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Taylor, Orb's Year 941-944

Orb's Year 941

As time went on, the Taylor elders spent less and less time in the shop and more time pursuing their own interests.
After all, their son Cedrick and his intended, Dagmar Raha, were more than capable of minding the shop!


Cedrick didn't have time for finishing school, not when he had a business to run.  Besides, what was going to school going to teach him anyways?

He knew enough math to make decent change quickly when manning the register.
To him, it was more important to learn the art of salesmanship!
And thankfully Dagmar didn't mind helping him out, either.  All they needed was each other and everything would be wonderful!

Orb's Year 942

"It's time you learn the art of sewing, dear," Barika told Dagmar before work one day.  "If you're going to be Cedrick's wife, you'll have to be a proper seamstress!  The curtains and clothes don't make themselves you know!"

Dagmar hesitated.  "I don't know, ma'am.  I've never sewn before in my life!' she protested.
But Barika had been adamant.  She began by showing Dagmar how to thread the needle and then moved on to the simple stitch.
Dagmar hesitantly works with Barika standing watch behind her.  It definitely made it hard to work when she kept worrying about impressing her future mother-in-law.  She'd lost count of the times she'd stabbed herself with the needle or sloppily stitched the fabric.

Barika would cluck her tongue and admonish her, "Again. Try again," as she watched Dagmar like a hawk.
"How did it go?" Thomas asked Barika that night.

"Och, the girl has never put needle to thread in all her years! She'll never learn!"
Thomas pulled his wife into his arms and kissed her hand.  "Remember, it was not that long ago that you had never put needle to thread in your life.  I had to teach you from the start!"

Barika raised her eyebrow snootily as her husband's remember.

"In fact, I believe it was you who actually sewed the potholder to your sleeve..."

"Oh, that's enough! I'll be easier on the girl," she sighed as she cuddled against her husband.  "I just want to make sure the shop is left in good hands when we're gone."

"It will be," Thomas assured her. "Cedrick and Dagmar love each other very much.  They'll muddle through it, just as we did!"

Orb's Year 943
Thomas hobbled around the shop with his one good leg.  Age had not been kind to him.  But, he had a healthy business, a loving wife, two wonderful children and the cutest grandchildren a man could hope for.

But he knew his time was running short...

It was only a matter of time...

Rest in Peace Thomas Taylor, Orb's Years 898-943

"Thomas, NO!" Barika cried when she saw her husband collapse, the orb's light draining from him.  "NO!"
Cedrick rushed to his mother and pulled her into his arms.  "Don't look mother," he said, holding her tight.  "Dagmar, take mother to her room.  I'll take care of father," he said, glancing down at his father's still form.

Dagmar nodded and gently lead Barika to the room.  Barika shook her head violently.  "No, not in there! Not where we shared all those years," she said in a whisper.

Dagmar turned and settled Barika in the children's room.  "Would you like me to sit with you?" she asked.

Barika shook her head wearily.  "No, I just want to be alone."


Cedrick pounded on the door.  "Mother, you've got to eat!"

"I'm not hungry," she called out stubbornly.

The knocking resumed.  "Open this door or I'll break it down!" he said sternly.  "You'll join us for dinner!"

Barika stayed silent, turning to face the wall.

Cedrick pounded again and then stilled.  Barika listened to see if he'd finally gone away.  

But he hadn't.  "Mama, I can't lose you, too.  Please..." he whispered hoarsely.  "I need you!"

How could she ignore such a plea.  Barika straightened her dress and opened the door to face her stunned son.  Holding her head high, she asked, "So, what's for dinner?"


The meal felt like it would never be over, Barika thought.  It was just so painful to see Thomas' empty seat.

As soon as she was finished, Barika hurried off, oblivious to Cedrick or Dagmar.
Dagmar reached across the table and squeezed Cedrick's hand.  "She'll be okay.  She's just hurting right now," she said.

Cedrick shook his head.  "I worry about her."
Standing up, he grabbed her hands and pulled her to him.  "It reminds me that we never know how long we have in this life.  Handfast with me, Dagmar," he said.  "Let's be husband and wife in every sense of the word."

Dagmar nodded, squeezing his hand.  She hadn't pushed him so that he could deal with his father's death, but she was quite glad to hear him speak of a wedding.
They exchanged their rings and repeated their vows.
They were now true man and wife - a family!

Orb's Year 944
"I'm telling you, Dagmar.  I really think this might be the thing to save the shop!" Cedrick said excitedly over breakfast.
"Then you should talk to your Mother about it. I'm sure she'll be supportive!"

Cedrick hesitated.  Mother didn't seem herself these days.
Oh, she went through the motions, but he could tell Father was never far from her thoughts.
But, Cedrick's new idea would revolutionize their little shop, maybe even the Kingdom of Celestia!  He would follow the other merchant's leads and open up a community shop! Their business was booming, it would be good to have more room to expand!


"Absolutely not!" Barika said, slamming her fork down on the table.

"But, Mother! If you'd just listen..."

"No!" Barika repeated emphatically, shaking her head.  "This is your father's legacy - not yours! We're not changing a single thing!"

Cedrick's shoulders slumped.  She hadn't even listened...

"Don't worry Cedrick. I believe in you," Dagmar said, scooting closer to pull him into her embrace. 

Cedrick scowled.  "It doesn't matter anyway.  It was a stupid idea..."

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