Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Noble, Orb's Year 945-948

Orb's Year 945
This party was going to be epic!
Blaze Noble prepared the drinks...
...while his wife, Esther, prepared the snacks.
Calling their friends to gather close, Esther put the match to the cake and watched it spark and flame.  The impressed oh's and ah's made her grin with accomplishment.
Then, it was time to get down to business...

As people left, everyone assured them it was the best party this season!  People would clamor to accept a party invitation from the Nobles.


A loud knock on the door on the cold, windy night came out of nowhere.  "Are you expecting someone," Esther asked. 

"No, I'll go see who it is.  Stay here," Blaze told his wife as he went to see who was here at this late an hour.
"Farrah! What are you doing here?" Blaze said, stepping outside to greet his old friend.
At his gentle look, Farrah couldn't hold it in anymore.  She covered her face with her hands and began sobbing.  "I... I... made a... mistake..."
"It can't be that bad," Blaze said, wrapping his arm around her and attempting to comfort her.  "What is it? What's wrong?"
Just then Esther came to the door and peered out, stopping short when she saw Farrah curved in her husband's arms, their faces close together.  She was stunned speechless.

Blaze glanced up, "Esther, please, give us a moment," he said dismissively. 

Esther glared and turned on her heel to stomp away.
Farrah laughed dryly, wiping the tears from her eyes.  "Great, I've ruined another marriage!"

"What are you talking about? Farrah, you're scaring me! What's wrong?"

Farrah shook her head.  "It's nothing I can't handle," she said.  "You go soothe your wife."
Farrah hugged him quickly and then hurried away.


When Blaze headed inside, he found Esther sitting in the Great Hall, staring straight ahead with tears of her own tracking down her cheeks. 

So that's what Farrah was talking about...

"Esther? Are you mad at me?" he asked.

"You certainly looked cozy with her!" Esther said, turning her cheek away from him.
Blaze dropped to his knee before his wife. "Esther, Farrah is like a sister to me.  You have no need to worry on that account.  You are the only one I love!" he said, placing his hand over his heart.
Esther launched herself into his arms. "I'm sorry to be so suspicious. I won't doubt you again!" she cried.

Blaze held her close to him as he carried her into the bedroom.
There he showed her how much he truly cherished her.

Orb's Year 946

Esther laid little Dezi to sleep, feeling quite tired herself.  She never seemed to be able to keep her eyes open this time of day...

She ran a hand over her slight belly.  Could she be pregnant?


Caesara and Calpurnia were now fully-grown dogs. 
Much to Blaze's annoyance!  Now he had three dogs getting under foot and causing mischief!


Blaze had hit it off with the young BJ Esquire.  "So you're heading off for adventure and excitement?" he asked the young man.  "Man! I wish I had done that when I was your age!"

BJ laughed.  "What's keeping you from doing it now?"
Blaze smiled at the young man's naivete.  He headed over to the bar to make some drinks. "You'll find one day that adventure will pale in comparison to a loving wife and a growing family!"
BJ scoffed, "That will never happen!"he said, rising to join his new friend at the bar.
Leaving the delicate topic aside, they began talking about more pleasurable things...


...which was interrupted when his harried wife came upstairs.  She thrust Dezi into Blaze's arms. "I need your help!" she whispered harshly.    
Blaze rocked his daughter in his arms, attempting to calm her, turning his head from the foul smell coming from little Dezi's diaper.

BJ laughed into his drink.  "Oh.. yes... I can see how it pales in comparison to fun and adventure!"


Dezi looked up as her parents cuddled in the hall....
"Ew!" she cringed, hurrying away.

Blaze laughed and grabbed Esther's hand.  "Come on," he said softly, pulling her into the bedroom behind him.


Later that night, Esther woke up with the labor contractions. 

She rocked her beautiful newborn girl in her arms - Ezra Noble!

Orb's Year 947

Chaz had heard that his father was planning another party.  "I'm old enough now to join, right?"

Blaze laughed and scuffed his son on the shoulder.  "Nice try, pup," he said.


Chaz couldn't help himself.  He snuck upstairs and stared in amazement at the party that his parents were throwing.  Ale flowed freely; people laughed; & he couldn't wait to grow up!
Across the room, his mother spotted him.  "Chaz! You know you were told to stay downstairs tonight!" she admonished him. 

Chaz tried to glance around her, "But... mother..."

Esther pointed across the room.  "To your room, young man!"
Chaz slooooowly walked to his room, taking in all that he could before he'd left the party behind him.


"Mama?" Dezi asked as she tiptoed closer to her parents.
"What is it, darling?" Esther asked, dropping to her knee in front of her daughter. 
"I can't sleep, mama! It's too loud!"

Esther walked Dezi back to her room and tucked her in. 
Then, she returned to her husband, whispering in his ear.

Blaze nodded and clapped Casey Potter and Berjes Furst on the back.  "Gentlemen! It appears that it is time to call it a night!"

There was good-natured grumbling and groans from their guests as they left.
"Thank you, dear," Esther said, reaching for Blaze's hands.  She could tell he was disappointed that he'd had to tell his friends goodnight.  "Perhaps I can think of something to make it up to you," she added cheekily.

Orb's Year 948
The family gathered around to cheer for Ezra's Orb Day celebration.
Esther couldn't help but think she was a beautiful young girl!
"Uncle Gaius!" Chaz called out in greeting to his uncle.  "Tell me more about the Grotto!" he asked eagerly.

Gaius laughed, "Well," he began...


Dezi couldn't pull her eyes from the beautiful woman.  She stared at her belly. 

Gwendolyn Consul smiled kindly at the little girl.  "I love your pretty purple dress," she said.

Dezi cocked her head and asked the question that was weighing on her mind.  "Where are you hiding your baby under that dress? Because Papa said that was the only reason you would have gotten married so quickly!"
Gwendolyn gasped with shock.  "What?!" she exclaimed.

Chaz hurried over.  "Dezi, why don't you go run and find Mama," he said, ushering the little girl away.
"But Chaz! I just wanted to find out where she was hiding her baby belly!"

"Dezi! Go!" Chaz said nervously.
As his sister skipped away, Chaz turned back to Gwendolyn and apologized. "I'm so sorry. She doesn't know what she's saying."

Gwendolyn sadly smiled. "It's okay. I suppose I should have expected the talk..."


"Chaz, your mother isn't feeling well today. I need you to watch Dezi and Ezra today," Blaze informed his son over breakfast before heading to town.


"You heard that, Dezi! I'm in charge!"


Esther ran her hand over her belly and smiled.  She couldn't wait to tell Blaze that they were going to welcome another child into their family.