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Royale Guard, Orb's Year 941-944

 Orb's Year 941
Earnest Royale wasn't quite sure what to do with his intended.  Sparks flew when he had kissed her that first night, but the fact remained that they rubbed each other the wrong way.  It was clear this would be no love match like his parents' marriage.

Rubbing the ache at the back of his neck, Earnest warily eyed Faelyn Consul.  "Well, here we are.  Do you need anything?"

Faelyn glanced around, "No, I believe I will be fine."
Awkwardly, he rolled back on his heels.  "Well, that's good then. You'll be bunking with my sister, Francine. Hopefully she doesn't talk your ear off!  I'm sorry we do not have more private accommodations."

Faelyn winced, "It should be no trouble. I'm used to sharing a room," she trailed off uselessly.

Stupidly, they stared at each other for a few more moments, trying to work out if there was anything else one said to their betrothed when they moved in together.

"Right, well then.  I'll see you at dinner," Earnest said, turning on his heel and walking away.  


Earnest tried to have as little do with Faelyn as possible.  The less time they spent together, the less time they could bicker.  Although, it was impossible to not think about that kiss...  even though she would probably never let him kiss her again!
Faelyn was of the same mind.  If she avoided Earnest, she avoided unpleasant conversations about marriage and kissing...

Although, true be told... she sometimes thought about his kiss... 
Princess Kea sat down next to her husband with an exaggerated sigh.  "We must do something about them!  This will never work!"

Prince Benedict patted her knee.  "They're feeling each other out.  All will be well.  Let them work it out in their own way."

 Orb's Year 942
"Oh come on, Faelyn! You've got to stay home today!  Everyone is coming over tonight!  There will be cute boys here!  I know you're with Earnest now, but it can't hurt to look, right?!" Earnest's younger sister, Francine gushed.

Faelyn fought the urge to roll her eyes.  Only two things mattered to Francine right now - boys and... boys!  "I'm sorry Francine.  But, I want to work on my project.  Since Haydin moved to the Abbey, he hasn't had time to work on our theory regarding the mushrooms.  He's left me his notes and I'm working my way through them."

Francine groaned.  "Ugh, how you find that dusty, old science interesting is beyond me!" Standing up quickly, Francine brushed out her skirts.  "Well, you know where to find me tonight if you change your mind!" Francine flounced away.
As her guests started arriving, Francine checked her little mirror and straightened her hair and pinched her cheeks.  She wanted to look beautiful for the boys... especially...
"BJ!" Francine called out when she saw the object of her affection come in.  "I've been waiting for you!"

BJ winked at her and Francine swore her knees weakened.  "Perhaps you'd care to show me how much you've missed me?" he teased with a cocky grin.
Feeling bold, she leaned forward and kissed him quickly before pulling away. 

Orb's Year 943
The house was teeming with young males that awaited their chat with Benedict Royale.    Benedict had Bradshaw Knightley and Hyun Knowles stand guard in the Great Hall as he questioned the boys in the War Room.
"Boys, have you heard anything about the Thief?" Benedict asked, watching the boys for any signs of guilt or deception.

But, in the end, neither Casey nor Carey Potter had heard any sort of rumor regarding the menace to Celestia Kingdom.
Irving Fischer couldn't wait to tattle on his older brother.  But, taking a steadying breath, he tried to appear contrite. "I hate to say anything because he's my brother... but..."  Irving trailed off.  He'd learned that when you paused a moment, people tended to believe you were sincere. You had to wait a moment to make sure they were hooked...

Benedict leaned forward, "And?" he asked expectantly.

Irving smothered a grin.  Lying was the best kind of fishing!  "Well, ever since Fatima chose me," he glanced up nervously at Camelot Knightley, the uncle Fatima did her best to avoid.  Turning back to Benedict, he added, "Henry has begun going off for longer periods of time.  He goes to fish, but sometimes he doesn't come back with anything!"

Benedict nodded slowly.  "Have you seen any gold?"

Irving pretended to mull over the question. "Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing him stash a piece of gold under his pillow suspiciously..."  The best kind of lie was one that had a grain of truth...
"He said what?!" Henry Fischer exclaimed with disgust.  "That I could be the Thief?"

Benedict leaned back and shrugged.  "Said he saw you with a piece of gold that you hid when you walked in."

Henry's face crumpled and he buried his head in his hands with despair.  "I bought a wedding ring," he said.  Pretending nonchalance, he added, "For all the good it will do me now, I should throw the bloody thing in the lake."

"Go fishing much?" Benedict asked.

Henry nodded, "More now than before.  I.... well... I like to be alone..."  Henry didn't add that he hated coming home and seeing his younger brother's gloating smile.

Benedict glanced up at Camelot and nodded.  "Alright.  Thanks for your time."

"That's it?" Henry asked, standing up.  "I'm free to go?"

Benedict nodded as Camelot walked the young man out.  Pulling him aside, Camelot said softly, "For what it's worth, I think she'll see the light."  Henry nodded once and then hurried away.
Benedict scowled as Camelot came back into the room and plopped down next to him.  "Well that was pointless," he said with frustration.  "Not a likely Thief amongst the lot of them!"

Camelot rubbed his chin as he considered the evidence they'd collected.  "I hate to say it, but we only questioned peasants and merchants - no noblemen or royalty.  Perhaps the new Thief is higher class than the old."

Benedict sighed.  "Perhaps.  I'll speak with my brother, the King."

Orb's Year 944
Earnest and Faelyn buried their noses in their books, mostly oblivious to each other.  They'd settled into a routine the past few years.  They enjoyed a companionable silence.
Kea peeked in the room and sighed when she saw the two hard-headed fools doing their best to ignore each other.
At this rate, they would never get married and give her grand babies to coddle!  Perhaps it was time to drop a hint or two...
"Perhaps if you just took her out for a date and showed her a good time!" Kea counseled her wayward son.
Not to be outdone, his father added his thoughts, "Trust me, as soon as you two have children, everything will work itself out!" Benedict advised.
Faelyn was not exempt from the familial pressure, either.  "Come on, you guys have been friends for ages! Just do it already!" Francine nagged.

Finally bowing to the collected urging, Earnest and Faelyn were wed.  Likely the most excited person in the room was Princess Kea, mother of the groom.


Earnest bowed over Faelyn's hand, "Shall we?" he asked, feeling quite nervous about any expectations that Faelyn might have for their wedding night.

Faelyn blushed and nodded quietly, lost in her own worries.  Kea had taken her aside earlier and attempted to set her fears at ease, but really... everything she'd said had only made her more nervous! 
Sitting down on the covers, Earnest and Faelyn regarded each other hesitantly. 

"So..." Earnest said to the silent room.  "If you want to wait, I want you to know I fully understand."

Faelyn worried her lower lip.  "Do you want to wait?"

"Of course not! I just wasn't sure how you felt about this.."

"Well, perhaps it would work better on another night?" she suggested slowly.  "There's been so much excitement tonight..."
"Right! That's fine then!" Earnest and Faelyn quickly changed into their pajamas and scurried under the blankets. 

"Good night," Faelyn said softly from her side of the bed, already regretting her choice.  Going to bed by herself made her feel less than desirable.

"Sleep well," Earnest said, thumping his pillow in frustration.  Perhaps he should've tried harder to woo his timid wife.  He just hadn't wanted her to feel uncomfortable with him! 
After a short while, they both fell asleep on their own side of the bed, careful to avoid accidental touches.
But sometime in the middle of the dark night, they'd wound up wrapped in each other's arms...

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