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Grocer, Orb's Year 941-944

Orb's Year 941
The Grocer's Delicatessen was very successful.  Gemma was a master salesman and Farha was nimble with the coin box and stocking.  Farha often laughed that Gemma could sell a fish to a Fischer!

But something was still missing...

"I know that you've enjoyed having Mayhew in our lives..." Gemma said casually to her wife, Farha. 

Farha glanced up at Gemma in surprise.  "Oh course! I can't imagine life without him!"
"What do you think about adopting another child? I just feel like we have so much more love to give!" Gemma said enthusiastically, waiting on pins and needles for Farha's decision.

Farha hesitated only a moment.  "I think it would be wonderful!" she said in agreement.

"Oh! Wonderful! I'll make all the arrangements!" Gemma said excitedly.  "I can't wait!"
She hurried to the desk and prepared a letter to the orphanage to be delivered post-haste.


The head-mistress at the orphanage responded back quickly that they had just the child for them.  A few months later, after all the paperwork was completed, Gemma and Farha warmly welcomed the newest Grocer to their family.
"It's so lovely to meet you, Laci!" Gemma said hugging the little girl.   Farha grinned.  Gemma was positively glowing, radiating happiness. 
"Come on, I"ll show you to your room," Farha said, giving the girl a hug, as well.  "We had it decorated just for you!"


Laci settled in nicely to the household.  More than anything she loved harassing her new brother!
"MAYHEW!" she called out,  "Come here!"
"What is it?" Mayhew asked as he hurried into the room.  "Is everything okay?"
Laci quickly shuffled her feet on the carpet and then shocked Mayhew by touching him with her static-charged finger.

"Hehehe.." she laughed.
"Urg!" Mayhew grunted as the charge shocked him. 
"Laci! I told you to stop that!" he fussed as she giggled. 

"But it's just too easy! You fall for it every time!" Laci laughed before running off.
Ugh, Mayhew thought.  Why did they have to get her?


Mayhew glared at Laci across the table.  She kept making faces at him when Mama Gemma looked away.  Frustrated, he dropped his spoon.  "Stop it Laci!" he snapped.  "Quit looking at me!"

Laci glanced at Mama Gemma and widened her eyes.  "I wasn't!" she lied prettily.

"You were so!" he argued, frustrated that Laci seemed to have everyone wrapped around her finger!
"Now, now," Mama Gemma said.  "There's no need to bicker.  Laci, stop making faces," she said.  When Laci opened her mouth to protest, Mama Gemma fixed her with a stern look. "I saw you, young lady." 

Turning to Mayhew, she patted her hand and said quietly, "I know it's bothersome to have a new sister, but give her time.  You're her older brother now.  I need you to look out for her!"

Mayhew frowned.  He would just have to try harder...

Orb's Year 942
Gemma couldn't believe how fast time had flown. It was already time for Mayhew to become a young man!
Family and friends gathered around as Mayhew blew the candles out on his cake.
He grabbed his piece of cake and sat quietly in the living room.  Most of the people at the party where his mother's friends.
Although, he did recognize Gabriella Marchant! 
Before long, everyone took their leave, thanking the hostesses for a lovely time.
Gemma pulled Farha into her arms and kissed her passionately. 

Mayhew made a face.  It was easy to see how much they loved each other, but sometimes it was embarrassing!

Orb's Year 943
Mayhew often stayed home to watch Laci and tended to the home.  
"MAY-HEW! Come here, quick!" Laci called out, feigning distress.
 Mayhew hurried into the room.  "Is everything o...URG!"
"Oh Mayhew! You fall for it every time!" she laughed.

Mayhew muttered as he rubbed his chest.  "Have you ever heard about the little girl that cried wolf?  One day you'll call and I won't come running and then where will you be?"
Laci scurried upstairs to her room since she'd made Mayhew made.  A knot of nervousness twisted in her belly as she played with her dolly, bouncing her on her knee.
But then - "Bad Dolly! Bad!" Laci yelled, throwing the doll to the ground and swatting her across the room.  "You're a naughty, naughty little girl!" she said before burying her head in her heads and sobbing.

What would happen if Mama Gemma and Mama Farha got tired of dealing with her, too?


It was a shame Laci didn't feel secure enough to talk to Gemma and Farha about her concerns.  They had clue about the deep-rooted fears the little girl hid behind her pranks and cavalier attitude.

In fact, everything was going so well that they had decided to adopt another needy child.
"We have some news that we'd like to run by you," Mama Gemma announced at dinner. 

Mayhew and Laci turned to her with questioning glances.

Farha smiled and reached across the table.  "What do you think about us adding another child to our family?"
Mayhew grinned broadly.  "I think it's a wonderful idea!" He knew from experience how hard it could be growing up in the orphanage.  He'd waited for many years before the Grocers had made him part of their family.

Laci tried to make herself small, hoping they wouldn't see her fear.

Orb's Year 944
The whole family waited outside for the headmistress to bring by their new sibling. 
Everyone seemed excited, but Laci.  She glanced up nervously at her mamas.  Her stomach knotted in dread.
And then she was there... the headmistress... 
Mama Gemma hurried to greet the headmistress and picked up the little girl.
"Welcome to the family, little Esther!" Mama Gemma said, rocking the little girl in her arms.
"...And her name is Esther. She's the most darling little girl you've ever seen!"

Vivian rolled her eyes.  "That's nice, I suppose," she said with lack of interest.  "If you want that many little ones running around!"

Farha was taken aback. "I don't mind! And it makes Gemma happy!"

Vivian shrugged.  "Well, the more children she gets, the less time she has for you.  When's the last time you two were intimate?"

Farha thought back and frowned.  It had been longer than she would've liked to admit.  In the beginning, they had always seemed to fall into bed together, but now... Gemma was most likely to give her a quick kiss before bed.
So Farha began to watch from afar...  It galled her to see that Vivian was right!
Gemma always seemed to be doting on the little girl, Esther.

She was losing her wife! 

But what could she do about it?

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