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Reeves, Orb's Year 941-944

Orb's Year 941
If it wasn't one thing, it was another, Addison thought uncharitably when Chandra's wails managed to pierce her slumber.  But she was so tiredShe glared at her husband, sleeping peacefully next to her, not even slightly bothered by the girl's cries.

"Come on then," she said, scooping up Chandra and heading to care for her.  "A feeding and then bed for you!"
She placed Chandra in her crib after caring for her and then felt slightly light-headed.  Almost like when I was... pregnant... Addison thought.
When she came to, she was lying on the floor and Chandra was happily gurgling in the crib.  Addison put her hand to her head and felt the dizziness return.  She needed to eat something to keep her energy up!


Taking extra precautions now that she knew she was expecting, the following months went along smoothly.  Even Alec pitched in to help teach the children to talk, although he did mumble a bit about scheduling.  He only checked his time piece a handful of time!  For Alec, that was real improvement, she thought happily!


Before she knew it - it was already time for her babies to grow up! 
Brooks was a handsome young man, especially in the colorful clothes his Grandmother Barika had made!
And Chandra! She shined in her beautiful clothes. 
Apparently she'd taken exception to something Brooks said and leapt on him in complaint.
"Chandra! That is no way to behave like a lady!" Alec said after separating the squabbling children.  "You will go to your room and think about your behavior!" he said sternly.
Chandra hurried upstairs to her bedroom and slammed the door, dissolving into a fit of tears at her father's stern words.
Brooks ate his cake, but it didn't feel right without his sister.  They were twins! They were supposed to do everything together.

He mournfully glanced upstairs to where his sister was being punished.

Grandma Barika kissed the top of his head.  "Just be patient.  A little bit of thinking will do her good," she cautioned.  "Always think before you act! Don't just fly off the handle!"

Orb's Year 942
Alec nervously waited as Addison delivered their newborn child.
Deandra was a beautiful little girl with her father's dark blue-eyes.
It was so nice to have a baby in the house again, Addison thought as she snuggled her daughter against her chest.  Brooks and Chandra were growing up so fast!
Brooks enjoyed reading stories about science and technology.  He had scoffed when she read that the world was round.  "Everyone knows that the world is flat!" he said matter-of-factly.
Chandra on the other hand, loved stories about princesses and dragons.  She especially loved hearing stories of the princess' dresses!  It must've been the Taylor blood running deep through her veins!

Orb's Year 943
"Blessed Orb," Addison cried out when she saw her brother, Cedrick Taylor.  "Look at you, all grown!"

Cedrick hugged his sister, tears forming in his eyes.  "I wish it wasn't such sad circumstances that brought us together."

Addison buried her face in her brother's shoulder.  "Oh papa.  I can't believe he's gone!"


Life continued on.  Soon it was time for little Deandra's birthday.
Every time she looked in her daughter's eyes, it reminded Addison of her father and she had to smile.
"Grandma Barika! Dance with me!" Brooks called out as he ran up to his Grandmother.

Addison had been so relieved her mother had come to the celebration.  Cedrick had told her that her mother had locked herself up in the room after her father's passing.  It was good to see her mother smiling again.
"You're being a good girl for your mother?" Barika asked her head-strong grand-daughter.
"Yes, Grandma. I nearly always think first before I do something!"

"Nearly always?" Barika queried.

Chandra bit her lip.  "Well, sometimes I get so mad and I don't think first, but I'm trying, Grandma!"

Barika stroked Chandra's hair.  "That's my girl," she said lovingly. 

Orb's Year 944
Brooks was such a serious child.
He seemed to always have his nose in a book.
It was no mystery where he came by that trait.
Chandra, on the other hand, was such a social girl! She had made friends with the other merchant girls and spent her afternoons playing with them or writing to them. 
Deandra seemed to follow after her brother, quietly playing and inspecting every little thing that passed her way.


If it wasn't one thing, it was another, Addison thought uncharitably when Deanda's wails managed to pierce her slumber.  She was so tiredShe glared at her husband, who had been roused with her. 

"I'll be so glad when she's a child and there are no more babies! I'd love a decent night's rest!"

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