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Fischer, Orb's Year 941-944

Orb's Year 941

Henry Fischer came home from the Abbey after he'd received a note from Fatima.  At first he'd ignored it, not wanting to see his old love.  But, she'd been insistent that there was something she'd needed to talk to him about.

Finally, he relented, part of him imagining that she would tell him that she still loved him - the other part scared that she would tell him she was getting betrothed to his jackal of a brother.

What he heard stunned him.
Henry shoved Irving forcefully.  "You jackal! You scheme and manipulate for your own gain! Does family mean nothing to you?!" he growled.  (Abbey, 940)
Irving reared back in surprise.  "What are you talking about?" he hedged.  There was any number of things Henry could be mad about.

Henry shoved his brother again.  "Fatima! You fed her lies about me!"

Irving crossed his arms.  "I did not! I was genuinely worried..." he said stubbornly.  "It's not my fault she fell in love with me!"

"She doesn't love you! She despises you! You lied to her and you lied to me!  Pretending that you were her beau!"

Irving angrily shoved his brother back.  "She does love me! She DOES!"

"BOYS! Enough!" their father, Sheldon boomed from the doorway.  Henry glanced over and saw his mother fighting tears behind their father. "Inside! Now!"

It was time for explanations...
"Wait, I don't understand Irving.  You were not seeing Fatima?" Nicole Fischer asked in confusion.  "But you were always over there?"

"I was! She loves me!" Irving said desperately.

Henry said dispassionately. "No she doesn't! She said you were just friends. He tried to kiss her and she slapped him." Cursed Orb, Irving had created a mess.  He didn't know what was real and what was imagined anymore!
"Why? Why would you do it?" Nicole asked with a catch in her voice.  She'd watched her boys slowly torn apart over Fatima. Only know it seemed that Irving was more to blame than the girl she had silently cursed.

Irving wore a mulish expression, refusing to say anything.
"Talk to us Irving. I want to understand.  You told her that Henry was jealous and possessive.  Why?"

Irving jumped up angrily.  "Henry! Henry! Henry! Everyone just cares about Henry! I know when I'm not wanted!"
Before Sheldon or Nicole could say another word, Irving ran out the door. 

"Irving!" Nicole called out, "We do care! We do love you! Come back!"
She turned to Sheldon.  "He's gone," she said sadly.  "What do we do now?"
Sheldon's heart was heavy.  "For now, let him go.  He'll come back when he's ready to talk."


But many nights passed and Irving did not return. 
"He's never coming back, is he?" Henry asked sadly.  "I just wish I knew why he hated me so much."

Sheldon shook his head.  "Jealousy can do funny things to a heart," he suggested. 

"I heard that he was taken in at the Grotto.  Hopefully he'll find happiness there..." George added.

Orb's Year 942

The new year brought a new joy to the family - sweet, little Libby Fischer. 
But the family sadly buried their first generation pet, Mutt.  Hound and Mongrel howled when they realized their mother was gone.


Jessica had heard the yipping late one evening and gone outside to investigate. 
Oh! Wolfie is back! she thought abruptly when she saw the sleek black wolf near Hound.  Then she glanced down and saw the two little puppies at Wolfie's feet.
"Papa! Papa! We have puppies!" she called out, running inside.  "The wolf brought us puppies!"
George and Henry hurried outside to investigate.
When the wolf approached George, Henry blanched with fear.  "George! Be careful!" he said, jumping to the side.

But, the wolf only sniffed at his brother and then sat back on her haunches.
"I think they're completely tame, Henry" George said leaning down to stroke the wolf's head.  "She must think she's part of our pack now..."

Orb's Year 943

"I don't know, Kitty.  A wolf in our family!" Nicole said fretfully.

"Henry assures me that Wolfie is perfectly tame," Kitty assured her mother-in-law. 
She continued, "He thinks she's Hound's mate.  Jessica has named the puppies Angelfish and Trout. If only Mutt had lived long enough to see the next generation!"


Sheldon came home with a fewer fish than he would have liked.  It was getting harder and harder to hold the pole, his fingers grew tired and numb after even a short period of time.  Before long he would need to hang up his fishing pole, he thought sadly as he flexed his aching fingers. 
But... not quite yet...
He grinned as he caught another fish.  The joy of fishing had never gotten old for him...


Kitty shook her head.  "I need to put Libby to bed.  Take Kurt with you to the fishing pond.  He's been wanting to join you and Grandpa." She tweaked Kurt's nose.  "The next generation of Fischers!"
"Is that right, son?" George asked, playfully tickling his son.  "You want to learn to fish with your papa?"

"Can I, Papa? Can I?!" Kurt asked excitedly.  "I'll be ever so good!"
"Alright, son. Lead the way!" George said, grabbing the poles on his way out the door.

In a short time, they approached the far end of the pond.  "Papa? What's wrong with Grandpa?" Kurt asked with a wobbly voice.

George looked up and saw Sheldon lying on the ground, the pole resting inches from his fingertips.

George dropped to his knees beside his father, gently shaking him and then feeling for a pulse. 
But, it appeared that his father had died doing what he loved...

Rest in Peace Sheldon Fischer, Orb's Years 888-943


As time drifted on, the family mourned the loss of their patriarch.  But Sheldon's legacy was not forgotten.  He'd taught his sons all he'd known about fishing and it was now time to pass that heritage on to his grandson, Kurt.

Orb's Year 944

"Uppsey-daisy. Libby," George said, hoisting up his little girl from the crib.  "Let's let mama sleep in this morning!"

He bounced Libby on his hip down the stairs and then set her down to help prepare breakfast.
Kurt hurried over and plopped down in front of his sister.  "Peeeeeeeek-a-BOO!" he said, making a funny face. 
Libby laughed in delight.

"Come on Kurt.  Let's see to your schoolwork before you begin playing too much this morning!"  George said, leading his son out the door.
 "Aw, papa," Kurt complained, but dutifully led his father to the work he'd been avoiding.  There was just too much fun to be had.  Sighing, he looked across the field at the dogs racing around with mama.

"After your work is complete you can go play with the pups," his father said, calling Kurt's attention back to his letters.
"If they still want to play," Kurt grumbled sullenly.

George laughed.  "They're growing puppies! Of course they'll want to play!"

Kurt erased the mark he'd made.  "Why doesn't Jessica have to do her work!" he asked, glancing towards the house.  "She gets to play with Wren!"
George glanced over at where Jessica was laughing and playing with a boy her age.  He frowned.  She was still too young to be interested in boys, he assured himself.  Turning back to his son, he crossed his arms.  "Jessica is old enough to take care of her own studies.  You on the other hand still need to learn to study!"


"I have to go now, Jessica," Wren said reluctantly.

Jessica glanced around the yard and saw that her father and brother were distracted with Kurt's homework.  Feeling bold, she leaned forward and kissed Wren sweetly on the lips.

"What was that for?!" Wren asked with a huge smile.

Jessica shrugged, blushing.  "Just because," she said shyly.

Wren stepped closer and frowned when Jessica skipped away.  "Just because why?" he asked, following after her like the Pied Piper.

"Just because I like you," she finally admitted, coming to a stop. 

Reaching out, Wren grabbed her hand in his own.  "When can I see you again?" he asked. 

Jessica glanced back at her father and then back at Wren.  "Tomorrow," she said hopefully.  "Come back tomorrow!"


"I can't believe he did that to me!" Henry said with frustration when he'd returned home from being questioned by the King's Guard.  "He tried to make them think that I was the Thief!  Why does he hate me so much?!" (Royale Guard, 943)

Nicole shook her head sadly.  She had no answers for her son. 
"I don't know why he acts the way he does.  But you must never lower yourself to his level.  Your good-heart is your greatest virtue, never forget that!" Nicole tried consoling Henry. 
"I know, mama.  I just feel like he has taken so much from me..." Henry said sadly.  "And I worry what else he will try to steal..."


Henry was trying to put Irving out of his mind, but it wasn't easy to get over a betrayal from your own family, your own blood.

Now that he was older, he also couldn't help wondering if Irving hadn't lied to him and Fatima, whether they would've been able to work their differences out.

Sadly he shook his head.  There was no point in wondering what could've been.  His brother and his childhood love were lost to him.  It was time to move on...




  1. I have really enjoyed Kingdom of Celestia thus far! I am very interested about which mods/hacks you are using, and where you obtained the medieval garb/objects. I have been running my game clean with no CC or hacks since 2004, but your blog has really inspired me to try to branch out. LOVE IT! Thank you for taking the time to share your stories

    1. Thanks for reading! I have really enjoyed writing with these families!

      Oh Lord, I have a lot of CC for this hood with all the default replacements & custom content! I tried to start out small, and as I got comfortable I added more and more. There are a lot of default replacements that make running the medieval theme so much easier! (I just looked & realized that I now have 2 GB of custom content...)

      A few of my favorite sites for the downloads are,, &


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