Monday, June 8, 2015

Jugo, Orb's Year 948, Teaser

Orb's Year 948
Helga Farmer... now Helga Jugo... followed her new husband into his family home.  She looked around with dismay.  It was quite barren...
Alejandro turned and saw the apprehensive look on Helga's face as she looked around her new home.   "It's going to be wonderful, Helga. A fresh start for us both... for us all..." he amended, glancing down at her pregnant belly. 
Gently, he stroked he belly, feeling the baby kick.  He glanced back up at her.  "I promise, no matter who the father is, that I will be their father in all ways."  he paused.  "But, you have to promise from this moment on that you will be faithful to me, and only me."

Helga felt tears welling in her eyes as she nodded her agreement.  She hadn't intended to hurt anyone... she had just been having fun...
Alejandro stood right by her side throughout the remainder of her pregnancy, protecting her when people spoke about their rushed marriage and defending her when they made snide remarks about the length of her shorter than average pregnancy.  

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