grinned and teased, "And leave my family to eat what? No, it takes hard work to support a family this size!"  He kissed her cheek and headed for their room.
Much later, Kitty gazed in the mirror and rubbed her belly.  She didn't have the heart to tell George that soon there would be one more mouth to feed...

Orb's Year 938
George tossed the ball to his father, relieved to have something to take his mind off his worries.  Any day now, Kitty would deliver their second child and he couldn't help but worry.

"She'll be fine, you know.  Your mother, Debbie, bore five healthy babies and your step-mother, Nicole, bore me two healthy sons.  Kitty's a strong girl.  She'll be fine." Sheldon counseled his son as he tossed the ball back.  He could see the worry in his son's eyes.

"I know that in my mind, but I still feel uneasy.  It's not unheard of for the birthing to claim lives.  Especially when the mother-to-be has been so ill and exhausted."

Sheldon nodded, understanding George's worry.  Kitty had been sick to her stomach and unable to eat much of her pregnancy.  "Nicole is here to take care of her through the day and then you are here to help her during the night.  She'll be fine," Sheldon said assuredly.

"You're right. I should go check on her," George said, dropping the ball.
Sheldon followed behind George as he rushed up the stairs two at a time.  He lifted his granddaughter, Jessica, up into his arms. 
Quietly, he asked his dear wife Nicole, "How is she?"

Nicole frowned.  "She still hasn't eaten well.  I got some soup down her throat, but I worry for her."

Sheldon nodded sadly.  "We all do."

Mindful of the precious bundle in his arms, Sheldon tossed her in the air and tickled her belly.  A child's laughter was such a gift - especially in times like this.
But Jessica pushed his hand away and looked up at him with sober eyes.  "I'm worried about mama," she whispered.


Kitty awoke in the middle of the night from a nightmare.  What had awakened her? she thought irritably as she laid back on the pillows.

Understanding dawned when she felt the contraction hit again.

Weakly, she pulled herself from the bed and woke up George.  "It's time, George," she whispered. 
"A baby boy!" Kitty said as she passed his heir to George.

George immediately passed little Kurt off to Nicole as he helped his wife back into bed.  "When you feel strong enough, I'll bring you more soup with plenty of fish and Farmer veggies. That will fill you right up! Would you like that?"

Kitty nodded. "Just let me rest a bit..." she said weakly before falling back into slumber.


"Fatima! I've missed you!" Henry said as he pulled his love into his arms.

Fatima laughed as he squeezed her.  "Not so tight, Henry!" she squealed.  "You'll squeeze me to death!"

"Never!" Henry said, holding her hands.  "I love you too much!"

Nearby, Irving watched jealously.

Orb's Year 939
Sheldon gazed around the room, thankful for his happy, healthy family!  Kitty had proven a strong woman, indeed, after Kurt's birth.  She'd slept for a small bit and then eaten the soup that Sheldon had prepared.  Almost instantly the color returned to her face and she managed a weak smile.

George still hovered over her a bit, but any fear of her passing on had vanished.
Nicole held her grandson and snuggled him closely.  Already he was growing so quickly! After all, what did she expect - the years hadn't stopped for her!


Irving played with his niece Jessica for a bit when he heard Henry and Fatima behind him.  "Go play, scamp," he told Jessica playfully. 

Pretending not to be listening, he played with Mongrel & kept his ears open.  Gads, Henry was asking Fatima to pledge herself to him, he thought sourly.  Why did Henry get everything he wanted?  Irving felt ready to throw a tantrum and rail at the blasted Orb. 

But then...
"No, I can't Henry..." Fatima whispered fretfully.

"No?" Henry said, taking a step back.  "But why?"
It hurt Fatima to look at him.  Henry was so heart-broken.  Tears filled her eyes and she turned away.  "I just.. I can't.."

"Don't you love me?" Henry pleaded, stepping up behind her.

"Yes, but I... I just can't Henry!" she said more forcefully.

His throat working, Henry spun around and ran inside, slamming the door.

Fatima moaned and covered her face with her hands, willing the tears away.  How could she explain that she was scared to love so deeply?  She'd seen her mother suffer so much from being cast away by the men in her life...  It would only be a matter of time before Henry grew tired of her...
Irving scurried over.  "I couldn't help but overhear..." he said affectionately.  "Would you like to talk about it?'

Fatima wiped at her eyes and gave Irving a small smile.  "I feel silly," she said, "I care about him so much, but I'm so worried about being hurt."
Irving paused a moment, as though hesitating to depart a truth.  "Well... I shouldn't tell you this, Henry's my brother..."

"What is it?" Fatima asked anxiously, worried that her mother's curse was about to come to fruition.

"Well," Irving said, acting reluctant, "He's always been so possessive.  I've always worried for you."

"Why? What do you mean?"

Irving stepped closer, "If you were my girl, I would never treat you like a possession..."


Henry sat in his dark room, nursing his broken heart.  She didn't love him.  He'd been a fool! 

And then he'd seen her standing close to Irving... she must be exactly like her mother - quick to jump from one brother to another!

Orb's Year 940
Henry tried not to be obvious, but he didn't want to be anywhere near Irving.

Kitty glanced over at her brother-in-law, sitting in the corner by himself, "Henry, pull up a chair and join us!"

Henry shook his head and hurriedly ate his food.  "Can't.  Wanted to get out on the lake since it's thawed."

Irving glanced at his brother with a small smirk.  "You can have my seat.  I'm heading over to the Abbey to see Fatima."

Nicole glanced at her youngest son sharply.  She didn't know what had happened, neither of her boys would talk about it.  But it was clear that Fatima had broken Henry's heart and claimed Irving's.  "I'm not sure I approve of the time you spend with her.  She's already broken Henry's heart..."

"Enough, Mama!" Henry said from the edge of the room, "Fatima is allowed to fall in love with whoever she chooses!  It does not make her a bad person!"

Henry's dishes clattered in the sink as he strode from the room, grabbing his fishing pole.


Kitty stood in the bathroom and gazed at her expanding stomach.  She pledged to keep this pregnancy a secret for as long as she could.

George had been so frantic during her pregnancy with Kurt and afterwards had told her they would have no more children.  It had taken her months before she was able to persuade him to join her in their bed!

She knew he would not handle this pregnancy well at all...


Jessica went outside to fill up the dog's food bowl when a large wolf came padding up. 
She jumped back with alarm, worried that it would attack her for the food...
But then the strangest thing happened.  It began to leap around and play with Hound!  Stepping lightly, she hurried inside.
"I swear, Mama! I saw a wolf! It was huge and had large yellow eyes! And it started to play with Hound!"

Kitty stood up with alarm.  "George! Jessica said there were wolves outside! We need to make sure the dogs are okay!"

George hurried outside, grabbing an axe for protection.  Glancing around, he only saw Mutt and Mongrel... Hound was nowhere to be seen...

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