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Noble, Orb's Year 941-944

Orb's Year 941
Trent Noble was so thankful he had Esther in his life!  He'd thought that their life would be over once they'd settled down to have children, but amazingly - life just kept getting better!
She didn't mind at all when he invited a number of people over for parties and get-togethers!
Thankfully Farrah Farmer... er.... Abbess Farrah... was able to come all the time.  She was literally his best friend! 
"And as I was saying..." Farrah paused as she was telling Esther about the Abbey.  "Trent! You have your own cake!" she laughed.

Trent grinned cheekily at Farrah.  "Yes but, that bite had extra chocolate.  I could tell!"

The friends shared a grin as Farrah leaned over and elbowed him.
Esther watched with a frown.  "I think I hear Chaz crying.  I should go check on him," she said getting up.

"See that?" Trent asked.  "She's such a wonderful mother!"
As Esther took Chaz to ready him for bed, Esther tried very hard to bury her jealousy of Farrah.  She was married to Blaze, had born his heir, and enjoyed a lovely marriage with him.  Farrah had nothing!
Hours later when Trent stumbled in to go to bed, he discovered Cecelie lying in his bed.  Sighing, he turned to leave.  He thought he'd asked Esther to make sure Cecelie fell asleep in the basket so that he had a space to sleep.

Oh well, he thought.  Looks like another night on the bench!

Orb's Year 942
"Blasted Orb!" Esther ranted when she'd awaken yet another morning when little Chaz awoke from his nightly slumber.  All she wanted was to crawl back into bed and sleep a little longer!
Blaze hurried in, scooped up his son and snuggled him.  "Sounds like we should have a father-son day!" he said cheerfully before leading him away.
"Is mama mad at me?" Chaz asked worriedly.

"No, of course not!" Trent said.  "She just needs extra sleep right now!"
"After all, she's going to have your little brother or sister!"
Chaz lovingly patted his mama's belly.  "Can I name the baby?" he asked, looking up at his mother.

"You can help us pick," Esther hedged.

"Wonderful!" Chaz cried.   "I can't wait for my brother to be born!"
Esther could certainly wait! There was nothing wonderful about the birthing process!
But, it was quite special to hold her newborn daughter in her arms.

"We should call her blanket!" Chaz said excitedly.

Trent smiled down at his son.  "What about Dezi?"

Chaz shrugged.  "That's okay, too."

Orb's Year 943
"Have you made a new friend?" Esther asked her noble companion, Cecelie.  The dog did not have a collar & looked remarkably like the Knowles breed.
She was just puzzling over this mystery when she heard someone call out a greeting, "Lady Esther!"

Esther turned around and saw Prince Berjes Faust fast approaching. 
"It seems you have found the little scamp!" Berjes said, almost breathlessly.  "I've been running around the blasted kingdom attempting to find this bit of baggage!"

Esther laughed.  "Well it seems that he's found my fair Cecelie.  It's hard not to fall in love with her, I know!"

Berjes joined in her laughter, but leaned in a little closer.  "I can see how he would want to stay close to such beauty."

"Oh you!" Esther said, scuffing him lightly on the shoulder.  "You're incorrigible.  You attempt to turn this happily married woman's head with all those petty compliments!"

"Tis not petty!" Berjes grumbled.  "Pretty is more like it!"

Esther shook her head with laughter at the prince's sulk.  "Perhaps it's best if you gather up the prince's companion and... well... where did he run off to?"
Just then they heard a sound coming from the side of the castle and they hurried over to see what was the matter.
With her voice full of laughter, Esther suggested, "Perhaps in a few months, I shall give the king the pick of the litter!"

"You scamp!" Berjes said playfully, slipping a leash around Rex's neck.  "Although I understand your need to procreate, we should get you home before we discover the kingdom populated with your progeny!"

Turning to Esther, he bowed low with a smile.  "Good day to you, mi'lady!"

Orb's Year 944
"Come on Cecelie! Roll over!" Chaz cheered.  "Good girl! Wait until I show father what a good girl you are!  Then he'll stop calling you a mutt! I know it!"
Cecelie stretched with a loud yawn and then nestled down to the floor.
To Chaz's surprise, moments later, Cecelie had delivered three little pups.
"Mother! Father! Cecelie had babies!" Chaz called excitedly.   "Can I name them?!"


"My lady, may I introduce Prince Earl," Prince Berjes said gallantly.
"Your majesty," Esther said with reverence.  "It's so nice to meet you!"

"I hear my royal companion made quite an impression on your Cecelie!"

"Quite, I'm afraid!" Esther said with a smile.  "Would you like to take your pick?"

Prince Earl considered the three lively pups romping around in the grass. 
The decision was easy, though.  Prince Earl began the walk home with Caesar, the fourth generation royal companion!

"Happy Orb's Day, Dezi!" Family and friends cheered.
Abbess Farrah bent down to pick up her friend's daughter. 
"Aren't you a dear?" Farrah asked, jiggling the little toddler.

Immediately Dezi began to struggle and howl.  Abbess Farrah glanced over at Esther in embarrassment.  "I don't know what the matter is, usually I'm so good with children!" she said with apology, handing Dezi to Esther.
Esther smothered a grin as she nestled her daughter to her chest.  She was secretly pleased Dezi couldn't stand Abbess Farrah! 

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