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Marchant, Orb's Year 941-944

Orb's Year 941

Baji had been forced to concede that the Marchant's Wares had succeeded well past his expectations.  His brother, Darius, had managed to create a thriving business that put his little side shop to shame.  Customers came in by the droves for household decorations, exotic perfumes and handmade crafts.

But now, they weren't competing against each other...
They were working together...
And they made quite a formidable team!
After all, family is the most important thing in the world!


"Darius, wake up," Devon called out with a whisper.  "The baby's coming..."

Darius woke up gradually, not understanding yet that his wife was in labor.
But soon, she held in her hands sweet Hayley Marchant...
and rambunctious little Hadley Marchant!

Orb's Year 942
Andre Farrier remained Gabriella's very best friend - despite their age difference.  She was always so glad when he could make it over to play with her.  Although, lately when they played, she got the sense that he was humoring her..

She overheard him telling Fabian one night that he didn't want to hurt her feelings...
And truly, Fabian and Andre found more to talk about.

Darius' son was growing up so fast!
Sometimes it felt like just yesterday he held a baby Fabian in his arms and rocked him to sleep.
Seeing his son so grown-up made Darius feel every inch his true age!

Orb's Year 943
Gabriella giggled with Giselle Taveryn, her new friend from school.  Ever since Andre had decided he was too mature to be seen with her!  Now all Andre seemed to think about was girls... and not girls her age - girls with bosoms and kissable lips!  She narrowed her eyes at the memory of catching her brother and Andre talking about the baker sisters.
The only reason he'd even come over was for the twins Orb's day celebration.   Hadley and Hayley were already toddlers and getting into all kinds of mischief.
Before Andre had a chance to leave, Gabriella broke away and threw herself into his arms for a hug.  He patted her awkwardly on the back, glancing around to make sure no one was watching, mildly embarrassed.

"I have a secret!" she announced mysteriously, motioning for him to lean down. 
"Oh? A secret? About what?" he asked, smiling as he leaned down to her level, certain he would hear some fantastical story of fairies or dragons that Gabriella was wont to conjure.

"I'm going to marry you when I'm older and my lips are kissable and my bosom in bigger!" she announced boldly with a smile.

Andre's mouth hung open.  "Gabriella!" he sputtered with shock.

Gabriella walked off smugly, pleased that she'd claimed her future husband.


"I miss you still today, dear Alicia," Baji said after bringing another set of flowers to his wife's grave. 
Twenty long years without the love of his life... 
It was perhaps fitting that is where the family found him, curled up beside Alicia's grave.  Darius wept at the loss of his brother, but he felt some comfort knowing that Baji was finally with Alicia again...

Rest in Peace, Baji Marchant, Orb's Years 898-943

Orb's Year 944
Fabian followed his father to Marchant's Wares, trekking through the snow.
His father had told him that he was old enough now to learn the ways of the Marchant!
And so Fabian attempted to sell like his uncle and his father did - but he wasn't as successful!
"Do you see anything you like?" Fabian asked, approaching the girl from behind.

With a jump, she jerked upright and clasped her hand to her chest.  "Orb's Truth, you scared me!" she said shakily.
"I'm sorry!" Fabian said with some embarrassment.  He hadn't meant to startle his customer!  "But, is there anything you're looking at?"
The girl grinned at him cockily and winked.  "There is something I've found that I rather like..."

Fabian nodded eagerly, "Oh, what is it? I can give it to you half off!"

The girl blinked in response and sighed.  "Oh, um... right... perhaps that nice plate on the wall..." she said awkwardly.  Her first attempt at flirting and the boy hadn't even realized she was flirting with him!  How embarrassing!
As she handed the boy her money, she shyly kept her gaze down.

"Hope to see you again!" he said brightly.

Twin blotches of color appeared on her cheeks and she hurried from the store.

Fabian sighed as he watched her go.  Such a pretty girl!  Too bad he hadn't worked up the nerve to flirt with her!


"So how did your day of labor go?" Gabriella asked her brother when he came in. She was anxious to hear everything!  Oh how she wished that father would let her work at the store!  Why did Fabian get to do everything?!
Fabian wasted no time telling his sister about the girl he'd startled and how silly he felt. 

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