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Royale, Orb's Year 941-944

 Orb's Year 941
"Benji! What are you doing up here?" Gia Farmer exclaimed with surprise when she saw her love, Benji Potter. 

Benji wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek.  "I came up to speak with the king and ask him for your hand.  Hopefully you'll be going home with me today!"

Gia rested her head against Benji's chest and sighed.  "Oh, I hope!"
Benji stood before King Barron, nervously wringing his hands.  Clearly his throat, he spoke up louder, "I asked for your servant, Gia Farmer's hand in marriage.  Her father has consented to the arrangement.... if it pleases your majesty..."

King Barron hid a smile as he appraised the young man before him.  "If her father has agreed to the match, then who am I to stand in the way!  There will always be someone else to help clean and serve our meals."

Benji bowed low, thanking the King as he hurried to Gia.
"He said yes!" Benji exclaimed excitedly, pulling Gia into his arms.  "I love you, soon-to-be Mrs. Potter!"


"A cold dinner," Prince Earl noted as he and his parents enjoyed their evening meal.

Queen Deidre grinned across the table at her husband, the king.  "It seems that our serving girl has been swept away."

Prince Earl glanced up distractedly as his friend, Prince Berjes Faust sauntered in.  "Ah, well, we'll need to see about replacing her."  An idea came to him suddenly.  "Berjes and I are heading over to Taveryn's Kitchen to ask around."

King Barron and Queen Deidre could only watch with surprise as Earl vaulted up and hurried from the castle with Berjes on his tail.

"But, our Golden Anniversary Celebration!" Queen Deidre called out after him.  


Earl kept a watch for all the newcomers that came inside.  None were his pixie.  He didn't know what he expected, but it would have been nice to see her again...
"Does this have anything to do with your friend that you've been mooning over since you ran into here?" Berjes asked, ribbing his usually straight-laced friend. 
Earl rolled his eyes.  Trust Berjes to remember a pretty face, he thought with disgust.  "It's nothing," Earl insisted.  "I came to see if there was anyone that fit our needs for a serving girl.  That's all."

Berjes elbowed Earl.  "Keep lying to yourself! You've been scouting the place out and looking for her!" 

Earl shrugged.  "So what if I am.  Perhaps she needs the work," he insisted.

Berjes shook his head as he lost all traces of humor.  "No good could come of that situation, my friend.  It's best not to even go there.  Go home and see to your lady wife.  Put the foolishness with the peasant girl behind you.  Have an heir or two to distract yourself!"

Earl nodded at Berjes unusually wise counsel.  "What have you done with my friend, you impostor?"

Berjes raised his glass for a toast, "Do not worry, this will not become a nasty habit of mine!"


Princess Felicity sat in her sitting room with her dear friend, Princess Jade, and her cousin, Francine.  They gossiped about boys, their hopes for the future, and more about boys.  Somehow they got onto the topic of first kisses and realized they were all woefully lacking in knowledge about kisses. 

"I know! Let us search out Suzanne! She'll know!" Felicity said with a giggle. 
"Oh girls!" Princess Suzanne said with a laugh as she listened to the young girls antics. "You simply must not worry overmuch about when, how and where your first kiss will occur.  When you meet the perfect boy, it will just happen!"

"Was it that way for you and Earl?" Felicity asked with awe.

Suzanne smiled wobbly.  "Of course," she answered.  But, the hard truth was that she sometimes felt as though she had lost Earl.  Oh, he was kind and considerate lover, but the passion that she had looked forward to as a teenager was missing from their adult relationship.  She sometimes wondered if she had done something wrong to cool his ardor...
Just then, Earl himself poked his head through the door and smiled broadly when he saw Suzanne in the room.  She felt her knees go weak just from a look!

"Hello girls," Earl announced.  "I was hoping that I could steal my wife away from you!"  Winking, he grabbed Suzanne's hand and hurried up the stairs.

Felicity and Francine sighed with pleasure of witnessing such a romantic act.  


Suzanne laid next to Earl, somewhat surprised by his attentions.  "Earl, whatever is the matter.  You have never dragged me through the halls like that before! Is something the matter!"

Earl took a deep breath and gazed into his wife's eyes.  Truthfully, he hadn't planned anything out.   "I just realized that I couldn't wait."

"Couldn't wait for what?"

"Heirs! I would very much like to have children!" Earl sputtered.  Cursed Orb, by the bewildered look on Suzanne's face, he could tell he was going about this all wrong.  Taking another deep breath, he grabbed her hand and kissed it.  "That is to say... I know that I have not been an attentive husband and I would like to change that."

Suzanne was certain she was gaping at her husband.

"If it's agreeable to you," Earl added lamely and then waited tensely for her response.

"...And you would start this change by dragging me upstairs?" Suzanne inquired straight-faced.

Earl shifted nervously.  "Well..." he hedged, uncertain of how to proceed.  "I thought to woo you with kisses..."

Suzanne threw herself into Earl's arms with a giggle.  "That sounds splendid, dear husband! I have been waiting for this kind of attention from you!"

Earl joined in her laughter with a smile as he leaned forward to kiss her.
Orb's Year 942
"I'm glad that you came for a visit, Prince Phillip," King Barron said as the young man took a seat next to him.  "I have been in talks with your father regarding marriage to my daughter, Princess Felicity.  I trust that your heart has not been promised elsewhere?"

"No, your majesty," Phillip Patron said with a small pause, thinking mournfully of his tendre for the beautiful Elyssa Royale. "My father has instructed me in my duty."  
"Splendid!" King Barron said, jumping up. "While I prepare the paperwork, why don't you go have a visit with my daughter. She should be in the music room.  I'm sure she would love to hear the news from a handsome lad, such as yourself!"

Phillip smiled wanly. 
Entering the music room, he stopped in awe at how beautiful the young princess was! 

"Princess Felicity?" he asked.

Felicity placed the violin to the side.  "Why, yes? And you are?" she asked.
Phillip nervously cleared his throat.  He hadn't expected to feel quite so nervous when telling her their shared news. 

Stepping forward, he reached for her hand. He bowed slightly over her hand, "I am Prince Phillip Patron.  Your father has bade me to tell you of our betrothal."

Felicity glanced up with surprise.  "He didn't say anything about this to me!"

Phillip shrugged, "'Tis the way, I suppose, for parents to arrange a marriage.  Hopefully I will not give you cause to refuse!"

Felicity smiled shyly at the stunningly handsome boy.  "Not at all, Prince Phillip."
"Well, perhaps a kiss to witness our pledges to each other?" 

Felicity nodded, her heart thumping in excitement for her first kiss.  Just wait until she told Francine!

With a grin, Phillip leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on her lips. 


Suzanne grinned across the table at Earl and reached out for his hand.  "Your attentions have been quite successful," she said cryptically.

Earl glanced up from lunch and looked at her quizzically.  "What's that?"  he asked, recalling how pleasant his recent attentions had been.

"I am pregnant.  Soon we will have the little children you were eager to produce!"

Earl was surprised to feel how excited he was.  He'd decided to have children as his duty to the kingdom and to bring him closer to his wife - but this joyful feeling was almost overwhelming.  Wordlessly, he squeezed her hand and grinned.  

Who would've thought Berjes had known what he was talking about?! Earl thought with wonder.

Orb's Year 943
"Father says that tax time is coming upon us and we must remain vigilant for the Prince of Thieves," Earl mused aloud as he played chess with Berjes. 

Berjes glanced up, "Didn't you capture the Thief once, years ago."

Earl nodded, "We did.  But, he helped Father with the matter of the snake Geoffrey L'Adventurer, so Father released him."

"And he didn't follow the bloody man?" Berjes asked with astonishment.

Earl shook his head.  "No, said it wouldn't be honorable."

"Tsk, what would a thief know about honor!" Berjes laughed.
"Earl. Berjes, have you met Prince Phillip Patron, my betrothed?" Felicity asked as she bounced into the room.

Earl glanced up in greeting at the young man.  "I believe we met earlier this year. Good to see you again, Phillip. Hopefully my little sister is not giving you too hard a time!"
"Oh no, she's absolutely perfect," Phillip said, pulling Felicity into his arms for a passionate kiss.

Berjes nearly gave himself whip-lash spinning around in astonishment. 

The young couple scurried from the room, kissing and holding hands.
"You're just going to let them run off like that?" Berjes asked with indignation.

Earl absently glanced up, "What?"

Berjes gestured towards the spot Phillip had recently been locked in an embrace with Earl's little sister.  "He had his tongue shoved down his throat! I'm not sure that's entirely proper!"

Earl laughed as he shook his head, "Who would've thought their kisses would offend your maiden sensibilities.  Leave off, Berjes.  They're young and in love!"

"That cad," Berjes cursed under his breath.  "If you won't see to his behavior, then I will!  He can't treat your sister like a common wench!"

Earl shook his head as he watched Berjes stomp away.  Curiouser and curiouser...
Berjes stomped upstairs, looking for the young couple with the intent of blistering the boy's ears until he was sure Felicity's honor would be safe with him.

He found them locked in an embrace on her sitting room chaise.
Crossing the room with speed, Berjes yanked Phillip off Felicity by the scruff of his neck.  "Now see here!" Berjes railed.  "A betrothal is not permission to ruin a girl's reputation!  A honorable man would not treat his future wife with such little respect!"
Phillip gaped at Berjes with disbelief, sputtering uselessly.

"Are you kidding me?" Felicity asked incredulously.  "You're one to talk... After all the maids I've seen you flirt with and charm!"

Berjes glanced down at Felicity, "And you! Have you no common sense! You cannot allow him to take liberties with your person like that! You're a princess not some back-water serving girl!" 
"Oh!" Felicity growled as she leaped up from her perch on the couch.  She balled her hands into fists in anger and stomped her foot.  "You... you... NINNY!" Felicity said, near tears.  "You have no say over me! I'll kiss whomever I wish!"
And with that said, she twirled around and pulled Phillip into her arms for a searing kiss.

Berjes scowled and stalked from the room, slamming the door behind him.  Disrespectful puppies! he thought savagely.  Didn't she know that he was trying to protect her?  Well, when that young lad broke her heart, he dared her to come crying to him!


It was a cold, dreary night when Suzanne awoke to the labor pains that indicated her birthing time was near. 
Soon, she held in her arms Gentry Royale, a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby boy - the 4th heir to the Celestial throne!

Orb's Year 944
"Thank you for coming, gentlemen,"  King Barron said as he came in the War Room.
"As you will notice, we have a few new faces with us today.  My son, Prince Earl and my nephew, Earnest Royale. They are a welcome addition to our forces!"
"Now, down to the business at hand.  Taxes will be coming in soon.  Last year the Thief absconded with 8096 worth of gold and jewels.  I want every precaution taken this year.  Earl, tell us what you've learned."

Earl cleared his throat and addressed the room, "Well, based on descriptions, I've determined that our current thief is different from the original, which makes sense as the Thief was an older man when he was our guest.  This thief is shorter, more slender and more agile.  All signs point to a young, teen male - perhaps a son."

"Good work, son.  Benedict, round up all the young men in Celestia for questioning.  Perhaps someone knows something.  We will not be caught off-guard this year!" 


It was hard to believe how fast time flew, Earl thought as he held his son in his arms.
Gentry was already a rambunctious little toddler, getting into whatever mischief he could... 
And Suzanne showed the proof of all his hard work and appreciation...

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