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Reeves, Orb's Year 945-948

Orb's Year 945
Addison Reeves spent the morning dry heaving in the toilet.
After three prior pregnancies, she knew exactly what was going on.  She would have to tell her husband, Alec, that they would be expecting another addition soon.
In the meantime, she rinsed her mouth out, blotted her lips and went to spend time with the children.


The moment she heard the door, she hurried downstairs.

"Alec! Guess what!" she asked excitedly.

Alec had been heading to his desk, but paused when he heard Addison call for him.  "What is it?" he asked.  "Is everything okay?"

"Oh, of course!" she answered. "I have some very exciting news though!  Guess!" 
Alec shook his head. "I'm sorry, Addison. I'm very busy. I don't have time for a guessing game."  He checked his time-keeper, promised he would talk to her soon, and crossed the room in a few quick strides.
He had to make sure all the rolls were tabulated before presenting the merchant's taxes to the king.  Flipping to the spot where he'd left off, he pulled out his parchment and began copying the notes he had taken throughout the day onto the official copy.


"Why don't you make me!" Brooks grumbled, poking his sister in the chest when he was sure his mother wasn't watching.

"Ow!" Chandra cried, tattling instantly.  "Mama! Brooks poked me!"

"Children!" Addison admonished as she laid their dinner on the table.  "Behave! Your father is very busy right now."

The twins glanced across the room towards their father, who was currently scowling at his paperwork.
"Best behavior!" Addison warned as they took a seat.  Raising her voice, she called out to Alec, "Dinnertime! Come join us!"
Alec took his seat at the head of the table.  "I'm sorry I've been so busy," he said.  "Is everything running smoothly here."

"Of course, everything is well!" Addison assured him.

Brooks opened his mouth to complain about Addison, but she just kicked him under the table, making him cry out.
"Is everything okay Brooks?" Alec asked, turning towards the children and eyeing them suspiciously.

Brooks gulped. "Yes!" he said quickly. "Everything's fine! I just kicked my foot!"

"Very good," Alec said, turning back to Addison to discuss a few things he'd noticed needed to be worked on around the house better.
It was left up to Addison to make sure the twins understood their new chores.  "...And most of all, no fighting," Addison stressed. 

"Yes, mama," the twins replied in sync.

Orb's Year 946
"Are you feeling quite well?" Alec asked.  Addison had been looking a little peaked since she announced her pregnancy.
Addison pasted a smile on her face.  "Of course! Just fine!" she lied through her teeth.  When Alec turned to lecture the children, her smile dropped and she pinched the bridge of her nose.  She was so exhausted and having trouble keeping food of any sort down with this pregnancy!  Most days she only wanted to crawl into bed and nap!

"Children! Cease that caterwauling!" Alec chided.
"It wasn't me, daddy!" Deandra piped up.  She'd only recently been allowed to eat dinner with the family and she didn't want to be relegated to the nursery again!


Ah, peace and quiet, Addison thought as she laid down on the bench.  She could get a small nap before the children came home.  She sighed with contentment and rested her cheeks on her hands.
Fifteen minutes later, the door slammed open and Deandra came running in.  "Guess what mama! I have a new friend! And she came home with me!"

Addison groggily sat up. "That's wonderful, dear," she replied, not really sure what Deandra had said.  Her response would've been the same if her daughter had told her that she'd received failing marks in all of her subjects! 
The children are home, time to start dinner, she thought absently, wandering over to the kitchen.
Deandra settled on the floor with Laci Grocer to talk about whatever crossed their minds.  She was just happy to have her very first friend!


Dinner was subdued.  The children could tell that mama wasn't feeling very well and were trying very hard to stay out of trouble.
"I'm sorry, Alec. I'm just not feeling well. I'm going to head to bed," Addison said after taking only one bite. 

Alec watched his wife leave the room with concern in his gaze.  "Let me know if you need me," he told her. 

Brooks worriedly look at his father.  "Is mama going to be okay?" he asked. 

Alex nodded.  "Of course she is," he promised.  "The baby's birth is coming soon and she just needs to rest."


Alec was not surprised when Addison went into labor that very night.  However, he was surprised by the number of babies!
Addison cradled twin boys, Ezekiel and Finnias in her arms, showing a proud papa his strapping sons.

Orb's Year 947
Addison flicked some of her peas at Brock, laughing when he grimaced. 

"Quit it," he griped.
Alec watched his two eldest bicker and fight at the far end of the table.
"I am tired of their ceaseless arguing.  If they cannot get along, I am going to send them away to learn a trade!"
Addison gasped, "You don't mean it!"  They were merchants!  Alec couldn't possibly mean to treat their children as though they were peasants!

The children gasped in unison, their mouths hanging agape.

Alec threw his napkin down on the table. "My mind is made up," he declared as he stood to leave.
"But, Alec!" Addison protested.  "We're the Reeves!"

Alec ignored her and walked away.
Her appetite gone, Addison chastised the children. "Look what you've done! Let us just hope I can talk some sense into your father!"


Addison hurried upstairs to find her husband getting ready for bed.  Cautiously, she addressed the issue, "The children really aren't that bad," she said.  "Addison is just... spirited! And Brooks is serious, just like you! That doesn't mean that we should send them away!" she argued.
Alec frowned.  "As future Reeve, Brooks needs to learn to handle all sorts of temperaments."  He paused, considering his daughter.  "But you're right. Chandra can be flighty.  She needs to learn boundaries.  I will consider the matter further."

"But you won't make any decisions without me, right?" Addison asked hesitantly. 

As their family had grown larger and more chaotic, she noticed that Alec had started to exhibit some of his old personality traits.  He was obsessed with the household running smoothly, schedules, and punctuality.  With so many members in the family, he argued it was the only way to maintain some semblance of order.

But, Addison wasn't so sure he was right.

"This is all your fault!" Brooks whispered furiously.  "You're always teasing me and starting fights."

"My fault?" Chandra gasped with affront. 

Brooks glared. "Just stay away from me!"


Addison cleared her throat when she saw her children rough-housing after returning from school.
Chandra released her brother and both siblings stood upright, straightening their clothes.

"We were just playing," Chandra announced innocently, "Weren't we?" she prompted.

Brooks impaled her with a glare before agreeing,  "Yeah, of course. Playing."

Addison shook her head.  Did her children think she was born yesterday?

Later that afternoon, Brooks delivered the note to Chandra from her friend Laci Grocer.  Chandra squealed. "Ooo... she wants to meet me at The Kitchen! Tell mom I'll be home soon!" she said, hurrying to get ready.
"Thanks for meeting me!" Laci said.  "I just had to get out of the house!"

"Me too! My brother drives me crazy!" Chandra agreed.

Laci rolled her eyes. "At least he's actually your brother! Mayhew drives me crazy and he's not even related to me!"

Chandra grinned. "At least he's cute!"

"EW!" Laci shuddered.  "Come on, I got a table!"
"What would you ladies like?" Hansel Cook asked.

"I want something sweet!" Chandra announced. "You?"

Laci waved her hand, "Nothing for me. I already ate."
When Hansel walked away after serving her a piece of gelatin, Chandra leaned across the table, giggling, "The waiter's so cute!"

Laci glanced across the dining hall and squished her nose with distaste.  "If you like that class!" she responded snobbishly. It was clear her friend didn't have good taste in men!  First her foster brother, Mayhew, and then the peasant waiter!

 Orb's Year 948

The Reeves gathered around the table to celebrate the youngest twins birthdays.  
Ezekiel and Finnias were growing up fast!


"Be good for your mother," Alec said sternly before heading off to work.

"Of course, father!" Addison replied angelically.  "You're coming home right after work, right?"

"Of course," Alec sighed, knowing that his daughter was surely up to no good!
He went to work wondering what trouble the girl was going to get herself into this day...


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" everyone called out when Alec walked in the main hall after work. 

He stopped in his tracks, surprised by the cheers.  His gaze sought Addison's and she smiled across the room at him. 
"Thank you," he said, pulling his wife into his arms.
"Don't thank me," she said with a grin.  "It was all Chandra's idea!"
Alec's gaze swiveled to his daughter.  "Thank you," he said, chagrined that he'd suspected his daughter of deceit when she had been planning such a wonderful surprise for him.

Perhaps there's more to her than I gave her credit for, he thought with a new respect.

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