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Potter, Orb's Year 937-940

Orb's Year 937
Adam Potter kissed his pregnant wife's hand.  "You are even more beautiful than when I married you!" he said in awe.

Caitlyn pulled her hand back and scoffed.  "Ha! I'm older and fully pregnant! You should not tease me so! It's unkind!"

"Should I lead you to the bedroom to show you how wrong you are?" he asked playfully, wrapping his arms around her.

Caitlyn rested her head against her husband's shoulder.  "I think perhaps that would be nice..."


Later that afternoon after they had managed to pull themselves from the bedroom, Adam was hard at work making the pottery for Darius' new shop.

He knocked the clay off the the table when he heard Caitlyn call out and bend over in pain.  "Caitlyn!" he called, hurrying to her side.
Caitlyn held up a sweet baby girl, Ella, with brown eyebrows and her father's beautiful blue eyes.  Feeling another pain, she handed Ella over to Adam.  He looked at his newborn daughter with love in his eyes.
When he heard another squalling baby, he glanced over in amazement.  Twins? Again?!  Caitlyn held in her arms another little girl, Elle, with black as night eyebrows and piercing blue eyes. 


Adam helped Caitlyn to her bed and looked after her, assuring her that their sons were old enough to mother their newborn sisters for a time.

"I'll go check on them," he promised her, rising from the bed.  "You stay and rest.  All will be well."
It was with some irony that Adam found his twin sons holding the twin girls.  Even more ironic that the brown-haired brother held the brown-haired sister, while the black-haired brother held the black-haired sister.

He wondered if they had done that on purpose...

Orb's Year 938
Benji Potter was spending as much time with his Dad, learning how to form the clay in just the right manner.  Someday he would take over his father's position and be responsible for the Potter's name.  Being the heir came with a great deal of responsibility!  All of a sudden he had much less time to dally with his friends and loved ones.


But Casey found he had plenty of time to dally with whoever so struck his fancy!  He was working on his brother's old friend, Lydia. 
While all Carey seemed to have time for was reading or stuffing his nose in a book.
And sweet, sweet Daisy was the kindest, gentlest little girl in the kingdom!
Caitlyn was so proud of her four oldest children.  But they were growing so fast!  She sometimes wished time would slow down to give her more precious moments with them.
Even Elle and Ella were growing up sooner than she could have imagined!
At least their house was filled with laughter and love, a far cry from the hostile home that Caitlyn had been raised in!

Orb's Year 939
"I'm so glad you were able to come visit today!" Benjamin said, pulling Gia Farmer close.  "I've missed you."

"And I have missed you, too.  I cannot wait until we're to be married!"  she said, snuggling closer.  "Uncle Ennis says the King will be most displeased to lose a servant, though."

Benjamin frowned.  He hadn't considered what the King would have to say about losing a servant.  "Do you think he will let you go?" he asked cautiously.

"The Royales are good people.  I cannot imagine them standing in the way of true love." She worried her lower lip.  "But, perhaps you should visit the castle and ask the King for my hand..."

Benjamin laughed then.  "You should be thankful that I love you so!  I have to visit two fathers to ask for your hand in marriage!"
Benjamin chatted with Garth Farmer, keeping an eye on his brother, Casey.  He seemed to flirting excessively with Gia's little sister, Helga.  Frowning, he made a note to speak with Casey about leading on the young girl.
"Hello, everyone," Daisy said as she entered the room.  "May I join?"
Everyone turned to glance at her and she worriedly twirled her hair.  "What is it? Why is everyone looking at me?"

Casey shook his head and smiled at Daisy, coming forward to throw her arm around her shoulder, pulling her further into the room.  "Nothing, you just look like a young lady now! We're used to seeing you in diapers and drool!"
Daisy laughed softly.  "I haven't been in diapers or drool for years! And you're awful to say so!" she said as she poked her brother's side.

Casey pretended extreme hurt, "Oh! No! Stop! You're maiming me!"

And just like that, Daisy was accepted.


"Go on, Garth. Talk to her.  Tell her that you like her!" Benjamin urged his good friend.  "She'll never know unless you take a chance.  What's the worst that could happen?"

"Fine!" Garth said with exasperation.  Straightening his tunic, he followed Lydia into the kitchen as Benjamin watched with glee.
Benjamin's face fell as he watched Garth say something to Lydia. Her face screwed up and she gestured with her hands.  This doesn't look good, Benjamin thought with despair.

"I'm sorry, I... well... I like someone else..." Lydia whispered haltingly. 
Garth felt his face drain as Lydia walked away.  So, that was that, he thought sadly. The worst that could happen was that she could turn him down...
Across the room, Daisy watched with her heart in her chest.
Their eyes met across the room.   This is my chance, she thought...
She hurried over to him. "She isn't worthy of you!" she said breathlessly. "I've always thought..."
Garth was having trouble paying attention.  He glanced over, frowning at Lydia as she waited to speak with Benjamin.  He should have expected to be turned down.  It was rather apparent that she fawned over Benjamin... not him...
Glancing back, he tried to focus on Benjamin's little sister.  "I'm sorry, what were you saying?" he asked.

Daisy just sighed forlornly and mumbled, "Nothing."

Orb's Year 940
"Come on, Gene!" Casey begged his childhood friend.  "You're friends with Helga! Put in a good word for me!"

"Casey Potter, you are incorrigible!" Gene Baker said sternly as she got up, attempting to appear non-plussed when the truth was that her heart was breaking.  She'd always liked Casey - he was so funny and playful!  But, he seemed to be interested in every girl but her!
Casey turned in his seat. "Why not, Genie-Beanie? Why are you being like that?" Casey asked with some frustration.  "Come on! Who do you like? Do you want me to talk to them?!"


"Dirk! What are you doing here?" Caitlyn called out in surprise when she saw her brother passing by.  Hurriedly, she ran over and hugged him.  "It's been forever since I've seen you last!  Are you happy?"
Dirk laughed as he pulled away.  "How could I miss my big sis's birthday?" he teased.
Caitlyn made a face.  "Eh, whyever would I want to celebrate my birthday?  Now I'm just an old woman!"

"Come on! It's a night to celebrate! I see before me a beautiful old woman!" Dirk teased.  "Now, I've brought my fiddle and I expect dancing!" he announced as he lead her inside.


Casey didn't know why Gene wouldn't help him out with Lydia.    But, he wasn't getting anywhere with her!


"She said I was too young for her! Can you believe it?" Casey asked with affront.  "Broke my poor heart."
Gene launched herself into his arms.  "I'm so sorry.  It's all my fault!"

Casey was surprised to find Gene in his arms and even more surprised to feel how good she felt.

Grinning, he held her tighter.  "I feel so wretched," he said, faking a sad he no longer felt.  "Perhaps you could make me feel better?"

Gene pulled back a bit and looked up into his eyes.  "How?" she asked. "I'll do anything!"

Anything, Casey thought happily.  Now this was more like it!  Attempting to look very serious, he said, "A small little kiss."

Gene flushed with embarrassment... or was it pleasure?  "If you think it would help," she said quietly.
Carey watched Casey steal a kiss from Gene and felt irritation stir up.  Why did Casey have to go after all the girls?  He wasn't sure why, but he felt a need to thwart his brother's wicked ways.  Gene was too nice for him!
"Gene, I wondered if you're read any good books lately!" Carey blurted out, distracting Gene from Casey.

Gene turned to Carey and looked down to the ground.  "I'm afraid I haven't learned my letters, yet." she said sadly. 

Casey frowned at Carey from behind Gene.
"Carey! How thoughtless!" Casey said sharply, "Gene, don't worry. Most girls don't know how to read! But there's plenty of other things to take up your time!"
"If you want to, I'll teach you," Carey said softly.

Gene gasped and turned around.  "Would you truly, Carey? Do you promise?"

Carey nodded, feeling that he would promise the world if Gene would look at him like that again.

Casey cleared his throat.  "Gene, I thought perhaps we might go talk, alone, about... something private... I need your advice."

Gene placed her hand on Carey's arm and smiled.  "I'll be back later," she promised as she turned to Casey once again.

Carey watched with a sinking heart as Casey lead Gene away.

"Come on, Ella," Elle said as they snuck out of the house.  "No one's watching! We can go play at the forest!"

Ella giggled and ran after her twin sister.


Night had fallen and Casey and Gene still hadn't returned.  Carey paced the living room, anxious.

A knock on the door had him hurrying over. "Gene?" he asked.

"No, I'm her twin, Gena. Is she here?" Gena asked.

Carey sighed.  "No. Not right now.  She went to talk to Casey."

"Well, I was sent to bring her home.  Do you know where they might be?"

Carey thought about the few places that Casey might take her. "Maybe out behind the house," he suggested.  "Or Taveryn's Kitchen?"

"I'll try behind the house, first," Gena said.  "Thanks!"
Gena cleared her throat, surprising the couple with their arms intertwined.

Gene gasped and leapt away from Casey.
"Come on, Gene, it's time to go home," Gena said, taking Casey's measure.  "If you're very.. very nice to me, I won't tell Mama what I found you doing!"

Gene bit her lip.  "I was just helping him..." she trailed off, embarrassed.

Gena's raised an eyebrow and sent Casey a small little smirk.  "I'm sure you were!" she said.

Gene looked up at Casey guiltily.  "I'll see you later," she said softly.

"Bye Genie-Beanie," Casey said distractedly.
He watched the sisters walking away, with Gene begging Gena to keep her secret.

He had no trouble deciphering the look Gena sent him when she turned back to steal a glance.  She was interested.

Perhaps just as interested as he was!


"I'm in love!" Casey said as he entered the boys room and flopped down on the bed.

Carey scowled and pointedly ignored his twin brother.
"Love is grand, isn't it?" Benjamin added from the far side of the room.  "I can't wait to marry Gia!"

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