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Taylor, Orb's Year 945-948

Orb's Year 945
"I'm sorry I slept so late," Dagmar Taylor said as she pulled out her seat.  "I just haven't been feeling well," she mumbled.
 Barika eyed her daughter-in-law.  "It sounds like you might be in the family way," she said.

Dagmar blushed.  "Oh, I hope so!" she said fervently.  It was her greatest wish to be have children.   But, so far in their marriage, she hadn't managed to conceive yet.

"I'll mind the shop,  you be sure to rest," Cedrick told his wife across the table, reaching across to squeeze her hand.  "Even if it's just a sickness, if you don't feel well - rest.  I'll manage the shop today and mother will take care of you."

Dagmar didn't argue as another wave of nausea rolled over her.


"I was looking for a gift.. for someone special..." BJ Esquire said with a wink.  "Something that will really please my lady!"
Cedrick led the nobleman over to some of the dresses Dagmar had recently finished.  "Perhaps something like this?" he asked, showing him the sturdily-made dresses.
BJ considered the dresses.  "Hmm... but maybe with silk or satin instead of wool..." he suggested, carefully eyeing the dress. 

"Very good, my lord," Cedrick said with a bow.

"Three in red," he said firmly.

Cedrick eagerly nodded, but cautioned the young man, "Are you sure you don't want to do different colors?  She might not want three dresses all alike."

BJ slapped Cedrick on the shoulder and laughed heartily, "Ah, but perhaps three different ladies might not mind three alike dresses!"

Cedrick felt a blush stain his cheeks.  "Very good, my lord," he said.  "I will take care of it."  Nobles! he thought with a mental shake of his head.  They had more money and time to spend than they had sense!


Bianca Farrier lovingly trailed a finger down the dress.  She couldn't wait until she was older and her mother let her wear more vibrant dresses...

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Cedrick asked as he came up behind her.

Bianca turned around and smiled sadly. "Just admiring this dress," she said with a sigh.

"Ah, it is a pretty dress," Cedrick said with a knowing nod.  "But, perhaps a pretty ribbon so you don't go home empty-handed?" he suggested, showing her the colorful ribbons available. 

Bianca clapped with excitement, "Oh what a wonderful idea!" she exclaimed.


Now that he'd put a small smile on the girl's face, Cedrick hurried over to manage the money box.  It would be time to close the shop soon and restock!  It had certainly been a crush today! he thought.


"Cedrick dear, have you finished for the afternoon?" his mother, Barika, asked, patting the seat next to her.
"Finally!" he announced as he sank down onto the wooden bench.  "How is Dagmar?" he asked anxiously.

"She's having a bit of a rest," Barika said.  "I wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself a father within the year."

Cedrick smiled and got up to check on his wife.

"A moment, please," Barika said, holding him back.  "I wanted to talk to you..."

Cedrick settled back and looked at his mother.  "About?" he prodded her when she didn't continue immediately.

Barika smiled sadly.  "Your wife may bring you a son within a year, but I fear that my time is growing short.  I wanted you to be prepared..."
Cedrick jumped out of his seat and turned on his mother.  "Don't say that!" he snapped. 

Barika hurried to comfort him, "It's the way of the world, son.  Orb's truth, it will be a relief! My bones are weary... and I miss your father..." she admitted with a tear. 

Cedrick shook his head firmly.  "No more talk of this!" he ordered angrily before stomping off to his room.
Barika laid her head on the pillow and passed easily into slumber.


The next morning, Cedrick went to check on her when she did not come out for breakfast...

Rest in Peace, Barika Taylor, Orb's Years 898-945

Orb's Year 946
Cedrick was crushed.  In the short span of two years, he'd lost his father and his mother.  If it weren't for Dagmar and the possibility of her being pregnant, he would feel adrift in the world... without an anchor...
His thoughts once again shifted to the possibility of opening a community store amongst the other shops of Celestia. 

He remembered how adamant his mother had been against it.  "This is your father's legacy, not your own," she had snapped when he'd first broached the subject.

Maybe it was time to make his own legacy then, he thought wistfully.  Something to leave behind for his children....


"Dagmar? Did you finish the dresses... Dagmar?" Cedrick asked as he joined her for breakfast.
Dagmar glanced up from where her head had fallen on the plate.  "Huh? What?" she asked wearily.
"You should be in bed, resting!" Cedrick lectured her.  "You are caring for two people now!"

Dagmar's stomach rumbled loudly and she chuckled, "Yes, and I am eating for two as well! I always feel so hungry!" she said, shoveling in her omelet as she spoke.  "Although, Orb's truth, I'm not sure if I'd rather eat or sleep sometimes, so I do both!"

Cedrick laughed as he shook his head.  "Will you rest after you eat?" he asked.  "I'll be in the shop all day, but I'll come check on you."

Dagmar waved away his concern.  "I promise to rest," she said, eyeing the food left on his plate.  "Are you going to eat that?"

Cedrick shook his head and pushed his remaining omelet over to his wife.


Tiffani sighed.  "I need something that will attract his attention," she said sadly.  It was not lost on her that her teen love with Ferguson Taveryn was slipping away.  She could feel his attention wavering.

"Perhaps a new, bold dress?" Cedrick asked.  "Something sure to catch his eye."

Tiffani looked around the room to make sure no one was listening and then leaned forward, "I was thinking about something that might catch his eye... in the bedroom..." she admitted, feeling a furious blush tinge her cheeks.  She knew that as an unmarried woman, this request was sure to make her appear rather forward...

...and sure enough, the tailor was looking rather scandalized. "Will that be a problem?" she pressed.

Cedrick's mouth flapped open and shut uselessly before he finally managed to sputter, "We might be able to come up with something. I can let you know when it's ready..."

Tiffani nodded, embarrassed beyond belief, and hurried from the store.


Hours later, he closed the shop and began restocking...  Orb's truth, he was tired! he thought unsteadily.  And he'd never gone to check on Dagmar...
Pushing open the door leading to his living quarters, he saw the bench in front of him.  Perhaps a short nap and then he could check on his wife...

He fell into a deep sleep curled up on the hard wooden surface.

Dagmar felt so invigorated after resting all day.  But, she was definitely hungry again!  Humming, she began making dinner for her sleeping husband.  When he woke up from his nap, she was sure he would be famished after slaving away all day in the shop!

Laying dinner on the table, she went to gently wake him.  "Cedrick? Are you hungry, sweetheart?" she asked, gently rubbing his shoulder.

Cedrick opened his eyes and nodded wearily.
"Was it a busy day?" she asked over dinner.

"So busy!" Cedrick explained.  "I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the orders! I'm afraid I'll have to start turning people down!"

Dagmar gasped, "But Cedrick! I can still help with the sewing! I'm pregnant - not disabled!"
"I know, Dagmar. But, after we have the baby, you'll still need to care for the baby.  It falls on me to keep the place running."

Dagmar rolled her eyes.  "And work yourself into an early grave? I think not! I'm perfectly able to stitch clothes together! In fact, I dare say I'm better at it than you!"

"But the baby..." Cedrick began to protest before Dagmar spoke over him.

"...Will keep," Dagmar finished for him. "Besides, have you considered what we will do when you open your new community store?"

When Cedrick sighed, she knew she'd won.


Orb's Year 947
It was finished, Cedrick thought nervously, glancing across the street.  Taylor's Stitches, his very own community store!  He liked to think his father would be proud...
Feeling proud, he flipped the sign to open.


And almost immediately, business was booming!


"Is there anything I can help you with?" Cedrick asked the young lady who seemed to be waiting to speak with him.
The young girl smoothed a hand over her pocket, took a deep breath, and said breathlessly, "I was wondering if you might need any help with the store. I can sweep, I can sew, I can do anything you'd like!" Seeing his skeptical look, she pushed on, "I'm a hard worker, I am!"

Cedrick shook his head with regret, "I'm sorry, but.."

"Oh please, sir!" she begged, thinking about how she'd spent all her gold on the stupid trinket from Marchant Wares when she'd just been browsing.  Mama always said I was too prideful, she thought regretfully.  With tears shimmering in her eyes, she explained, "You see, I spent all my coin on something I shouldn't have and that was all the money my mama gave me to get groceries and I need to bring food for my family home!" Cathy anxiously waited on his reply.

Cedrick grimaced. "I wish I could help you..." he said apologetically.  "...I just don't have a position for you."

The girls shoulders dropped.  "It's okay, sir. Thank you anyways," she said quietly, as though the weight of the world rested on her.


Although, as he worked late into the afternoon trying to complete the orders that were stacking up, Cedrick wasn't so sure he'd made the right decision


"What do you think of hiring someone to help with the sewing?" Cedrick asked Dagmar.  "That would leave you free when the baby is born."
Dagmar got a funny look on her face and her silverware dropped to the table. "Now, Cedrick," she said.

"There's no rush, Dagmar.  I can speak with her tomorrow."

"No, the baby is being born right NOW, CEDRICK!" Dagmar bellowed.
"Right now?" he asked, going frightfully pale moments before he passed out.
"CEDRICK! You're NOT helping!" she panted as she clutched her stomach.
Cedrick woozily lifted his head in time to hear his wife scream and a baby wail...
"He's perfect!" Cedrick said, gazing at the baby his wife held. 

"She's perfect," Dagmar corrected him.  "Let's name her Danika Taylor."

 Orb's Year 948
"Cathy! Thank you for coming! I can't tell you what a help this is going to be! Have you any experience stitching?" she asked.

"Well, I've helped mend my younger siblings clothes. But I'm real quick with my fingers!"

"Hmmm, why don't you show me what you can do?" Dagmar suggested, leading the girl over to the sewing area.
Cathy sat down and picked up the needle and began piecing together the potholder.  Her fingers confidently flew as she sewed neat, tight stitches.

"You're a natural!" Dagmar exclaimed. "What did you say your family does?"

"We've weavers, ma'am," Cathy responded without missing a stitch.


Cedrick was quite pleased with their decision to hire Cathy Weaver.  She worked hard without complaint.  In no time at all, she'd managed to help catch up all their pending orders


Leaving Dagmar time to care for little Danika!

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