Thursday, December 19, 2013

Knowles, Orb's Year 941-944

Orb's Year 941
Reigna was the favored dog of the Knowles.  How could you not love the playful dog with such whimsical ears?! 
She was so playful and friendly with all everyone... even stray dogs...
Hyun Knowles sighed once again when he found the little stray dog in Reigna's house.  "Go on, scamp! Shoo!" he said as he waved the dog away.
"What am I to do with you, Reigna?" Hyun said as he dropped down to teach his favorite dog to shake.


Danica gasped in surprise when she realized that she was pregnant again.  With the birth of Hyun's heir,  Beau, she had fully intended to limit their family size to two children...
Alessandra, her beautiful daughter...
Especially since Beau was growing up fast.  His Orb's Day came before she knew it!
Happy Orb's Day, Beau!

Orb's Year 942
"Mama!" Beau cried out when Danica went into labor.  She managed a reassuring smile for her children before all her attention was taken by her third newly born child.
A beautiful little girl they promptly named Cassandra Knowles.
Father and children crowded around to get a look at the newborn baby babbling sweetly in her mother's arms.
Meanwhile... Danica was not the only pregnant mother giving birth...

Reigna delivered two sweet puppy boys, Eagle-eye and Lion-heart.
Hyun was the one to discover the bumbling puppies.  Fondly, he petted Reigna on the head.  "You little minx!  What a secret to keep!  Whatever are we to do with you?"
"Children!" he called.  "Come see the newborn pups!"

Alessandra and Beau came running out.
"Aw, they're so cute, father!" they grinned as the children cuddled the adorable little pups.

Orb's Year 943
"Alessandra, there is something I would put to you," Danica began.  "There are many more students to teach now.  I thought perhaps you might help me with some of the younger children.  Would you be interested in that position?"
Danica smiled at her mother, "I would gladly help you with the younger children.  I am very interested in such noble pursuits! 

"Wonderful!" Danica said cheerfully.  "You may start with helping your brother!"

Orb's Year 944
In truth, Hyun was proud of all his children.  His youngest, Cassandra was learning all her skills as quickly as his other children.  Cassandra always had a ready grin for everyone in the household.
Beau had proved to be quite a hard-worker and was always excited when he made good marks on his assignments. 
And Alessandra, his first-born child.  She was so beautiful, kind and intelligent - just like her mother!
Not to be left out were Reigna's little scamps - Eagle-eye and Lion-heart.  Hyun had been pleasantly surprised when the little rascals inherited their mother's quirky ears!

Yes, time had happily marched on in the Knowles household, leaving Hyun a satisfied and contented old man!

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